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T-Shirt Decorating 

This summer, the ("lass of 2007 
decided ii> gel together and decorate t- 
shirts for the annual senior elass picture, 
ll w as a great way to Start the year and 
to hring everyone closer together. 


Last year the class of 2007 hosted the 
first annua] Black and White Affair. 
This was a semi-formal event where 
students dressed in black and white to 
dance all night in the school cafeteria! 
Everyone had a great time ! 

Last year the Junior Class hosted the first annual 
Volleyball tournament. Students organized teams and 
competed against one another for two days. 

Keith Bettencourt 

Jason Boaman 

Lauren Bolger 

Emily Bissel 

Michael Bixbee 

Leny Bloise 

Bethanie Boccia 

Alexander Boches David Boeggeman 

Joanna Borsetti 

Christopher Bouchard 

Leah Boucher 

Christopher Bougas 

Eric Bracero 

Trevor Bryant 

Robert Burgess 

Kathleen Driscoll Meredith Driscoll Matthew Dube Samuel Dyas 

Kenneth Ebersole Samuel Eckmann John Encarnacion Marcella Eramo 

Tyler Eriesian Andrew Eriksen Heather Fahey Laura Fickenworth 

Zachary Fleming Jessie Forcier Molly Forman Robert Forster 

Bonnie Fullerton Benjamin Galante Timothy Gansenberg 


Sophia Garcia 

Amy Gelineau 

Angela Gendall Nicholas Genthner Thomas Geras 

Caroline Gilligan Mai-Ling Gonsalves Freddy Gonzalez 

Debra Greenberg 

Terrell Greene 

Ashley Guzofski 

Melissa Haibon 

Rebecca Hailc 

Wesley Harrison 

Justina Hebert 

Vanessa Hill 

Ryan Hamilton 

Stephen Hawkins 

Ryan Hegarty 

Alicia Holman 

Justin Hannibal 

Kevin Hayes 

Octavia Henry 

Dakota Hopper 


Phillip Harrison 



Kendra Healey 


-i * i 


Samuel Hill 

Nicole Hotz 

Eric Hudon 

Alison Hunt 

Katherine Hurley 

Veronica Hurley 

Samantha Krukonis 

Suzanne LaChance 

Heather Lacombe 

Nicole Lambert 


Michael Marks 

Aphrodite Mamarinos Matthew Marquart 

Jacob Martz 

Ashlee Mastrangelo Matthew McAniff Christopher McDonough Molly McDonough 

Jill McGann Robert McGinnity Sean McKenna Christine McKeon 

mmmmi 1/ 

Glenys Mejia Erick Melanson Matthew Mezakowski Kodie Mezzles 

Mary Sarantopoulos 

Carly Schultz 

Alex Scialdone 

Julie Sciamanna 

Jamie Sebastion Paul Segura Jessica Settles Nicole Shairs 

Tayla Shairs Nathan Shaw Kimberly Sheehan Aarish Sheikh 

Rebekah Shephard Abby Siemasko Beth Simmons Alexandra Skerry 

Michael Sloan Rachael Small Leanne Smith Milana Sokolovskaya 

Lorraine Sousa 

Ashleigh Spaniak 

Matthew Spencer 

Nicole Spiridigliozzi 

Eric Wilde 

Corey Williams 

Jaqueline Willwerth 

Matthew Woodbury 

Angel Zamot 

Ashley Zimmerman 

Camera Shy 

Michelle Barrasso 
Nicole Beeman 
Rodney Cappotto 
Jokee Charles 
Thuy Dinh 
James Donlon 
Dylan Dubois 
Samuel Eppinger 
Henry Fernandez 
Furcy Ferreras 
Thomas Fournier 

Tricia Gallagher 
Holly Galvin 
Jeffrey Green 
Jason Greene 
Casandra Hammett 
Natasha Harkins-Dube 
Anthony Keaton 
Jason Kruczynski 
Bujana Lena 
Rainer Llanaj 
Sean Lloyd 

Angelo Mangos 
Edwin Mbugua 
Lwidy Medeiros 
Andy Nguyen 
Tuesday Petrathelis 
Amanda Powers 
Thomas Roys 
Ashley Spagnuolo 
Juliane Stieghorst 
Bryan Sweeney 
Devin Taylor 

Superior !!! 

'07 Class Officers 






The Class of 2007 has consistently been a 
standout for its spirit and creativity and 
commitment. They have worked together with 
their Class Advisor, Mrs. Anne Flaherty, to raise 
the bar for all BHS classes, excelling as a cohesive 
unit that has fun! 

For the past two years, Mrs. Flaherty has donated 
her time away from her family and friends to help 
in making the high school experience an 
enjoyable one for these seniors. On behalf of the 
senior class, we would like to thank her for her 
commitment to excellence. 

Anne Flaherty 

Senior Class Advisor 


Seniors sweep competition! 

Class of 2007 maintained the "Senior Sweep" tradition at Fall Rally 

Dance performances by the football 
cheerleaders, the Powderpuff players, 
and the Powderpuff cheerleaders 
were all a big hit. Students also 
participatd in a relay race that 
involved an intense "eat-a-donut-on-a- 
string " contest. 

The emcees for the event were Allison 
Chaisson and Stephen Capodilupo. 

presented our 
nation's colors. 

Football Moms 



Micole Acciavatti 309 Essex St. 978-922-8479 Activities: Swimming 9-12, 
NHS, NAHS, Photo Club, Softball 9 Memorable Events: NEC Champs, 
adventures w/ ML, BF, SD always there, Sox & Pats 06, crazy times w/ AM 
moh, yoga & Acapulcos nights w/ VA <3 u, NS through thick & thin, DK, SE, 
AS, EW, CHQuote: Life moves fast. ..if you dont stop and look around once 
in a while, you could miss it. Ferris Bueller Leaves: EH, SW, MC, MB, all the 
swimmers amazing future seasons 

Jeff Ackerman Hobart Ave. 978-927-1877 Activities: Baseball 9-12, 
Basketball 9-10 Memorable Events: Summer 06, Rices, Lynch Park, 
Homecoming 06, OAR, Dancing on cars, Gremlunch, 4th of July, team 
Naked, the Pentathalon, Hegapalooza, Chillin w/ the crew, grassy knoll 
Quote: Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. 
Ashley Albano 14 Landers Dr. 978-771-9818 Activities: DECA, Model UN, 
Yearbook, the Ledger Memorable Events: DMB concerts w/ ME, CK, & KM 
<3 u, amazing shows & skiing w/ TH, JS, JK, WH, & DK, good times w/ the 
girls <3 all of u, at brack, chardonnay, & CKs, RIP SA ugg boot, 
Chong. .enough said Quote: Leave me alone! Im meditating Famous words 
of CK Leaves: My gum diseased locker to the incoming freshmen. Enjoy. 
And good luck to my brother <3 u. 

Vanessa Athanas 77 Hale St. 978-927-5180 Activities: BHS Swimming, 
Class of 07 Secretary Memorable Events: BHS GIRLS SWIM STATE 
CHAMPS 05, crazy times & lots of laughs w/ KL, bdays, dance parties & 
more EB AS TK KR AC, Acapulcos & yoga w/ NA Detach Quote: Lifes like a 
box of chocolates, you never know what youre gonna get Leaves: Aaron, 
Grace, Amanda G, all the swim kids 
Ashley Auld 20 Livingstone Ave. 978-927-6930 

Memorable Events: Hf,Lv,Mc,Sp AIIMyLove! BBs, MATH, Middle school 
Crewgood times XO Quote: Every new beginning, is some beginnings end 
Leaves: Dance girls & sophomores love you 

Pat Bailey 9 Aricia Lane 978-921-7910 Activities: football, lax, table tennis, 
baseball Memorable Events: The pool, Jimmys, Nates, HEGAPALOOZA, 
OAR a little bit, sox games with Jaymike, car battles, carrying Mock on my 
back for years. Quote: The universe tends to unfold as it should Leaves: 
TCS and Brenna 

Jeffrey A. Baker 5 Lowell Street 978-808-4387 Activities: hockey, lax, field 
hockey, ping pong club Memorable Events: Raging it with the crew, JW, SL, 
NV, NT, LB, CW, RM, MM, SS, KH, CM. moe, down 7, Coventry, SCI, RAQ, 
obtaining headies all the time. Phil and friends at SPAC w/ L,S, and D 
Quote: Give thanks for music give thanks for life Leaves: RK, PH, RM, LB, 
JR, DC, AM, Live every night like its the last night of moe, down. 
Stefano Basso 12 Willow St 978-927-2373 Activities: Ragin with 
AB,MD,AE,AR,JC,MB and everyone Memorable Events: Freshman semi 
and maddenMichael Vick is Nasty! Junior prom lol the Martix is like 6 hours 
long, love hittin up Taco Bell with everyone... Grande Meal challenge Quote: 
yea Id hit that.. .with a 2X4 Matt Dube Leaves: Class of 09 you guys are 

Brittany Batchelder 6 Atlantic Ave 978-922-1206 Activities: Basketball 9-12 
(captain), cross country 9-10, track 9-10 Memorable Events: Girls-KL CS CC 
Years 06, Block Party Slumbers @ CS, Lotion Fight KLCS 6 yrs All My Love 
Summer 06. waste gas w/ CC. Quote: The key to happiness is to be 
optimistic; the darker the night the brighter the stars. Leaves: TH#1 fan JH. 
NK ballup! BHS BBall 

Shaquana Benson Story Ave Memorable Events: The Black & White Party 
when I was getting down! Quote: la musica es la cosa mas fuerte del alma 
Leaves: Alisha Lockhart and the rest of the crew 
Emily Bissel 35 Mason St. 978-793-0795 Activities: Hockey cheering, 
tennis, Aegis Memorable Events: Manch Trips, MtBr, TL8B?, Dance Parties, 
wrapping Jasons car, Bruins Games, Hooters, Boxford, The Party Section, 
Christmas Swaps, Red Sox Parade, NRB, Football Games, Mini Road Trips, 
Stoneham Zoo, Toilet Papering Tori, CANADA, Cheer Party Fights Leaves: 
The best brother anyone could ask for, have a great senior year TB 
Bethani Boccia 6 Standley St. 978-927-7195 Activities: Musicals, vocal, 
concertquire, chorale, hip hop club, CG, world of difference and NHS 
Memorable Events: Cast parties! Dennys, NYC, Toronto, Philly, and D.C, 
boat cruises, BG sleepovers, the past 7 years of friendship w/ Jami Doyle 
Devito, the Babysitters club, Dane St, and The US! Quote: Theres only us. 
Theres only this. Forget. Regret. For life is yours to miss. No other road. No 
other way. No day but today. Leaves: ATC for one more year!! 
Alex Boches 19 Rezza Road 978-921-1671 Activities: Varsity soccer, 
isoccer 10-12, varsity hockey 9-12, varsity lacrosse 10-12 Memorable 
Events: DMB, stones. The Den. Soccer NEC Champs 05. Hockey 04-05. 
Paging w/JC, MD, AE, WH, MB, SB. Red Sox 04. Bruins. Hockey East, 
(-oxford, the 4th, boating, traveling, birthdays w/ AS. Quote: You cant always 
r jet what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what 
you need Leaves: MB 

David Boeggeman 5 Red Rock Lane 978-922-7595 Activities: 
Band Memorable Events: parades and football games 
Lauren Bolger 7 Morrison Ave. 978-927-9732 Activities: Soccer, 
Softball, Hockey, Indoor Track Memorable Events: Rices/Lynch 
Nights, Dave Matthews Concerts, AR- since Cove, Cheney 
basement parties, Post Prom 06, Homecoming 06, North Station 
Chaos, Random Adventures, Football games 06, EC 2nd grade til 
forever, Madagascar quote sessions with Ellen, Summer 05, 4 years 
at BHS unforgettable Quote: Ive had the time of my life and I owe it 
all to you Leaves: MB 3 great years, DP, JS, EB, JC, 2 more years 
of soccer 

Leah Boucher 32 Iverson Rd 978-922-7943 Activities: Cheering, 
Horseback Riding, Dance, Friends Memorable Events: Bench, NH 
and all other trips + so much more. Love my girls and guys. Quote: 
Everything happens for a reason. 

Christopher Bougas 8 Landers Dr 978-921-6456 Activities: 
Senate, Tennis, Key Club, School Committee, NHS Memorable 
Events: Party section, Julias house, tents battles, 30 pound cakes, 
fetus elbows Quote: Got no time for spreading roots, the time has 
come to be gone. And though our health we drank a thousand 
times, its time to ramble on. Led Zeppelin 
Stephen Capodilupo 40 Bertram St. 978-927-6816 Activities: 
TENNIS, Beauty and the Beast, Vocal ensemble Memorable 
Events: Red Sox win World Series, singing in Chorus, Boat Cruises, 
Philly 06, Mikes Million, Discovery Channel, Freshman, Sophmore, 
Junior and Senior Dances 05 Quote: Check ya later Leaves: sister, 
Andrea Capodilupo, brother Adam Capodilupo 
Michael Cassola 5 Dolloff Ave 978-927-41 18 Activities: Hockey, 
Soccer, Tennis, Vocal Ensemble, Chorus, Baseball Memorable 
Events: Red Sox World Series win, thinking I won 1 million dollars 
on a scratch ticket, chillen with the crew, singing in chorus, boat 
cruise, owning the halls of BHS Quote: Do not go where the path 
may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail 
Leaves: Jocelyn Cassola, Sara Borders, Ryan Karp, and everyone 

Allison Chaisson 1 Gateway Ln. 978-922-4938 Activities: FH 9-12, 
yearbook, NHS, world of difference Memorable Events: TRI love 
you both, OTW love, MM-always, KO best since 94, DTMJ bffe, 
slumber parties group, poolside NNs, summer 04, Bruins games, 
Prep Prom 05, summer 05 awesome, MV 05, KR travel buddy, TI8b 
construction, happy meal, JR prom, Rices, BSB, 48 hour party, oh 
Kelly Clarkson, PC visits, homecoming, 4th ©west, FU weekend, 
ADs basement, adventures, Club Rachel, the grassy knoll, BW 06, 
NRB Quote: "In this great future, you can't forget your past" Leaves: 

Erin Cheney 15 Doane Ave. 978-927-2619 Activities: Soccer, NHS, 
World of Difference, Peer Leadership Memorable Events: LB- 2nd 
till forever, AR- friends till the end, basement gatherings, rice/lynch 
nights, girl night sleepovers, Prep prom and the boys, DMB 
Concerts, Bruins, Canobie Lake Park, volleyball games, post prom, 
homecoming, and summer '06 Quote: "Let's move on because the 
minute hand moves faster than you think it does" -John Mayer 
Leaves: Dave and Reeses 2 more years, soccer girls a winning 
record, Daryl rides home. 

Rosa Coloma 807 Manor Rd. 978-223-3513 Memorable Events: 
Going 2 DQ w/ Mr. Leahy freshman year and getting in trouble!! 
Quote: Live every day like its your last. Leaves: Mr. Leahy and Mrs. 
Pitman- 1 love you both, thank you! 

Peter Constantine 7 Devon Ave. 978-922-191 1 Quote: Those are 
my shoes. Give them back, you are a dog. They dont even fit. 
Ellen Cooper 24 Everett St. 978-921-1866 Activities: Field Hockey 
9-10, band 9-12 Memorable Events: Summer 06, Rices Beach, 
Lynch Park, BSB 05, Pre-Homecoming Dance Party, dancing on 
stage w/SA, promiscuous w/SC & NT, Post Prom 06, 48 hour party, 
7/3 & 4/05 7/3 & 4/06, sleepover pt. I, II, III, J.Mac mosh pit, 
gremlunch, New Years 05-06, oven mits & bike helmets, NRB, party 
section, Madagascar quote sessions, Halloween Dance 05 Quote: 
Forget regret or life is yours to miss. Leaves: JC, HT, CD 
Jonathan Crean 9 Jackson St. 978 927 7022 Activities: Soccer, 
Band, NHS, Ultimate Frisbee Memorable Events: Band Trips, 
awesome summers, concerts and long days in the pool Leaves: an 
amazing girl, good friends, and a band 

Senior Directory 

Liz Cronin 33 Middlebury Ln. 978-921-5893 Activities: Softball, 
Basketball, Field Hockey, Habitat for Humanity, NHS Memorable 
Events: Core/OTW, DS 2/11/05, April Vacation 04, Kiss Concert, Red 
Sox 04 w/JW, Maine, Oasis, Hawaii 05, study seshes, NYC 04, Kelly 
Clarkson, Prom 06, ADs basement, DMB, school dances, FH parties, 
grassy knoll, fan buses, Laguna Love. Quote: Live, Laugh, Love. 
Leaves: RK and KW FH rides, best memories w/the seniors of 07 

John Crowley 17 Museum Rd 978-921-0520 Activities: Hockey, 
lacrosse, DECA, office aide Memorable Events: Ragin w/ 
AB,MB,MD,WH,AE@ the den, end of season ski trip, simonellis history 
class, DMB, TP, The Who, concerts Quote: Life is one big road with lots 
of signs so when youre riding through the ruts dont complicate your 
mind. Flee from hope, mischief and jealousy, dont bury your thoughts 
put your vision to reality. Wake up and live! Bob Marley 

Catherine Cullen 87 Northridge Road 978-921-9450 Activities: 
Varsity basketball(10-12) Fusion softball Memorable Events: Hanging 
out with my girls & guys, New Years '06, Summer'06, Fusion girls: 
BcKIJIGvScGtJc North Bev runs! Maine '06! Prom 06, Taco Bell 
w/KBMO, Powder-puff football Quote: Cause your only as loud as the 
noises you make & as big as the things that you dream Leaves: BBall 
girls fun times @ North Bev, BC-HRB! 

Liz Curran 8 Dyer Rd. 978-578-0137 Activities: Soccer, key club, 
DECA Memorable Events: Summer 06, Prom 06, did I know you when 
you were 7? Red Sox, this love, Texas, space cadet, spaz attack 
Quote: May your dreams take you away and your memories bring you 

Molly Curran 4 Hillcrest Rd. 978-927-9660 Activities: Swimming, 
yearbook, peer leadership. Memorable Events: State Champs! Prom 
06, summers, homecoming 06, beach nights, dances, randos, 48 hr 
party, others Quote: Always be happy, laughing, loving, forever and 
always Leaves: Sister and big shoes 

Jamie Dalton 752 Hale St. 978-927-4606 Memorable Events: Summer 

04, Quadding, sneaking out w/AG, Penguins class, Warped Tour 05, 
Dane St. Beach, Driving around aimlessly, Lyndsis party, Proms, and 
everything I had too much fun to remember. Quote: Nobody can go 
back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a 
new ending. Leaves: CSA/JAJAMA, AD, NS, LV, HF, BJ, MJ, AM, DB, 
BF and everyone else! 

Pete Davekos 5 Brookhead Ave. 978-927-031 1 Activities: Soccer, 
Volleyball, Athletic Training, and Band Memorable events: The best 
time was rooming w/ M.B, B.B, Z.A in Philadelphia during the band trip 
of 06. Quote: Treat everyone with respect today, because you dont 
know if youll need their help tomorrow. Leaves: A lot of unfinished 

Alison Deffer 204 Hale St. 978-927-2756 Activities: Dance 
Memorable Events: Lunch Bunch, Club Rachel, my basement, summer 

05, summer 06, Fourth of July 05, 7/1 4/06, post junior prom, Halloween 
dance 05 Quote: What doesnt kill you, makes you stronger. 

Britney Dion 251 Rantoul St. Activities: playing hacki sack outside, 
dancing in the hall way, my locker having AIDS Quote: What the crap? 

Arthur DiPaolo 30 Fairview Ave. 978-922-3729 Memorable Events: 
Sophomore semi, junior prom and going to senior prom with my 
longtime friend Emily O. Quote: You never get old and wise unless you 
were young and crazy. Leaves: The roadies for life JO AG JD 

Ashley DiPaolo 10 Fitzgerald Way 978-927-9630 Activities: soccer, 
track Memorable Events: You can walk in my circle any day. Faith Hill 
and Tim McGraw concert w/Katie Quote: Never give up on your 
dreams. Leaves: AD, CH, YL, BB, GC, AC, AC, SP 

Senior Directory 

Nick Doig 41 Pratt Ave. 978-927-1161 Activities: Football, Chorus, 
Shotput, Musical, Fight Club Fan Club Memorable Events: 
Thanksgiving Day Game, Bev Rec Department, Beauty and the Beast 
Superfan!, Grease Lightning and the T-Birds!Quote: Its not until youve 
lost everything, that youre free to do anything. 
Leaves: A hidden treasure in Mr. Prodanas room. The treasure map is 
in the Mole. 

Megan Drinkwater "Drinkie" 6 Gregg St. 978-922-9410 
Activities: Lacrosse Memorable Events: 2004 World Series, Me and 
Amanda at Guitar Center then Stalking Red Sox Players, falling, Crazy 
Keane concerts! Quotes: "You find one piece of happiness in this world 
and theres always someone trying to take it away" "Make the world a 
better place, punch a yankee fan in the face" "Naida se" 

Meri Driscoll 23 Chipman Road 978-927-7965 Activities: World of 
Difference Memorable Events: Pete and Pete Club, SJCG w/ KC JS 
MS keep the reptis safe!, 12 years w/ AH, Billies BP w/ SE Quote: 
Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already 
mastered, you can never grow Leaves: MS, KD, MB 

Matt Dube 23 Nelson Ave. 978-921-1679 Activities: Soccer, Lacrosse, 
NHS, DECA Memorable Events: Soccer NEC Champs 06, the building 
of the den, Raging w/ AB WH SC AE MB, Hockey games, senior prom 
06, The basement with the yellow walls, 7/19/05, 12/15/05, 7/7/06, 
Boxford house, Salisbury beach w/ KM, Discovery Channel song on 
WHs Boat, fun times and good memories with my best friend km Quote: 
Be true to your work, your word and your friends Leaves: CD MM , the 
Den to MB, PD 

Sam Dyas 20 Matthies St. 978-921-1031 Activities: Hiking, road 
tripping, ultimate, kayaking, skiing, rope swinging, hockey, cross 
country Memorable Events: Friends/Friday nights, Laura Fickenwirth, 
.C./Yellowstone/Niagara falls with Dad, The Bridge, zipline (haha), 
Washingon with Bobby, Katadin w/ Mark, our stupids, Nicole A/Spiggs 
always a great time, houseless drives, Andrew, Tom Ski trips, Junior 
Prom! Quote: No Worries Leaves: Zac, Paul, Lincoln 

Sam Eckmann 7 Longfellow St. 978-922-0993 Activities: Stage Right, 
Swim Team, Vocal Ensemble Memorable Events: plays and musicals, 
cast parties, proms, undefeated swim seasons, G Block Study (loud 
table), English w/Ms. Stacey and LOST discussions, P and P Club, Eye • 
Only Know, secret santa, ROAR! Quote: If you cant laugh at yourself, 
lifes going to seem a whole lot longer than you like. Leaves: Matt, Kelly, 
Mike, and Megan. Have fun next year! 

Marcella A. Eramo 421 R Essex St. 978-921-1433 Activities: Softball, 
Cheerleading, Winter track, Aegis, Vocal Ensemble, Piano Memorable 
Events: DMB w/ AA, CK, KM, 31 1 @UMass, Rockport, sleepovers, Turd 
Nuggets! KM, Sicily06 w/Francesca & Liana Leaves: are fun to jump 
inJ/K. I leave all my love and Liana the lot. 

Andrew Eriksen 260 Hale St. 978-578-5343 Activities: Hockey, 
Lacrosse Memorable Events: "here's to good friends and good times", 
Lax '07, raging the den AE MD AB WH JC MB, boxford house, the one 
and only Tori, and here's to the best class BHS will ever see! Quote: 
Take your time, Don't live too fast, Troubles will come, And they will 
pass. Leaves: No one good enough to fill the shoes of Class of 2007, I 
also leave no one as good looking as myself cause thats just 

Heather Fahey 32 West Dane St. 978-969-2539 Memorable Events: 
sharing a locker for four messy years, CA3, Math, LV, AA, MC, SP-love 
you girls! good to roll Dane street Quote: These are the best days of 
our life. Leaves: Hanners class, Kate Daveokos, Taylor Ewing, Klenny 

Laura Fickenwirth 48 Matthies St. 978-927-5414 Activities: Sailing, 
FIZZEE, track, key club, NHS, NAHS, photo, creative writing 
Memorable Events: French exchange, Germany, Aloe Vera night, class 
with Chernyak, PEM, Beverly Airport, Samuel Dyas, tea time, DMB, the 
bridge, French video, Vermont Quote: I dont know. Leaves: Paul, Peter, 
Zac C, Molly, Lizzy, Lincoln, Bruce, Donna 

.Molly Forman 17 Cherry Rd. Activities: Concertquire 11, 12, Chorale 9, 
10 Musicals 9-12, BHS Girls Soccer 9-11. Memorable Events: Semis & 
Proms w/ the girls & boyfriends, otw sleepovers & movies, hockey games 
& crazy car rides, music trips and musicals w/ CG & CT, study parties, 
spreading the love with RW, 1 1/22/03 <3Pb Quote: Lifes too short 
anyway but at least its better than average Leaves: Love to otw and 1 
more year to HF, EH, AC & LP 

Bobby Forster 14 Columbus Ave. 978-927-1497 Activities: sailing, 
kayaking, hiking, and hanging out with my friends Memorable Events: 
The wall with Laura, board humps, flying cars, the river, Balch fight with 
Mark, Spiggs, Washington with Sam, fireworks, Friday nights, zip line, 
Mexico, cheesecake, Halloween w/Josh, DMB, l/o with friends, Maine, 
sailing with Laura, J105, olds, swinning in Joryary, fun with friends, party 
w/Simmonelli, Tom, and Nick G., Yahtzee, cop Leaves: Zac, Paul, Molly, 
Windy, Lincoln, Garry 

Bonnie Fullerton 38 Dane St. 978-509-3297 Memorable Events: 
landsdowne, $7 @ Wendys, Wilson mcbob, dane street, ink shows! 
Getting my crunk on with the crew, phi My trip with Allison, Connecticut 
road trip, loving jews! SHALOM! Andy, fun trips into boston, Having the 
best highschool years thanks to my friends, you know who you are! 
Quote: If we go down; we go down together. Leaves: A legacy 

Sofia Garcia 67 River St. Haverhill, 978-373-4753 Activities: Joined GSA 
to support gay people Memorable Events: I will always remember how I 
met my friends and I really enjoyed making new friends. Quote: Whats 
up, Hi and Peace! Leaves: I leave my Deaf culture. Im going to miss Yall! 

Amy Gelineau 19 Goldsmith Ave. 978-922-8308 Activities: XC, 
basketball cheering, track, student government, JRO-AVDfirst-always, 
AGT1 1/27/04, JLD4wheeling/nights! HNF, LB, BAB-MJL CCSFL! 
Crazycheernights, Halloween, newyears-05, OBEAR, Lynch, Ingle, 
Bixparties, vacationsJRO, 2semisKH, JrpromJK, OAR, karaoke, 
(Ryalsidepride) NECCHAMPS05-06, snowed in, outallnights, girls and 
boysALLMYLOVE.neverchange. Quote: One must be young and crazy to 
grow up old and wise. Leaves: AJ JT KD MC CM, AR one year girls. .stay 
crazy, cheergirlsGo For Broke! 

Angie Gendall 7 Frankwood Ave. 978-921-5183 Activities: Band, pit 
orchestra Memorable Events: Summer bike rides, Medieval Times, 
French class, chirping, having a calc bf, bothering Janna, geometry 
feuds, retrieving Hooters and eating nachos. Quote: Love will keep us 
together-love will keep us alive Leaves: SL to Ralph. 

Nicholas Genthiner 2A Goldsmith Ave. 978-335-0631 Activities: 
Lacrosse 9-12 Memorable Events: Going to parties, New Years Eve at 
JTs. Leaves: JK-2 years love you, AJ, JT, KD and Moppy, Big Man! 

Tom Geras 46 Lakeshore Ave. 978-922-4760 Activities: Aegis, Photo 
Club, Biking, Surfing, Snowboarding Memorable Events: Peanut butter 
sandwich at State Radio, Mexico- Red Hawaiian shirt Quote: love, peace, 
and chicken grease Leaves: Mike LaPointe to harass the teachers I dont 

Caroline Gilligan 15 Landers Dr. 978-922-6387 Activities: Best Buddies, 
musical, NHS Memorable Events: otw, Hockey games, cast circle w/MF, 
core 4, 6/26, HM, AT4L, 1st day of April vacation w/CT, April vacation 
freshman year, NRB, music trips, singing in tash, AS 1/21/06 Leaves: 
Ryan Gilligan 3 more years of awesomeness 

Freddy Gonzalez 13 Bourque St. 978-208-7101 Activities: Soccer, 
Seinfeld Club Memorable Events: Winning NEC, Mr. Riordans English 
classes, first varsity game of my freshman year, graduation Quote: Steph 
I love you and III see you in college. Leaves: everything to start over new 

Debbie Greenberg 124 Hull St. 978-922-7358 Activities: Soccer, 
swimming, winter track, spring track, XC, best buddies, NHS and chorus. 
Memorable Events: Music trips, Revs games with KH and AD, Y21 with 
DK, concerts with JP and AD, track meet/BS!, WPGwere kinda a big 
deal. KH and Dad. Leaves: RG with 4 fun 

years to come and DK with his clothes on inside out! Girls track to 
many more winning seasons! 

Terrell Greene (Terff, RnB King) 15 Wheeler St. Activities: Dance 
Team (Captain). Memorable Events: When someone pulled the fire 
alarm my freshman year. Quote: Make each day a new adventure. 
Leaves: Dance Team & Spanish Skills 

Becca Haile ( Becca-Boo, Bee) 10 Gardner St. 978-922-0853 
Activities: Gymnastics, Yearbook, Key Club Memorable Events: 
Love all the girls esp: EC RHC AD JP ML SA LB JLR AR <3, West 
Beach, Summer/Homecoming 06, 48 hr party, Rices, 7/14, SOTTP, 
ADs basement, Club Rachel, Football games w/ my loves Quote: 
You can waste you life drawing lines or you can live it crossing 
them. Leaves: JC, KS have fun girls! Liz have a great senior year. 

Tyler Hall 45 Cross St. 978-927-8331 Activities: African Drum Club, 
Deca, NHS, Frisbee Memorable Events: Concerts, summers, 
drumming, surfing and climbing Quote: When the going gets weird, 
the weird turn pro HST Leaves: Deputy Doggs, Jethros, 
underclassmen friends. 

Ryan Hamilton 21 Odell Ave. 978-922-0881 Activities: Basketball, 
sophomore, junior year Memorable Events: Chardonay, Inglewoods, 
cville. To my boys NS, AJ, JE, SL, LE, CW, JB, CP, CM, SH, 
Double D. Quote: Yah maybe. 
Leaves: Little him. 

Casandra R. Hammet 80 Livingstone Ave. 978-927-061 1 
Memorable Events: ROTC was fun. Another memorable event for 
me was inspection and every field trip I went on with ROTC. Quote: 
Dont give up until you have tried your hardest. Leaves: All my 
friends that are underclassmen. Favorite teachers I will miss you, 
especially Mrs. Virden and Ms. McCafferty. 

Philip Harrison 25 Winslow Rd. 978-922-3287 Memorable Events: 
Mr. Flanders English 11 class! Quote: Unquote Leaves: Maternity 

Wesley Harrison 4 Rezza Rd. 978-927-4742 Activities: Soccer, 
lacrosse, track Memorable Events: the Den, 4th of July 06, Tom 
Petty, Boxford Ragers, Soccer NEC Champs, Discovery Channel, 
boat with the crew, Book and Boat series 04, Grandmas Boy, Ray 
and Priest, Pats Dynasty, Raging with AE, AB, MD, JL, MB, SC 
Quote: Lets F-ing Rage! Wizcok Leaves: PRD 

Kevin Hayes 26 Morningside Dr. 978-927-9197 Activities: 
Lacrosse, golf, volleyball, badmitton 

Kendra Agnes Healey 26 Guild Rd. 978-927-3715 Activities: BAND 
Memorable Events: Living with Abby and An-roo, Earthfest, How 
adventurous are you on a scale of 1-453? Im bipolar! 12 steps 
crazy! Band bus rides, AP BIO, music trips, DK Pizza Dance! Wah! 
Wakefield, Captain Crunch, All she did was rub my head in 
homeroom Love you AL Quote: You can waste your life drawing 
lines or you can live your life crossing them. Leaves: Mr. Gibbs and 
his turkeys 

Ryan Hegarty 18 Connor Rd. 978-969-1659 Activities: Football, 
table tennis, grassy knoll, love to KM Memorable Events: At Lynch, 
Dane St, Rices, the twos, killer miller time, riding around with ML 
and JA. Quote: Its not the end its just the beginning Leaves: BHS to 
Dan to rule the halls as I once did. <3AC 

Sam Hill (S.Hill, Sammy, The VOP) 54 Cabot St. #2 978-922-9506 
Activities: VOP, 10-0 Freshman football season Memorable Events: 
RIP Jonathan, PA, PE, LBO, NG, Sir Pipely Stripes I: The 
Resurrection, Bud Webb, Chardonnay, Dane St., moe.down, 
Mayhem tour with TE, MW, JE, SL, ARJ, AJ, RH, NS Quote: 
Hextall, You stay classy Beverly, Massachusetts Leaves: My guitar 
hero legacy, X-Factor and Sasha one more year of pain and some 
headies in locker A308. 

Senior Directory 

Vanessa Hill 48 Middlebury Lane 978-921-0128 Activities: Field 
hockey, tennis, track, softball, student government, Ledger and World 
of Difference 

Memorable Events: Red Sox games, wheres my furry monster, for 
reals, woah Kelly, grassy knoll, swivel hips, track meets/BS! Quote: Our 
deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we 
are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, who am I to be 
brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually who are you not to 

Eric Hudon 88 Brimbal Ave. 978-922-1334 Activities: Skate club 
president, DECA, Frisbee team. Memorable Events: Skating outside 
the school, breaking my thumb in wood shop, Seinfield Club. Quote: 
True terror is to wake up one morning and realize your high school 
class is running the country. Leaves: A legacy. 

Alison Hunt 86 Essex St. 978-927-7719 Activities: Driving aimlessly, 
CSA, Dane St, Photo, EGG Memorable Events: Film/darkroom with 
Ana, everyday with Dalton, shiny, Russia 06, warped tour 05-06, 
Ozzfest 05, finding the castle, prom, Ana not locking the car door. 
Quote: Jumping off the bridge when you get to it and Cheating our way 
through 17 years. Leaves: Eighteen years of friendships, mistakes, 
good times, badtimes, enemies, triumphs, adventures, learning, 
partying, studying, succeeding and failing. I also leave the past six 

Katie Hurley 4 Haskell Ave. 978-922-1042 Activities: Soccer, track, 
swimming, gymnastics, softball, chorus and World of Difference. 
Memorable Events: Revs games, WPG, Tim & Faith concert with AD, 
scaring me at 10, Music trips, Russia, the L word, sleepovers with DG 
and JP in tents, Lowell and pool with BS and DN, McDonalds, road 
trips, BS my one and only. Leaves: Are red and orange in the Fall. 

Christian Hurst 9 Graver St 978-921-2062 Activities: Swim Team, 
Band, Senate, NHS, YNS Memorable Events: Swim Meets, NEC 
Champs, Band Competitions and bus rides, P&P CLUB, French 
class/movies, Junior Prom night (fetus), summer, study in the library 
Quote: A day without laughter is a day wasted ee cummings Leaves: 
My underclassmen friends 

Kelsey Hutchins 8 Bartlett St. 860-706-7394 Activities: Cheerleading, 
chorus Memorable Events: Freshman semi formal, going to NYC with 
chorus Quote: The truth is more important than the facts. Leaves: I 
leave the best memories of the greatest 4 years of my life and 
inspiration to the best neighbors in the world ZG, JL, FN, and GL and 
thanks to the best psychology teacher ever, Mr. Witwicki 

Rachel Huxley-Cohen (Rach, Redhead, Ray) 6 Cavendish Sq. 978- 
927-5978 Activities: Field Hockey 9-1 1 , Ledger, Yearbook, NHS, DECA 
Memorable Events: Summer'05=AMAZING, my girls-love yous, esp: 
BH, JP, SA, JLR, KO, MC, ML, CS, AR, LB, EC, AD, post prom 06, 48 
hr party, James, grassy knoll, ADs basement, Homecoming 06, 
S.O.T.T.P, The Lunch Bunch, Rice's, FH parties, dance girls<3, 
7.14.06, 7.15.06, Concerts (11.11.05!!), The 07 Crew - SO much love. 
Quote: "Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth 

Leaves: DHC love you, 2 more yrs. AMC - love, one more yr. 

Nick Jacobs 641 Essex St. 978-927-0692 Activities: Hockey, track, 
golf, traveling around, road trips, seeing my girl Memorable Events: 
Crazy hockey locker rooms, chillen on the boat, NH, Mr. Simonelli 
stapling his head, absolutely dropping Dr. Scuzzs kids in hockey Quote: 
Spit that! Leaves: Madeline, the hockey clan, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Brown 

Brittany Johnson 15 Millbrook Rd. 978-430-6179 Activities: JV + 
Varsity Basketball Cheerleading Memorable Events: Chris (thanks). 
Lansdowne St + Avalon w/Rissa. AVA 5.20.06. 24. The Shake w/Josh. 
Prank calls + INK shows w/the girls. Warped Tour. Blink-1 82. Rides in 
Stella (thanks Dan). Dane. $7 at Wendys. DECA. Halloween dance. 
Quote: Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how 
far one can go.-T.S. Eliot 

Senior Directory 

Marissa Johnson 15 Millbrook Rd. 978-430-6149 Activities: DECA, 
Tennis, JV Cheerleading Memorable Events: Lansdowne St, Avalon 
Shows with everyone, prank phone calls with the girls, INK shows, Warped 
Tour, AVA 5/20 and 6/24, $7 at Wendys, summer nights at Dane, and 
Halloween Quote: and though they make no sense these are the moments 
well remember for the rest of our restless lives The Matches 

Kristine Kapoll 4 Old Town Rd. 978-927-6458 Activities: Tennis, Field 
Hockey, Swimming, Deca, yearbook, Best Buddies, model UN, Aegis 
Memorable Events: Summer 06, TG4, shazams spontaneous dance 
parties, tickets to art show, NSYNC in car!, Bing it, Brack, Bev Farms, The 
Bench, Prom, FF, clubhouse convos, Tom for President, Roar! Love to TG, 
DA, JL, JR, SL, KO, CK, KM, HL, LB, ME, AA, AH, BS, SA, NS Quote: 
como?! Everything happens for a reason! Leaves: Tennis girls exp LP, GK, 
EK, KH! Good Luck 

David Karr 9 Princeton Ave. 978-927-7541 Activities: Cross-country, 
drama club, ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee golf Memorable Events: XC practice, 
summer 06, surfing, concerts Quote: Whooorahh Seniors Baby Leaves: A 

Derek Kavasch ( D+Dog, Dragon, D-Man) 32 Simon St 978-927-4577 
Activities: MCJROTC, Football coach, Baseball manager Memorable 
Events: The mud bowl vs Salem last year, running like a madman at Hurd, 
winning the NEC in my first yr in baseball Quote: Lead, follow or get out of 
the way. Leaves: The football and baseball teams. 

Victoria Elizabeth Kelleher, Tori, Tor, or TAddress: 227 Essex 
StreetPhone: 978-578-1 149Activities: Yearbook, WOD, Athletic Training, 
BadmintonMemorable Events: Summers at West, Lynch, Rices 06 (our 
beach), Stacia, tl8b RIP, hockey superfan, Nahant, chasing cars love 
whap, TTWW good while it lasted, driving around with the best, Club 
Rachel, Boxford, Bermuda, bus home from Winthrop, Andrew and the 
blimpBEST CLASS EVERQuote: You don't know what you've got 'till it's 
gone Heres to the nights Leaves: No one good enough to fill the shoes of 
Class of 2007 

Charolette Kelly 2 Goodwin Rd. 978-927-9160 Activities: Basketball, 
Lacrosse, Tennis, DECA Memorable Events: DMB with KK, AA, ME, lucky/ 
hobo leas Suzannes spontaneous dance parties DECA DORKS, 
clubhouse convos KK, KO, BS, LP, SA MATT DAMON bus ride to Lynn?!? 1 
KM- first grade love you FLAVOR FLAVE Boston with KM HL JT Quote: I 
dont own a nightgown! Leaves: Grace love you! My Dustys crew (AV AM 
HN) Tennis grls & my lax faves CBD & AA III miss you. 

Dan Kilham Quote: Thats great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and 
snakes, an aeroplane, Lenny Bruce is not afraid. Eye of a hurricane listen 
to yourself churn, world serves its own needs. Feed it off an aux speak, 
grant, no, strength. Wire in a fire, representing seven games, a 
government for hire and a combat site. Leaves: Leonard Bernstein 

Sunnie King 40 Simon St. 978-922-0816 Activities: field hockey, indoor 
and outdoor track, habitat for humanity Memorable Events: Junior prom, 
lots of fun times with all my friends Quote: Who are we to judge those who 
are not ourselves Ghandi 

Dylan Kintish 22 Holly Ln. 978-922-0763 Activities: Marching band, 
concert band, pit orchestra, XC, winter track, spring track, NHS Memorable 
Events: Breakfast club, Azzles to Azzles with NA, NS, EW, DT, saving 
Becky, Y2I with DG, band competitions, band trips to NYC, Toronto, Philly, 
Virginia Beach, AG my calc girlfriend, the chorus square. Quote: You cant 
change the past but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future. 
Leaves: Hayley, Ali Cobe, Superman! Nikki, drumline, track teams, my 
name on locker A274 

Amy Knight 321 Echo Ave. 978-927-4458 Activities: Color guard, chorus, 
concert quire, vocal ensemble, musical, fall play Memorable Events: June 
10th, music trips, trips to Little Italy, nights at Dane St, and nights I cant 
seem to remember. Quote: Youll never be old and wise, unless you are 
young and crazy.Leaves: Fantabulous memories and friends III never 

Brandon Scott Knudson 56 Northridge Rd. 978-927-1228 Memorable 
Events: Watching football on Sunday with the guys, weekly Sunday footba 
games at Lynch. Quote: Yo Rodney ollie flip the kickrail- Stephan Hawkins 

Karen Koo 60 Dodge St. #12 978-927-5408 Activities: Art club, National 
Art Honor Society Memorable Events: Junior Prom and Senior Prom 06, 
meeting my best friends. Quote: Success usually comes to those who are 
too busy to be looking for it. 

Leaves: My name in the prop room, lots of friends and memories. 

Samantha Krukonis (aka Sammy-K) 3 Hayes Ave. 978-808-570 
Activities: DECA, Mullen, PowderPuff Memorable Events: The DB, the Red 
Dragon/Black Panther. I just cant! B&W dance, spirit week, dance parties, 
summer games down inno, Labor Day weekend. Quote:The space 
between your heart and mine is a space well fill with time. Leaves: Cammy 
and the classes that will never live up to 07 

Suzanne LaChance 2 Cherry Rd. 978-922-4424 Activities: Swimming, 
Lacrosse, Soccer, Key Club, Yearbook, DECA, & Aegis Memorable 
Events: The Bench, Summer 06, Brack, TG4, and Spontaneous Dance 
Parties?! Quote: I know its childish and stupid but then again, so is high 
school Ferris Bueller 

Heather LaCombe 8 Thoreau Cr. 978-927-2137 Activities: Lacrosse, 
soccer, yearbook, DECA, NHS Memorable Events: Good times and 
endless memorable events with KM, CK, SL, LB, JT, KK, ME, AA, AH. 

; Boston with CK, JT, KM. skiing, Rockport, parties, sleepovers, DECA, and 
Mr. Simonellis history class. Quote: Never look behind when youre ahead, 

• never give up when youre behind. Leaves: Evan, good luck freshman year! 

| The lax girls. 

Joseph LaPointe 8 Jewett Rd. Memorable Events: The Bench, Toey, 
4/13/04, Brack, helein, one #5, Sally Quote:Life moves pretty fast.if you 
dont stop and look around once in a while you could miss it 

Benjamin Lawler (Skinny, Skins) 10 Presidential Cr. 978-922-8875 
Activities: Football, lacrosse NEC Champs Memorable Events: Times with 
the guys & gals, car wars, parties, ski trips Leaves: LAX 

Andrew LeBel 43 Webster Avenue 978-927-3533 Activities: Band 
Memorable Events: Living with Abby and Kendra, It was weird your honor, 
| Love you KH, swivel hips, Be quiet it was just a third of a brownie Quote: 
All she did was rub my head in homeroom Leaves: Whatever is dripping 
down the front of my locker 

Kayla LeFavour 9 Virginia Ave 978-921-9445 Activities: Field Hockey, 
Hockey Cheering Memorable Events: My girls CS, BB, JF, SP, CP, TR, CC 
Wilderness adventures with CS, lotion fight, Hell yup! Whats ya status? FH 
05, Tines House, T7HT, Cruises with JRich & others, my wifey & the crew, 

. Seniors 07 Quote: Its funny how day by day nothing seems to change, but 
when you look back on it even/things different. Leaves: My field hockey 

■ loves BC, RK, KW & RK, EP, WM, MC 

Julia Levin-Rector 8 Columbus Ave 978-922-0203 Activities: Swim & 
dive, Key Club, World of Difference, Senate, Peer Leadership, NHS, 
Yearbook Memorable Events: 48 hour party, Club Rachel, Kelly Clarkson, 
April Vaca 04, Rices, SOTTP, exploding cans, brownsquirrel, spf4, 
lunchbunch, post prom 06, 7/14, ADs basement Quote: In this great future, 
you cant forget your past. Leaves: Andrea, three more years, Benny A and 
1 my Dustys crew 

i Trevor Levine 14 Agate St. 978-922-1755 Activities: Football Color 
Commentating, Basketball play-by-play commentating, BHS 22 Memorable 
I Events: Mr. Swinglers class in 10th grade, The New York Islanders and 
I Ron Hextall era, The Six in 2004, Liverpool E.C, and of course my rap 
J career. Quote: Hey Tall went to Okalahoma and Dont worry bout dot 
Leaves: The Passion of the 93-94 Islanders to my brother Brian. 

Mark Linscott 464 Cabot St. Apt. #4 978-922-1359 Activities: Hiking, 
canoeing, ultimate, karate. Memorable Events: Katahdin with Sam, Balch 
Park, the Rope Swing, the River & Bridge. Our stupids, fizzy, driving with 
Andrew.Quote: DUDE, dont worry about it. Leaves: AS AC SD LF BF NA 
the memories and the future possibilities. IP, the most crazy awesome 
senior year ever. 

Sean Lloyd 27 Story Ave 978-969-1333 Activities: Track, Football, 
Wrestling, Weight Lifting Memorable Events: When I went to Russia Last 
April. It was fun even though Demetri got left behind Quotes: The reunion 
event will be of interest, to say the least Leaves: A new seat for a crowded 

Katy Loubris 15 Laurel St. 978-921-2127 Activities: Swim team 
Memorable Events: Halloween dance, senior prom Quote: Youll have 
bad times, but theyll just wake you up to the good times you werent 
paying attention to. Leaves: HL 

Jhenna Louis 19 Hilltop Dr. 978-406-2300 Activities: BHS capt. Bball 
cheering, vocal ensemble, class treasurer Memorable Events: Cheer 
parties with my Captains SR, AG, MOB & my underclassmen <3 
Quote: Live life to the fullest: laugh loud; kiss slowly; love deeply & 
party hard! Leaves: I leave my heart to the BBs; my wisdom of BHS to 

Amanda Lozada 212 Brimbal Ave Memorable Events: Evening of 
Spoken Word, Night of One Act Plays, BAND TRIPS Quote: Nice, 
nice, very nice So many different People in the same device. 
(Bokonon: Hell is other people (Sartre) Hell is ourselves (Levi 
Strauss) *Love keeps us together love drives us insane 
Leaves: My last shreds of dignity, The keys to the zoo, love for Dom & 
Chris, Don & Julia, AG, AS, CB, CL, DK, DU, JP, KM, ML, ML, SM, mi 
chiquita & Library crew 

Margery Luangrath 81 Odell Ave. 978-578-1269 Activities: basketball, 
running, communications (media productions), photography, work, 
hanging out with my best friends Memorable events: having fun with 
my two bestest friends Brittany Batchelder and Amy Gelineau while 
running cross country, we always used to run to marias, burger king, 
or my house to get food then wed run back... fun times & i always had 
all my friends right by my side love you girls&guys Quote: "Do not 
follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path, 
and leave a trail" R.W Emerson Leaves: J.L - J.F- D.D - M.F- B.D - 
N.L - E.P - S.O - J.S - K.S - H.M - K.M. 

Susan Lunt 233 Dodge St. 978-927-1096 Activities: Concert Quire, 
Vocal Ensemble, Powder Puff Memorable Events: Schlapshlovas w/ 
Kells, Kt, Allison & Steph. Floofa, SG & GT! TDM 2/13/06. 
Tennessee, Buchanana, ski trips, retreats, yg, Tays soccer games, 
Were on a boat! Quote: Theres a snake in my boot. Leaves: A bag of 
donuts in Taylors locker in exchange for Chippy. 

Meaghan Lyons (MegLySuperFly) 12 Pearl St. 978 921 1601 
Activities: cross country, track, class officers Memorable Events: 
crazy times with the 07 crew, Rices, Club Rachel, post prom 06, 48 hr 
party, ADs basement, west beach, DMB concerts, sleepover parts I, 
II, III, Homecoming dance party, NRB runs, grassy knoll, football 
games. Quote: What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny 
matters compared to what lies within us. -Emerson Leaves: LH, HF, 
my XC girls- love you 

Kevin MacCarthy 4 Munroe St. 978-927-5895 Activities: Things 
Memorable Events: Classified Leaves: School 

Allison Madore (Al, Alii) 24 Giles Ave. 978-922-0098 Activities: 
Chorus, The Ledger, yearbook Memorable Events: Summer 06, Phil ly 
w/ Bonnie, nights @ Dane, Holiday parties @ my house. Countless 
INK shows, Landsdown crew, $7 @ Wendys, Halloween, Georgia 
Peach, NS BF MC BJ MJ LV AA HF CP JR DA <3 Quote: If we go 
down, we go down together TBS Leaves: A legacy... also plethora of 
stickers in my locker, fave V2 Jew, all my other favorite underclassmen 

Mark Malionek 64 Northridge Rd. 978-921-7970 Activities: Band, 
Marching Band, Science league, Kendra Healey Memorable Events: 
CVS Pharmacy woo woo, Dane Cook with AS TM, Band Trip 1 1th 
grade, Junior prom, Band camp 2006! Andrew Lebel. Quote: 
My name is Chrissy Leaves: Good pick up lines to Aarish 

Laura Mann 1 1 Vine St 978-922-3879 Memorable Events: The girls, 
boys, T.T., dancers <3, Nights@Obear, Inglewood, Longill, Bixbees, 
Connors, Fires@JTs, the grassy knoll, KINGS, memorial parade, 
Summers@West, Hillcrest pullover, Miami05, concerts w/ the girls: 
DMB, OAR, Petty, Keller, Moe, Allman Brothers Quote: Everything is 
so much more KL SR cops. Leaves: AJ, JT, KD, AR, RM, DH w/ 1 
more year, Have fun! 

Senior Directory 

Devyn Manthorne Activities: Chorus Memorable Events: 2 amazing 
years w/ Johnny <3, ROCKSTAR nights, Tabu 2004, Road Trip w/ 
Ashlee Rose, Nights with my Bbs AM JR JD JL AA absolute insanity 
you guys have my heart Quote: Smile Laugh and have fun; live your life 
with no regrets because at one point it was exactly what you wanted 
Leaves: B Leahy with my crazyness The nurse Jan & Kelly my Tylenol I 
<3 you guys 

J.D. Martz 24 Old Planters Rd. 978-927-1625 

Activities: Extreme Stuff Memorable Events: spreading the word of God, 
strapping on my speedo b4 every swimming comp, my leopard unitard 
for gymnastics Quote: Use your fingers. Leaves: Some animal crackers. 

Matthew McAniff (Matty Mac, Mac Daddy) 7 Pinewood Ave. 
978 927 9294 Activities: football, musicals Memorable Events: Crew- MC 
JA NT JN RH SC ZF Livin the Dream, Summa06, Lynch Park, Rices, 
Nicks Roast Beef, Rachels house, Wendys/Taco Bell, Strawberry 
Phillies, Hurd #1 1 , WS-Sox 04, MM+AC=good times Quote: Its all good 
brah. Leaves: # 1 1 my heart with Bev football, good times with the crew 

Chris McDonough 29 Sunset Dr. 508-843-5863 Activities: Bevcam, 
Panther Super Fan, Voice of the Panthers Memorable Events: The Sox, 
Summer 06, Thanksgiving games Quote: Throw it down on the double 25 
Leaves: Rachel and the rest of the underclassmen to carry on the 
partying and Athletic traditions 

Robert McGinnity 27 Bridge St. 978-921-4775 Activities: Baseball 9, 
Basketball 9 10, Football 9-12 Memorable Events: Good times @ Stone, 
Obear, Friday Night Catin Around Quote: Live life to the fullest. Leaves: 
My legacy to CB, LB, CJ, RM, JK, DP, PH 

Sean McKenna 46 Cornell Road 978-927-3804 Activities: Jazz Band, 
String Ensemble, Band 9-1 1 , All city Jazz Band 9, String Theory String 
quartet 11-12, World of Difference 11 Memorable Events: Gigantour05, 
06 with NP. Football games, Band practices with TG, NS and RM AP 
study hall. Being at Bouchards house pretty much all the time. Topsfield 
fair 03. Quote: Whadaya say?! Pencilneck, Pizza face bonehead, Chizel 
chest What a schmageggy! oh, caca RJN Leaves: My parking spot, and 
my legacy Hi Im Jill Mcgann! Somewhere on Colon St. 978-867-5309 
Activities: double clicking my mouse and eating turkey Memorable 
Events: Tickle time!!!! Quote: EEEHHHHH!!!!!! Leaves: ATM!!!!! 

Glenys Mejia Activities: Assisted with pre-school kids, volunteered at 
New England Home for the Deaf Memorable Events: Best memories of 
my best friends Sofia, Reina, Jennifer, Kursie, Justin, Billy, Yajairly, my 
favorite interpreter Abby, teachers Jean Koulack-Young, Chris Majesky 
Quote: Keep smiling, stay friendly 
Leaves: Leaving my smiling face. 

Kodie Mezzles 402 Broughton Dr. 978-969-2054 Activities: Swimming 9- 
12, soccer 9-10, lacrosse 10, playing home run derby, football, baseball, 
basically everything Memorable Events: Waking up everyday during the 
summer and playing waffle ball and tossing the football around. Playing 
Dannel ball at patten park at all hours of the night. Summer camp, 
California, beaches, pools. Quote: To Speak without thinking is to shoot 
without aiming. Leaves: My reputation 

Darcy Milburn 179 East Lothrop St. 978-927-7750 Activities: Aegis, 
Model UN, Soccer, Track, Lacrosse, Drama, State Student Advisory 
Council, Vocal Ensemble Memorable Events: Humming zipee-dee-do- 
dah opening night under the platform, Late-night Cast Dennys runs, MUN 
conferences, Pasta parties, singing to killer whales in English class 
Quote: We must become the change we want to see- Gandhi Leaves: My 
name in the prop room, lots of friends and memories. 

Amanda Miller 12 Pickett St. 978-921-0375 Activities: DECA, German 
Exchange, Guitar Memorable Events: Me and Megan at Guitar Center, 
Boston, The Strokes Quotes: "This whole life is it a dream? I can't tell 
I got up and I waved then I fell." "Do what makes you happy." "With a 
hundred ways to do a dozen things, why not try it all?" Leaves: Nothing, 
the building's being torn down. 

Senior Directory 

Danielle Milo 181 Marlborough Rd. 978-767-0682 Activities: NHS, 
Deca Memorable Events: JP my best always! BG been through it all 
together! KM, MR, DM love you guys! Summer 06, Prep boys, Dance 
girls, Eastmans class & the quarries. Quote: La Bella Vita 

David Mock 11 Thompson Rd. 978-927-7251 Activities: Football(9-12) 
Lax(9-12) Dominating the tables with Bailey Memorable Events:Making j 
up nicknames for myself, Spending time w/Nate, you are like a brother 
to me. Ill admit youre better than me@most things lol and III admit that 
Im not good at anything. Quote: 2nd place is not a bad pl ace to be. 

Max Modugno 52 Water St 978 -922-0608 Activities: Winter track 9, 
Spring track 9-12, German Club president 11. Memorable Events: 
Breaking the freshman long jump record, Warped Tour 05, 
skateboarding with all my friends. 

Quote: Friends can help each other. A true friend is someone who lets 
you have total freedom to be yourself-and especially to feel. Or, not to 
feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at that moment is fine with 
them. Thats what real love amounts to-letting a Person be what he 
really is. -Jim Morrison Leaves: Conversations with Josh, advice from 
my other friends. Harassing freshman to every other upper classman in i 
the years to come. 

Stephen Moffet (Sven, Buttons, Moff) 5 Vz Ashton Street 978-927-9297 
Activities: Track, Drama Fest Memorable Events: Pirates, the Dan vs. 
Steve Campaign, Juantahs, CrapTV, Track boxing, Parties at Aarishs 
house Quote: Who will make the pudding Free Aarish Gross 
Incompetence Leaves: You wanting more, reruns on Bevcam 

Teddy Mori 50 Middlebury Lane 978-927-9080 Activities: Band, Boy 
scouts, Camp Onway, Umpiring Memorable Events: Dane Cook w/ AS 
MM Salem Parade 2006, Dump truck, band trips, band bus, Ms. 
Donovan freshman year, RHCP Concert Quote: WAH Wakefield Can I 
take your Picture? I think it was Chicago Section assume the position 
Captain Crunch Band Geeks fo lyflLeaves: The Airborn with Brett and 

Stephen Morley 4 Alba Ave, Salem 978-273-4585 Activities: Marching i 
band, Drill + Rifle team, computer repair, skiing, Pinging Google! 
Memorable Events: Philadelphia band trip, Anime Boston, Dorky White 
Kids that Cant Dance Club, the general craziness of Anime Club. 
Quote: Computers are like air conditioners; if you open windows they 
dont work properly. Leaves: Arm Candy and friends, I <3 all of you! 
Many <3s to Shammeh! You are t3h 1337 awesome! Accordion Man 
<3s all. Thanks for everything, friends and teachers! 

Katherine Morse 18 Prospect St. 978-927-4770 Activities: Lacrosse, 
DECA, NHS, cross country, winter track Memorable Events: Rockport, 
Maine, Boston trips, DMB concerts with AA, CK, ME, Brackenbury, our 
sleepovers, love you all: CK, HL, AA, KK, JM, AH, KK, LB, JT, SL, ME, 
J.Dizbiz, NWP123, Pomertime, Dan the man, Fil the pill, George the 
freak. Quote: Its not so important happy ever after, just that its happy 
right now. Yah boi! Leaves: My lacrosse girls, my locker is full of poop 

Kristen Morse 9 Dartmouth St. 978-922-4190 Activities: lacrosse 9-12 
Memorable Events: Dane Street, Summer 06, proms, dances, The 
Saturn van parties, Canobie Lake, Eastmans class, forensics video, I 
cant, parking lot dance parties, shoooot Quote: She who has the will to 
win, cannot be beat Leaves: KT to rule the school, my favorite Jr. guys 
for one last year! 

Kelly Mulcahey 3 Wedgemere Rd 978-927-8733 Activities: Habitat for 
Humanity Memorable Events: Summer 06, All-Nighters with Meredith, 
moe. Shows with Meredith! Quote: Nothings for certain, it could always 
go wrong, We could have us a high time, Living the good life Grateful 

Brittany Munroe 12 Old Rubbly Rd. 978-927-2290 Activities: Band, 
Jazz Band, Yearbook Memorable Events: Band Trips, semis and 
proms, June 10th, Getting rear-ended on the highway, Dasani or tap? 
Quote: Cleanup Aisle 5 for Hannahs oregano! Leaves: My flute girls yet 
another year of band and PL, HM, and VK their senior year 

Connor Murphy 53 Hull St. 978-927-5785 Activities: Lax 9-12 
Memorable Events: Longhill, Ingle, Cville, OBear,. Late nights with 
CP, CW, MB, KH, the cat and all the women. Running tables with 
FLAVOR FLAVE. Lax season. Patten wing office. Leaves: Mrs. 
Morris my aide skills. 4J a year of raging. 

Migena Mustafa 49 Sohier Rd. Activities: Hockey cheering (9-12) & 
Badminton. Memorable Events: My GFs/BFs, Fu5, TT, getting beat 
up, Night Riders ly. Livingstone, Ayers, Cville, Ingle, OB, Longhill, 
winter @ Connors & best times @ Bixbees. KINGS, New Years, 
FCK FCK Cops memorial parade, DMB OAR TP concerts! Quote: I 
dunno. There is so much drama in the pocket knife. Leaves: AJ, JT, 
KD, MB, RM <3 Liam 1yr, PH 2 yrs, HC good luck. SR 4yrs, Love 

J Michael Nardella 8 Cleveland Rd 978-922-6049 Activities: 
Lacrosse, football, hockey, office aide Memorable Events: Lax and 
football games, hanging with the crew, Sox games with Bailey, 
staying fresh and clean, Boston parades w/the boys. Quote: We 
I dont make mistakes, only happy little accidents. 
Leaves: Mrs. Morris with a broken heart and the #6 jersey heading 
for the rafters 

Nicole Nardella (Nic, Nicki) 194 Dodge St. 978-927-4003 
Activities: Softball(cap), Basketball(cap), Yearbook, NHS, Ledger, 
VP of class Memorable Events: Tri love you both, The Lunch Bunch, 

; OTW cryfests, TL8B, PC visits, HM, AT4L always, Oh Kelly 
Clarkson, DMB, BSB, Hootie, 4th@West, NRB, Italy06, Summer05 
Awesome, MV05, Jr. Prom, ADs basement, Club RHC, Rices, 

i Poolside@my house, proms, Adventures, MM-bffe, AB-other Vz, 
Love you all! Quote: I was like what? No Low??Leaves: 
AV,RK,BC,JM fun sr. year BN - III miss you JP 3 yrs. KJS RIP 

Meghan OBrien (M.O.B, Juicy, Megs) 17 Mulberry St 978-921- 
5704 Activities: Varsity Basketball Cheering 9-12 and Captain 11-12 
Memorable Events: Winning NEC 05 & 06, All the long hours of 
practice in the upper gym, Junior Prom, all the Semis we went to, 
Mr. Simonellis class with my gals, Blinky McBlinkelton Quote: 
Krissy&Nina, This hall is full of iocki, thats locker plural. 
Leaves: My sister Shannon and the rest of the underclassmen. 
Cheer girls keep bringing home the NEC championships! 

Alanna OGrady (Lan-Lan) 1 3 Clark Ave 978-927-3306 Activities: 
Field Hockey, Basketball, Track, Lacrosse, Peer Leadership, World 
of Difference, Beverlega, habitat, NAHS, NHS, chorus, vocal, 
. musicals, music trips. Memorable Events: Freshman semi, Junior 
> prom, Boston trips with the girls, How adventurous are you on a 
scale of 1-453, my sweet 16, Fallow, camping with JB Quote: Every 
new beginning comes from some other beginnings end Leaves: 
Johnny, Andrea, Nibal Best of Luck! 

Kelly OHara (Kel, Kells, Kelso, Koha) 18 Old Town Road 978-927- 
7019 Activities: Tennis 10-12, DECA, Aegis Memorable Events: 
Summer 06. Sox Games. 11/11, 5/5, 6/24, 9/9, For Reals. Prom 06, 
Canada/Disney with ACQ P&P Club. SG/GT/ TG4/ AC MM SL KK 
SL RHC VH JS CH NS MC JA TG DA CP Eye only know Quote: 
Life moves pretty fast. If you dont stop and look around once in a 
while, you could miss it. Ferris Bueller Leaves: NC, TM, EC- one 
more year boys, Tennis girlies esp. LP, GK, MK, EK, KH 

Elizabeth OShea 36 Sturevant St 978-927-3578 Activities: 
Hanging with my Boo at McyDsss 

Robbie Ostrander 9 Bennett St. 978-921-4182 

Activities: chorus 03, 04, 05, 06, Best Buddies 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 
: Special Olympics 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 Quote: New day, new stuff, new 

' Leaves: all my friends behind 

and Mr. Riordan 

Chris Parker 17 Bertram St. 978-921-2852 Activities: Baseball, 
Graphic Design, Programming Memorable Events: Making varsity 
baseball, my 18th birthday surprise party, Jenn Turner-you have 
meant so much to me throughout high school. I love you so much! 
Quote: We didnt start the fire, it was always burning since the 
worlds were turning. Leaves: Nothing I wont miss too much 

Lilia Paulino 33 Beckford St. 978-921-4602 Activities: Tennis 
Memorable Events: First day of school in the USA, parties at the 
ESL class. Quote: Fight for what you want. 

Thomas Pene 9 Hayes Ave. 978-922-8146 Activities: major parties 
junior year and Derek Paglios party Memorable Events: Riordano 
class and insane parties Leaves: an awesome school and some 
great memories, my favorite teachers Mrs. Stacey, Ms. Desmond, 
and Mr. Riordan 

Julianne Perron 6 Middlebury Ln 978-927-8509 Activities: BHS 
Gymnastics Memorable Events: III remember Club Rachel, 48 hr 
party, SOTTP, Post Prom 06, lunch bunch, Gymnasty- 4 awesome 
seasons, the speech Quote: You three ladies are the loves of her 
life, a guys just lucky to come in fourth For SPF4 Leaves: EP JB & 
MT: the best senior year ever, love and luck to class of 07 and my 

Reynaldo Peguero 8 Courtney Dr 978-335-1083 Memorable 
Events: Freshman football and freshman track and field. Leaves: 
Camera man duties for BHS football games. 

Danielle Phelan 22 Wellesley Rd. Activities: Gymnastics 9-12 
Memorable Events: Summers, Rices, Lynch, beaches, car rides to 
no where, Ben & Jerry and JYC Thursdays w/JS- Thank You! 
Gymnastics bus rides, dinners, sleepovers, grassy knoll, 07 loves. 
Quote: You can dance, you can flaunt, but you can not hit my bus. 
Leaves: All the gymnastics girls- good luck! 

Nick Picardy (Sexy Boy) 462 Cabot St. 978-927-5495 Activities: 
Gymnastics, Water Polo, Playing doctor, hugging teddy bears, Slip 
n Slides, Counter Strike. Memorable Events: Gigantour with SM, 
Dane St. with Lord God Christian Danielson and Dougie D. Roger 
Waters WITH NATES DAD. Quote: HE IS NOW!!!!! Leaves: 
Chocolate Surprise!!!! 

Sara Ploss 98 Essex St. 978-927-6580 Activities: DECA 
Memorable Events: Good times- JF CP KL CS JR. Christines 
house. Kayla the fish dying. Jess funny times, summers freshman 
year. Love you girls Quote: Live your life as if no one is watching 
and if every moment was your last. Leaves: SS good luck and have 

Jordan Pomazon 5 Worthington Green 978-922-0650 Activities: 
Anime club Memorable Events: Going to Anime Boston and media 
productions class. Quote: Not for eating! Leaves: To all my friends I 
leave this advice: Electric plugs are fun, but dangerous 

Sarah Powers 20 Windsor Rd 978-836-0835 Activities: Hockey 
cheering Memorable Events: Summer 06, prom 06, black and white 
dance and Dane St beach! Memorable times with all my 
friendsMuch love. Quote: Life is too short to be anything but happy. 
Leaves: I leave the loudness of my friends in the halls from my best 
friends Lyndsi, Ashley, Heather, Molly and I. 

Heather Proudman 58 Essex St. 978-844-1849 Memorable 
Events: Any day spent with Amanda Powers and/or Lord. New 
beginnings and happy endings. Quote: Its lifes illusions III recall; I 
really dont know life at all. Leaves: Scribbles on some desks, 
daydreams out some windows and my lovely boyfriend Lord God 
Christian Danielson. I Love You. 

Senior Directory 

Bridgette Pugliese 67 Herrick St. 978-360-6084 Activities: Basketball 
& Football cheering 03-07 (capt) Memories: Love my GFs & the boys, 
MB <3 11/19, Partyin @ MBs, Woods, OB, West Beach, Cape w/MB, 
Tp w/ SQ MOH, TT, OAR, dmb, Slumba parties at BPs, Spice Girls, NL 
my love Quotes: Spice up your lyf Not a busted 1 Leaves: Cheer girls, 

Stephanie Quartarone 57 Hillside Ave 978-927-4197 Activities: 
Football cheering 03-06 (captain 06), track Memorable Events: INS, not 
a busted one in the group, BP (MOH), TS (LYGF), movie days with TS 
and DM, my love, 10/29/04, Thanksgiving Dance 05, TP w/BP Quote: 
Spice up your life. You let her ride your stick I mean drive your stick? 
Leaves: AJ, KD, JT, BP* Love cheer girls, H2! 

Molly Sharon Regan 45 Baker Ave 978-922-1547 Activities: DECAI, 
Yearbook, Dance, Mullen Memorable Events: Lebby, The DB, never 
knowing out dance, Yea thats my cousin!, The Red Dragon, The Black 
Panthers, F-bomb, New Years 06, B cruises, J-7/23, <3JA Quote: 
Where there is love there is life.-MG Leaves: Farm Drama, NL, Cammy, 
Ms. Leb 

Kim Reinold 6 Ancient Rubbly Way 927-7205 Activities: BHS & 
YMCA Gymnastics, Shuttle-C, Beverlega, WOD, Student Activities 
Memorable Events: good times girls&guys<3, TRIIove always, whap 
attacks, LunchBunch!, otw nights, Bruins games, RICES, Hockey 
Superfans, Kelly Clark & BSB, summer05- awesome, NN poolside, 
manch runs, DB- my bestest, the coolest, Cape Cod trips, Nicks Roast 
Beef? okay, AC-travei buddy, 48 hour party, Club RHC, fires @ PC, 
homecoming 06 Quote: Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, 
play the hand we've been dealt, and accessorize what we've got. S&TC 
Leaves: KL, JR, AK- great senior year, gymnastys- luck&love, KJS RIP 

Patricia Rennick (Trisha) 41 HillcrestAve 978-921-2981 Activities: 
Field Hockey 04-05 Memorable Events: Halloween dances, Freshman 
semi, and of course proms. Quote: Never give up on something that 
makes you happy. Leaves: All my love to the BBs xoxo AK thanks for 
everything <3 

Amanda Richards 10Smithson Dr 978-927-7091 Activities: Field 
Hockey, Swimming, Softball. Memorable Events: Rices, sexy summer 
06, post prom, 48 hour party, ADs basement, LB since Cove, Club 
Rachel, homecoming 06, sleepovers part I, II, III, BW 06, fires @PCs, 
Nicks Roast Beef 24/7, summer adventures Leaves: MFly, SB, BC 

Jessica Richardson (J Rich) 80 Herrick St. 978-979-1302 Activities: 
Field Hockey, Hockey, Cheering, Softball, JV Basketball Cheering, 
Peer Leadership Memorable Events: TT, Cville, Obear, lynch, longhill, 
fires at JTs, T7HT, Halloween Dance 05, New Years, DMB, Tom Petty, 
FH parties at RHCs, St. Pattys, Homecoming, 1/15/05, cruises w/lhlefa 
and others Quote: Llfes too short to be anything but happy. Fckshtfck 
cops! Leaves: AJ, JT, AR, KD, MB-Love you girls. Field hockey girls 
keep the team alive! 

Josh Richardson 34 Ashton St. 978-922-1306 Activities: Ultimate 
Frisbee team, Spring! Track, ART, biking, skating, boarding, 
adventuring Memorable Events: Summers, Warped Tours, Motion City, 
Blink, Gnome house, Times III miss, Shiny, Stella, Dispatch, parties, Bill 
and Bobs walk, CRUCIBLE, the shake, Velo sky, Music, ACHUNT, DB, 
Miller, Creative, Maine, Mr. Geras, down by the riverside, late nights, 
long walks, PB and J, oh and peacock Quote: What a nice creation. I 
am Heaven sent. Leaves: Natty Dreds, Beverly Ultimate, my liler 
buddies, Pumas someone better fill 

Jacqueline Robichaud 21 Kennel Hill Dr 978-921-0074 Activities: 
Soccer, Swimming, Lacrosse, Musicals, Concert Quire, Chorus, Vocal 
Ensemble, Student Senate, Best Buddies. Memorable Events: Junior 
prom w/AO, ND, SK, TG, SM, JT, CD. Topsfield Fair 03, DMB 05, Bev 
Rec 06, NYC, Toronto, Philly, Virginia Beach. Quote: We may not be as 
happy as you dreamed we would be, but for the first time, just allow us 
to be whatever it is that we are. 

Senior Directory 

Sarah Rodolico 14 Jackson St. 978-922-0092 Activities: Varsity 
Football and Basketball Cheerleading 9-12 Memorable Events: gfs + 
the boys, FU5, TT, Livingstone, Ayers, Obear, Cville, Longhill, Bixbees, 
fires at JW + JTs, kings, New Years, cheer parties, Memorial parade, 
DMB OAR TP concerts, NEC champs 05,06, <3CL 12-31-03, grassy 
knoll, Hillcrest pullover Quote: Everything is so much more FK FK Cops 
pocket kniiife Leaves: AR AJ KD BP RM LB PH <3 cheer girls 

Matthew Rollins 23 Pleasant St 978-927-2038 Activities: Football, 
Student Government Memorable Events: Football, Trust Tree w/ EL, 
ES, SK, just livin it up Leaves: AJ, EW, JK, KT, TR 

Melissa Rouleau 65 Water Street, Danvers MA 978-578-6295 
Memorable Events: Shropshire in Inhouse Quote: Roll on Dubs/Money 
Aint a THANG Leaves: Danielle Limon, Jamie, Shannon OBrien, Nati 
and Lee. 

Mary Sarantopoulos 34 Ellsworth Ave 978-921-1256 Activities: Best 
Buddies, Swim Team Memorable Events: Gold medal from the Swim 
Team, the school newspaper article about my castle, Bake sales in 
cafeteria, Best Buddy outings, Bus rides to swim meets, Panther Pride 
Fridays Quote: Oh Shuggies Come Onnn Leaves: My smile, friendly 
attitude and happiness for my successes and my classmates 

Carly Schultz 31 Chase St 978-927-9012 Activities: Field Hockey, 
Softball Memorable Events: St. Pattys day, Thanksgiving Dance 05, 
OBear, TTM, T7HT, 3rd + 4th July, Dance w/ RHC, MR, AS, Whats 
your status? Summer 06 Staying out all night, Wilderness adventures 
w/ KLA, desrochers BOYS!, FH Parties @ RHCs, BLS all for you 
Leaves: MF, MC, AJ Good Luck FH 2007 

Alex Scialdone 9 Giddings Ave 978-922-8561 Activities: FH 9-12 
Memorable Events: EM New Years Eve 04, ABB, Petty, DMB, moe., 
Parties ©Bixbees, OBEAR, ragin the woods of CVILLE n INGLE, 
Lynch, Longhill, TT, Miami, Halloween Dance 05 Quote: Once in a 
while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it 
right. Leaves: AJ KD MC JT AR LB RM one more year! Pauly keep 
ragin, RK BC KW MF good luck 

Julie Sciamanna 4 Whitaker Way 978-927-9056 Activities: BHS and 
Wildcats Gymnastics Memorable Events: Individual states 06, 
Gymnastics meets and nicks, Dances, Rices, Summer 06, Ben and 
Jerry and Jubilee Thursdays w/ DP, Prom, North Bev, Lynch, Nationals 
04 05 06 , DP-love you, thanks for everything! Quote: if it makes you 
happy, it cant be that bad.-Sheryl Crow DEE DEE DEE- Carlos Mencia. 
Leaves: SN-1 1 years of friendship, CB-Have an amazing senior year- 
Love you Both! RIP KJS- always in our hearts. 

Jamie Sebastian 57 Lovett St. 978-921-5276 Activities: Varsity tennis 
9-12, Tennis captain, Sports editor for Ledger, Key Club, yearbook 
Memorable Events: For reals. Sox games, Holler. Woah Kelly. Furry 
monster. Youre crazy, I dont want to talk to you. Its my phone! Quote: 
And in the end its not the years in your life that count, its the life in your 

Jessica Settles 27 Riverview St. 978-927-9209 Activities: Captain XC, 
indoor/outdoor track, NHS, Ledger, yearbook, Aegis Memorable 
Events: Chong, Stecz @ Waterville and Hampton, Spain, tiggers love 
hugs, old friends, AA, Skitch, SCL, Skeleton-man, captured friends, 
some times only partially remembered, many with JK, all my <3 to you! 
Quote: Different generations of Ewoks have (light up) robot hands 
Leaves: BC, PC, RD, WH to not get arrested 

Nikki Shairs 15 A Front St. 978-922-2219 Activities: Yearbook (11,12) 
Ledger (11,12) World Of Difference (11,12) DECA (12) Memorable 
Events: The countless concerts, Lansdowne, INK, CT road trip, Dane 
St, 3 10 04. Quote: As I leave will you be someone to say good-bye?, 
As I leave will you be someone to wipe your eye?, My foot is out the 
door, and you can't stop me now. Leaves: AM BF MC BJ MJ DA CP JR 
MM. .I love you guys with all my heart thanks for all the great times 
these past four years. A&B's with Dan /talks through my window. 

Tayla Shairs 7 Whitaker Way 978-922-0784 Activities: Football 
Cheering 03-06(Capt. 06) Memorable Events: LOVE MY GFs + the 
boys. NOT A BUSTED ONE IN THE GROUP, H2, Cville + Obear, 
Cheer parties, NOT FOR KERRIL, Fires @ JTs, T7HT, TT, Fishing 
w/PB+MM, Movie days w/SQ, Thanksgiving Dance05, NH w/PB, 
OAR, PB all my love 09/13/04 Quote: Spice up your Life! Leaves: 
AJ, KD, JT, DP + the cheer girls <3 you 

Nate Shaw 53-B Cogswell Ave: 978-927-5646 Activities: Frisbee, 
Chardonnay, Jams, Ledger Memorable Events: Chardonnay, 
Frisbee, Jamming with SM, TG, AD, AJ, PH, RH, Aries house, The 
Volvo, Sasha and the X-Factor Mayhem Tour 06 Quote: III see you 
at the Chardonnay. Leaves: The Chardonnay, Taylors children. 

Aarish Sheikh 18 Old Planters Road 978-921-2606 Activities: 
Band, tennis, jazz band Memorable Events: Band trip, Dane Cook, 
Tag team, JDN, homeless men with crates, Dump Truck, coffee 
machine, things on Teddys windshield, rearranging dashboards 
Quote: White Victory Wah Wakefield Gawk Kansas Door Open 
CHOMP! STYLE Sitting is not a crime 12 Bricks Stole my bike LOL 
H4X No brakes Leaves: bad pick up lines to Mark, the rest of my left 
knee to Anna, and my 2 dts for Mr. Bauer 

Beth Simmons 27 Beacon St. 978-927-1385 Activities: Tennis, 
Yearbook Club, DECA Memorable Events: good times with friends, 
Allman Brothers, Dave Matthews, Clapton, tea with Mr. Witwicki, 
Shirley temples at Bev Golf Quote: Live and let live, and just let it be 
Leaves: my favorite tennis girlslove you! 

Alexandra Skerry16 Chipman Rd 978-927-3743 Activities: Photo 
Club, NAHS Memorable Events: Jumping in the Ipswich River w/ my 
homies in my undies, Going on dates w/ Debbie + Ashley, Tightrope 
walking, Late night cheesecake run w/ Bobby + Sam, Ashley! Its 
snowing outside! Hide+Seek in Sams house Leaves: My 
underclassmen pals 

Rachael Small 12 Stewart Ave. 978-922-6458 Activities: Best 
Buddies, Theatre (plays), Basketball, YMCA Memorable Events: 
Best Buddy Outings 

Leanne Smith 23 Sable Rd 978-745-2391 Activities: Soccer, 
Gymnastics, Softball Memorable Events: BHS soccer season, BHS 
gymnastics season, BHS Football games, BHS dances Quote: At 
some point you have to make a decision. Boundaries dont keep 
other people pit, they fence you in. life is messy. Thats how were 
made. So you can waste your life drawing line or you can live your 
life crossing them. Leaves: Love of gymnastics to Liana Eramo, 
Thyra Rollins, Eric Smith to the JV soccer team esp. SB, JC, KD, 

Lorraine Sousa 101 Rantoul St. 978-473-1704 Activities: Tennis 9 - 
10 Memorable Events: Trip to Boston w/the girls!! Halloween 
dances, summer 04-05, Late night games 03-05 and fun parties at 
ESL! Quote: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we 
take, but by the moments that takes our breath away! Leaves: 1 
more year to all Brazilians. ...and the amazing people and memories 
that have made these four years at BHS something unforgettable!!! 

Matt Spencer 41 Arlington Avenue 978-223-8163 Activities: 
MCJROTC and the Inventor's Club Memorable Events: The 
Hagfish/Lamprey Mega-Presentation, nutty math on the whiteboards 
in T-1 1 , and trying to explain ridiculous concepts. Quote: "Freedom 
is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, 
all else follows" -1984 by George Orwell Leaves: That brand new 
leather chair, paperwork, and some newspaper clippings. 

Nicole Spiridigliozzi 21 Wirling Drive 978-922-8219 Activities: 
Swim team, Softball, Chorus Memorable Events: All the great times 
with the swim team and RS, NA, EW, LF, BF, + ML Quote: Its 
something unpredictable but in the end its right, I hope you had the 
time of your life Leaves: The softball and swim team all the great 
pasta parties and fun practices. 

Leaves: Ryan Karp, Dave, Reese twins, and your musical friends! 
Last cool kids to leave BHS! 

Seth Stantial 63R Corning 978-927-3885 Activities: Soccer 9-10, 
Basketball 9-12, Lax 10-11 Memorable Events: Annie and young 
Christie being the bomb-diggs, Mocks water outburst, Running 
tables w/Verry and Co 

Alana Stickney (AStick, Lana, Lani) 4 Goddard Drive Nahant, MA 
781-842-1729 Activities: XC, Swimming, Lax 9, HC 10-12, 
Beverlega Memorable Events: All sciences, Bruins, football, hockey 
superfans, DMB, Petty, Oasis/Jet, WS 04, New Years, BP, Boxford 
Shindigs, Rices, Lynch, 48 hr party, Florida, Amherst, Canada, 
Bermuda, Prep Prom, boating with our boys, Summer 06, 
4th/bonfires @ West, Ice cream with AB, TL8B RIP, En Fuego, 
Awesome 05, WHAP, The Crew Quote: Its fine. Leaves: No one 
good enough to fill the shoes of Class of 2007! 

Amanda Sullivan 4 Harris St 978-922-9034 Activities: FH 9-11, 
Mitchells w/ MR, CS, RHC, Ryal Side Pride Worldwide Memorable 
Events: love to my girls and boys! All the moe. RAQ, and every 
other show with the crew! Cruise 2007, Livingstone & Obear, 
Common Lane, crazy dances, parades, and get togethers Love you 
always JB! Quote: Recreational chemistry, thats the game plan. 
Leaves: Ryan Karp, Dave, Reese twins, and your musical friends! 
Last cool kids to leave BHS! 

Nick Tanzella 23 Dartmouth St.978-921 -571 6 Activities: Football 9- 
12, Baseball 9-12, PONG w/NV, DM, PB, LB 10-12 Memorable 
Events: Skeetin from the Fuzz w/Nate and Jake Mac, Jims every 
weekend w/LB, NV, DM, PB, chillin w/CW, JW, JB, SL, CM, Liam 
swettin, Abraham being crazy, III miss all you guys! Quote: Were 
crazyhes sweatyshe gotand I Leaves: Liam everything, Bushy his 
own locker, and Theriautt the Rock, and #12 and 9 to whoever is 
worthy of wearing it. 

Douglas Tibbets 44 Cornell Rd 978-927-0210 Activities: Soccer, 
Track Memorable Events: Apples to Apples EW, NA, NS, DK, 
Animal Wars, Track Captain, Starting soccer, Freshman band class 
Quote: Nothing in life comes easy, you need to fight for what you 
want. Leaves: Nikki L, track teams, soccer teams, the great 
teachers throughout my 4 yrs 

Emily Traicoff 18 Wentworth Dr 978-927-3762 Activities: Field 
Hockey 9-12, Lacrosse 9-12, Indoor Track 9, 10, 12, Best Buddies, 
Chorus, NHS Memorable Events: OTW, Campfires ©the Trays, 
Rices, Football games, GGD+CC Concert, DMB w/ EC+LB, 
Halloween Dances, ADs basement, The Quopal, Red Sox World 
Series Champs Quote: Take all you can from your dreams, make 
them as real as anything. Leaves: Two awesome cousins, AV + JV 

Nick Traicoff 18 Wentworth Dr 978-927-3762 Activities: Football, 
Lacrosse, Table Tennis Memorable Events: Red Sox 04 World 
Series, Patriots 2 Superbowls, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, BSB, 
Halloween Dance, All the Proms and Semis, Seabiscuit, Counting 
Crows w/Goo Goo Dolls, chillen w/the crew. Quote: "When you 
move like a jellyfish rhythm dont mean nothing you go with the flow 
you dont stop" Leaves: #65 + #7 to a future anchor 

Caroline Trainor (CT) 4 Brandt Circle 978-922-3767 Activities: 
Field Hockey, Best Buddies, HFH, NHS Memorable Events: <3 
core, OTW sleepovers, AT4L, HM, 1st day of April Vaca w/ CG, 
Maine, Daytime drives, Hockey games, Prom, Music Trips, GooGoo 
Dolls + DMB, sweet 16 w/ LC+JW, 6/26/05 SD<3 Quote: Youll miss 
too many of these days if you stop to think. Leaves: Love to 
everyone and my sweats and Ugg Boots 

Jennifer Turner 7 E.Garfield Ave 978-927-4649 Activities: Dance, 
softball, NAHS, habitat for humanity Memorable Events: Earthfest 
06, NYC, Washington DC/Virginia Beach, OC Sleepover, NSDA, 
BS, SN, JL TOOL TIME! JT-the cat in B@T, bff, AO, ND, SK, TG, 
JR, SM. Chris-weve been through so much together, thank you for 
everything. 4.18.05<3 Quote: Things happen in life that you cant 
stop. But thats the reason to shut out the world. Now + Then 
Leaves: Kristin, Therdies, Nicolioli, Jocelyn, and Johnny the best of 
luck! J Team <3 

Senior Directory 

Lyndsi Vaccaro 7 Vz Edwards St 978-922-3807 Activities: Chorus, 
Cheering 9 + 10 Memorable Events: Summer 06, Jr. Prom, nights 
©Dane St, Holiday parties @ Allisons, Feb. Vaca 06, Bonfires, 
Halloween dances, Black+ White Affair, and all the nights I cant 
remember with friends III never forget. In my heart its the 5 of us: 
LV.HF.AA.SP.MC<3 Quote: Every ending is a new beginning. Leaves: 
The messy locker I shared with heath and all my favorite sophomores! 

Adam Vanikiotis 36 Williams St. 978-922-3741 Activities: Band 
Memorable Events: Heffy Rock! Band 

Lyndsi trips, Hanging out with HM BM VK PL AK JS. Thats a red stop 
sign, Dasani or tap? K to the third power, double ds, chaquita banana, 
band camp with a zing!, sleeping on buses. Quote: Lemme just get that 
for you Leaves: A special sock in locker A7. 

Nathan Verry 867-5309 Activities: Football, Park football w/ Webb + 
Co. Fishing with Ross, Pong, Kickin rhymes with OG Memorable 
Events: Bosox and Pats Parade. OG getting locked up, Bev Football, 
Domination tables daily w/ Tanz, Stanch + Webb, 300 wins and 
counting Quote: I got the G-Code embedded in my blood! Leaves: 
Bush, Liam, but mostly Ross one more year buddy. 

Derek von Zweck 19 Yankee Way 978-922-501 1 Activities: Hockey, 
Golf, Baseball Memorable Events: If you wanna win you gotta put 
Bobby in, Nacho Liebre, the anchor, Hockey games/practices, Nicks, 
Where are my keys!?, Dairy Queen (do it youll feel better) Quote: Red 
team go. Leaves: Kate, Mike, and Anne. 

Emily Walk 13 Fillmore St Activities: Marching band, Concert band, 
Jazz band, Fall Play, Musicals, World of Difference, Peer Leadership, 
NHS Memorable Events: Band trips and competitions, Gold Medal Jazz 
Band, Dramafest 05, Breakfast Club, Apples to apples (DK DT NA NS), 
Frosting Fights, 2004 World Series, Boat Cruise 06 Quote: You dont 
need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what 
you are. John Lennon. Leaves: a piece of my heart with each one of my 

Brian Ware 1 1 Millbrook Rd 978-921-1265 Activities: Baseball, Golf 
Memorable Events: Pumpkin, Gold 06 9-1, Baseball 07, future NEC 
CHAMPS, Eleanor, LP, SC, DVZ, JA, MC, Mike Wronski in the corn 
fields of IOWA Quote: Lifes gunna kick you in the ass, deal with it! 

Eric J. Wilde Activities: Color Guard, Basketball Cheerleading, and 
GSA Memorable Events: NEC, Dancing for BEVcam Quote: There is 
no try, its Do or Do Not- Yoda 

Corey Williams 19 Coolidge Avenue 978-922-4856 Activities: Baseball 
9-12, Golf 9-12 Memorable Events: Horror show weekends w/ NT, EM, 
KH, LB, CP, MB, JB, CM, JW, NV, SC, JB, MM and the girls too, Early 
morn tourneys @ Bakers Quote: This is pumped JPW Leaves: Alexa 
Rod and Liam. 

Jacqueline Willwerth 15 Fern St 978-927-2480 Activities: Soccer, 
Basketball, Lacrosse, Habitat for Humanity Memorable Events: OTW, 
Core, Rides home in Tasha Metal Shows w/ MF, Soccer, Lax, + 
Basketball girls, Oasis/Jet limo ride, Sweet 16 w/ LC + CT, Hockey 
games, VMA parties, Karaoke, Volvo gang, CGs birthday videos, music 
trips, history study seshs, hard-core spoons, 80s days, small children 
kicking MF, Lynch Park, Grassy Knoll, Fan Bus. Sox04 w/LC Quote: 
Carpe Diem. Leaves: RW w/ 4 more yrs. 

Senior Directory 


H ) 



Somewhere over the rainbow 

Way up high 
There's a land that I heard of 

Once in a lullaby. 
Somewhere over the rainbow 
Skies are blue 
And the dreams that you dare to dream 
Really do come true. 
Someday I'll wish upon a star 
And wake up where the clouds 
Are far behind me. 
Where troubles melt like lemon drops 
Away above the chimney tops 
That's where you'll find me. 
Somewhere over the rainbow 
Bluebirds fly 
Birds fly over the rainbow. 
Why then, oh why can't I? 
If happy little bluebirds fly 
Beyond the rainbow 
Why, oh why can't I? 

Just a small town girl 
Livin' in a lonely world 
She took the midnight train 
Goin' anywhere 
Just a city boy 
orn and raised in South Detroit 
He took the midnight train 
Goin' anywhere 

A singer in a smokey room 
A smell of wine and cheap perfume 
For a smile they can share the night 
It goes on and on and on and on 

Strangers waiting 
Up and down the boulevard 
Their shadows searching 
In the night 
Streetlights, people 
Livin' just to find emotion 
Hidin 1 , somewhere in the night 

Workin' hard to get my fill 
Everybody wants a thrill 
Payin 1 anything to roll the dice 
Just one more time 
Some will win 
Some will lose 
Some were born to sing the blues 

Oh, the movie never ends 
It goes on and on and on and on 

Strangers waiting 
Up and down the boulevard 
Their shadows searching 
In the night 
Streetlights, people 
Livin 1 just to find emotion 
Hidin', somewhere in the night 

Don't stop believin' 
Hold on to the feelin' 
Streetlights, people 
Don't stop believin' 

Hold on 
Streetlights, people 

CLASS OF 2008 


Class Advisor: 
Mr. Bisceglia 

Izzy Pulido 

Vice President: 
Alison Coburn 

Amanda Krugman 

Tricia Banks 

Outstanding Juniors 

Vanessa Kelleij 


Vanessa is involved 
in the BHS music 
department. Having 
the lead of Aida in 
this years musical, 

her voice has 
brought her many 
places. Including 
England, this past 
summer to take part 
in a theatre 

Malloru. Rapalijea 

Mallory is a terrific 
face in the Beverly 

volunteering over 
100 hours this year 

alone at the 
Beverly Hospital. 
As of now, her 
nonprofit work as 
paid off with a spot 
in patient transport. 

Izzy Pulido 

Izzy is involved in 
nearly every activity 
BHS has offered her. 
In just her junior year, 
Izzy serves as class 

president, chorus 
president, production 
editor of Aegis, lead 
actress in "Aida" and 
a Model United 
Nations officer. 

Hannah Howard 

Hannah is 
extremely active in 
the Beverly High 
serving as 
Viewpoint Editor of 

the BHS Ledger 
and member of the 
Model United 

Andrew Bourque Morgan Brace 

Richard Bright 

Katina Brings 

Allison Brown 

Rachel Brown 

Michelle Brozonos Kristen Burke 

Christopher Bushey Eric Cagney 

Michael Calitri Andrea Capodilupo 

Pola Carrella 

Kevin Cavallaro Benjamin Chapman 

Robert Cicchetti Amanda Close 

Alison Coburn 

Samuel Cohen Nicholas Colanto Casey Coletti 

Christopher Collins Eric Collins 

Mary Concannon Meghan Corcoran Gustavo Cordoba Matthew Coughlin 


Sara Valentine Jeffrey Varney 

Alexandria Vavladellis Giola Veliaj 

Anjuli Waldron 

Conor Walsh 

Jennessa Wear 

Chelsea Webster 

Benjamin Whitmore 

Timothy Wilczek 

Katelyn Williams 

Jillian Wioncek 

Kathlynn Woodbury 

Madeline Wrable 

Camera Shy 

Allison Anderson 
Jessica Ashton 
Kristin Ballentine 
Christopher Bodek 
Danielle Cimon 
Matthew Corning 
Daniel Coyne 
Ethan Crane 
Patrick Cronin 
Kerrie Escobar 
Luke Etter 
John Euell 
David Farrar 
Daniel Frost 
Nicole Greco 
Ashley Guzofski 
Daniel Heald 
Eric Jalbert 
Christopher Keith II 
Tyler LaPointe 
Eric Lassar 
Jonathan Lee 
Guilherme Lunardi 

Ross MacGregor 
Taylor Martin 
Matthew McQuaid 
Vanja Miocevic 
Kory Mitchell 
Stephanie Moore 
Matthew Morris 
Nichole Mothersell 
Shannon OBrien 
Christopher Poor 
Mikel Reardon 
Paul Reardon 
Melissa Rodriguez 
Noberto Rodriguez 
Janelle Sharp 
Megan Skerry 
Jordan Smith 
Joana Sousa 
Jessica Tanzella 
Pollyana Vieira 
Tameisha Womack 
Rich Xenos 

Ben Chapman 

Ben is one of the most 
talented snowboarders in 
the nation. He has 
competed in The US 
Open, the Junior Olympic 
games and many other 
national competitions. 
Chapman practices year- 
round, with trips to Chile 
during the summer and 
Oregon in November. 
Locally, Ben competes on 
the freestyle and racing 
snowboarding teams at 
Waterville Valley in New 

Kasey Kluqe 

Kasey is a member of all 
three tracks team here at 
BHS. She has proven to 
be a key contributor to the 
team's success. This year 

on the Cross Country 
Team Kasey finished first 

in most of her regular 
season meets. She also 
had a thirteenth place 
finish at the State Meet. 
Undefeated for the 
Panthers in the 1 ,000 
meter, the mile, and the 
two mile, Kasey was a 
key contributor to the 
Girls Indoor Track Team's 
winning the NEC 

Stephanie Neqrotti 

Steph is an extremly 
talented gymnast here at 
Beverly High School. She 
competes for both the High 
School Gymnastics Team, 
as well as being a level nine 
competitive gymnast for the 

North Shore Wildcats 
Gymnastics Team. She has 

competed in the YMCA 
gymnastics nationals for 7 
years. Steph will travel to 
Seattle Washington in June 

for the 2007 
Championships. As for high 
school gymnastics, Steph 
has qualified for the 
individual state tournment for 
three years.This year Steph 

had an impressive third 
place finish in the all-around, 
posting a an all-around 
score of 37.0. She also 
placed third on the balance 
beam with a score of 9.65. 
Next year Steph is looking to 

obtain a spot on the 
Massachusettes High School 
National Team. 


Class of 2009 


Class Advisor 
Ms. Scanlon 

James Garcia 

Vice President 
Tanya Tarnowski 

Kellie Shea 

Janie Cooper 

John Aiken 

Joseph Albert 

Nathan Allen 

Jennah Alwardi Caitlin Amatucci 

Christopher Antonuk Benjamin August 

Anjel Awad 

Alexa Ayoub 

Jason Bance 

Helen Amore 

Dwight Barbin 

Patrick Bartlett 

„ • 1 

Jacqueline Belliveau 

Marcus Benson 

INi \ 

Starsha Berchoff Sarah Birch 

Carrissa Blackburn 


Haley Bowen 

Michael Brainard Amanda Brennick Michael Buckley 

Anne Burse 

Erin Bushey 

Thomas Cacciola Derek Callahan Tyler Cappotto Katherine Carlotto Andrew Carlsen 

Nicole Casale 

V\\\ wewm 
Jonathan Cassola Courtney Chalifour 

Patrick Charlton Meghan Chatellier David Cheney 

Hayley Chizinsky Gabrielle Colasanti Nicholas Colby Michael Collins Benjamin Comeau Rachel Conant 


Heidi Figueroa Tanisha Figueroa Margaret Finn 

Daniel Fish 

Timothy Fleury 

Eric Forman 

Emily Foss 

Tyler Frazer Brandon Freedman Margot Gahan 

Joseph Gallant 

John Galvin 

Daniel Giering 

Katherine Gillen Carlos Gonzalez Zuleyka Gonzalez 

Brett Goodhue 

Michael Gove 



Rachel Sudak 

Dylan Sullivan 

William Sullivan 

Veronica Sweeney Elizabeth Tabbut Tanya Tarnowski 

Amy Varney 

Katherine Von Zweck Shannon Walker 

David Ward Cassandra Wasserman 

Brian Willard 

Marquel Wilson Stephen Winskowicz James Wolkiewicz 

Arielle Wright 

Dylan Zierk 


Isamar Alonso 
Robert Ashworth 
Michael Bixbee 
Robert Bruce 
Eric Cagney 
Terrence Carter 
Jonathan Caruso 
Nicholas Castino 
Brian Clarizia 
Brett Connaughton 

Brian Clarizia 
Brett Connaughton 
Rodolfo Cunha 
Kayla Cushman 
Katherine Davekos 
Giana DiCesare 
Douglas Dow 
Amaounda Eveillard 
Katie Gallant 
William Garneau 

Tianna Goodrich 
Kabembo Kasongo 
Rusalem Larocque 
Tara McGovern 
Forest McMullen 
Joshua Objio 
Derek Paglia 
Aleksandra Picariello 
Daniel Ross 
Christopher Ruest 

Sara Ryerson 
Amanda Scurrah 
Samantha Sylvester 
Joseph Talbot 
Katlyn Wells 
Kristopher Wilmot 





Class of 2010 

Mary Accomando Tyler Albano Corey Alexander Tiana Alfonso Ronny Alford 

Kaitlyn Arzu Joshua Atherton Katie Avigian Marina Babcock Brenna Bailey 

Kimberly Ballou Jessica Barkowski Samantha Basiie Sarah Batchelder Adam Beeman 


Murk Pappus 

Nicole Parker Cassandra Pavlowich Jonuthun Peck 

Leuh Pederson 

Shon Peguero 

Jeffery Perkins 

Jake Petronzio 

John Petrosino 

Erika Pisa 

Robert Polanzi 

Taylor Popeck 

Taylor Rupulyeu 

Lea Raphael 

Amanda Reddy Cameron Regan Angelina Remondi Matthew Rennie 

David Reutter Kerry Richardson 

Bryan Rivera 

Jocelyn Robichaud Nicholas Robinson 

Raymond Rogalsky 


Travis Thomann Christopher Thomasson Kandice Thorpe Katherine Tibbets Mariah Tower Ethan Trowt 

Sara Turcotte Nicole Urbanski Rodrigo Valdez Fred Walker Elizabeth Walsh Erika Walsh 

Nicole Watson Nathaniel Webber Abigail Wells Erik West Daniel Wilczek Sarah Willey 

Stephen Williams Olivia Wilson Peter Winskowicz Samantha Wright Felix Zarnot Elizabeth Zarkades 

Camera Sb<J) "FrGsbMGO 

Derek Boyd, Katina Brings, Megan Bromley, Ryan Byors, Wesley Chandler, Emilia Costa, Gustavo Cunha, Brendan 
DeCourcy, Nicholas DeForrest, Tyler Dunham, Jocelyn Forgette, Laura Frazier, Joseph Gallant, Allie Hitaj, Baze Kasongo 
Danielle Kenney, Sean Knorr, Carlton Lamons, Adrienne Liberge, Ana Maldonado, Edith Nieves, Luis Nieves, Alexia 
Nolan, Kevin Patrick, Robert Pelonzi, Jennifer Petrie, Michael Petrosino, Jake Oeverada, Derek Porter, Chasity Sanchez, 

Jason Santo, John Swallow, Marquel Wilson 


One Of A Kind Pressmen 

ClDtllte Chapman 

Even before entering Beverly 
High School, Aaron was 
welcomed into the BHS musical 
community. As an Sth grader, 
he played Chip in "Beauty and 
the Beast" and this year he was 

the butler in The "Man who 
Came to Dinner", and Mereb in 
'Aida". With his fantastic voice, 
Aaron Swiniueh is one to look 
out for in BHS musicals to 

Year round Millie can be caught on the slopes anywhere 
from Chile to New Hampshire. Millie is an extremely 
talented snowboarder and has competed in national 
competitions, and in the US Open Freestyle & Racing 
competition. In her spare time Millie is a distance runner for 
Beverly Highs Girls Track and Cross Country Teams. 

|PJ Cacc»tore 

CJ started playing 
goalie when he was 
just eleven years old. 
Now as a freshman, he 

is the starting 
netminder for the BHS 
varsity hockey team. 
This year CJ was vital 

to the Panthers' 
success in establishing 
themselves as one of 
the elite teams in the 

NEC. CJ has only 
allowed 1.23 goals per 


•**•*•*•*# Fall 


86-87 Football 





Boys Soccer 
Girls Soccer 
Girls Tennis 
Freshman /JV Teams 
Pinwheels and Dances 

12-113 Fall Play 



Beverly was led by its seniors in 
the 2006 football season. The 
senior backfield of Tanzella, 
Nardella. and Bailey tore apart 
opposing defenses throughout 
the season. Sr. Captain Matt 
McAniff was a standout from 
his wide receeiver position en 
route to a fantastic record. 

f f 

f f 

Lightning in a Bottle/ 1 
Whirling Dervish" 

Beverly senior running back, defensive 
back and tri-captain Patrick Bailey was 
one of the top players in the state in 
2006. A three year starter, Bailey ran for 
over three thousand yards and scored 
over thirty varsity touchdowns. Elected 
the Northeastern Conference MVP in 
both his junior and senior years, Bailey 
also reset three records on the Beverly 
Gridiron. Bailey has also been a popular 
recruit in the Northeastern Region, 
receiving attention from prestigious 
universities such as Harvard, Tufts, and 
Worcester Polytechnical Institute. 

Leading the Pack 

Beverly's offense made it easy for a number of Panthers to reach the endzone in the 
2006 season. Captain Pat Bailey, Pat Abate, Nick Tanzella, captain J Michael 
Nardella, David Mock, and Greg Pierce all had multiple scores. On the defensive 
end, the Panthers were anchored by there linebacking core of Nathan Verry, Nardella, 
Mock, Rashad Sims and Chris Bushey, as well as talented secondaries Bailey and 


The Black & Orange 

Best Since 




Lynn E. 




















Lynn C. 









Beverly's offensive line was dominant throughout the season. Except 
in their one loss to Winthrop, Beverly was successful in creating over 
200 yards rushing per game. Though undersized, offensive linemen 
Nick Traicoff, Liam Blodgett, Brian Kureta, Levi Anderson, Nathan 
Verry, Nick Doig, and Pat Abate all played pivotal roles in the 
Panthers' success. 

Beverly's defense continuously improved throughout the year. With the game on the line late in the 
fourth quarter against a powerful Gloucester team, Beverly held their ground and stopped the 
Fisherman on three straight plays from inside the one-yard line, taking the game 20-18. 

"The Panthers Win! The 
Panthers l/l//'n/"-vop Chris 

McDonough while broadcasting 
the Panthers' amazing game at 

"That was a 
Sick Convoy! 1 
-Sean Deady 
Jr. WR 


Marching Band 

In 2006, the Beverly High School Marching Panther 
Band took a break from competition and focused on 
delivering a terrific halftime show. Band Director Mr. 
Ray Novak had a another great season, enjoying lines 
from the 70's, cleverly naming the halftime 


Hannah Tannebring 
'08, Chris Bodek '08, 
and Ellen Cooper '07 

That 70' s Show! 

The Marching Panther Band! 

There is certainly more to the Panther Marching Band 
than meets the eye. Nightly practices in the BHS 
parking lot prepare the musicians for the harsh 
conditions New England football games often carry 
with them. Also, it is to be noted that the Beverly High 

School Marching Panther Band is one of the best 
marching bands in the Northeastern Conference, if not 
the state. 

Football Cheering 

In 2006, the Beverly Football Cheerleaders were 
extremely busy. Hosting a cheering exibition, 
competing for the NEC title, and loyally cheering on 
their beloved football team, the girls were still 
successful in qualifying for the regional tournament. 
Highlighting their success were finishes above rivals 
Salem and Danvers. The girls' skill, character, and 
spirit led to a fantastic season both on and off the mat. 

Above: Sarah Rodolico, Brigette Pugliesse and Cara Birner perform stunts at a game vs. Swampscott. 


Shout The 

The 2006 captains of the 
Football Cheerleading team 
were Stephanie Quartarone, 
Tayla Shairs, Sarah 
Rodolico, and Bridgette 
Pugliesse. All of the girls 
have had a great four years 
on the team and hope to 
continue cheering at college. 


Below L-R: Class of '07: 
Stephanie Quartarone, Tayla 
Shairs, Sarah Rodolico, 
Bridgette Pugliesse, Milana 

Back Row L-R: Hayley Oman, Kate Gillen, Lindsey McLaughlin, Jayne Doucette, Cara Birner, Cayla Micheli. 
Middle: Casey Coletti, Hayley Nichols, Bre Desrocher, Becca Pizzello, Anna Mourer, Jayne Spirdigiliozzi, 
Katie Davekos, Bitty Walsh, Kaitlyn Arzu, Beccah Stains, Amanda Johnson, Ana Bloise, Milana Sokolovskya. 
Front: Steph Quartorone, Tayla Shairs, Sarah Rodolico, Bridgette Pugliesse. 91 

Powderpuff 2006 

The annual Beverly Salem Powderpuff classic 
proved to be one for the ages. Having won the last 
eight contests, Beverly came into a hostile Salem 
environment. After an emotional and thrilling 
performance, the hosts prevailed in sending the 
Panthers home with a loss. 

Beverly senior captains Nicole Nardella, Jhenna 
Louis, Erin Cheney and Catie Cullen led the Panthers 
on and off the field. Nardella and Louis led a potent 
offense, while Cullen and Cheney anchored a stingy 
defense.The Panthers only score came on a 30-yard 
touchdown pass from Nardella to wide receiver Jackie 

Despite the loss, Beverly had its greatest turn out in 
the history of the game. 3,000 Beverly faithful showed 
up to support their senior girls. 

Beverly was led by their anchoring defense in 2006. Holding Salem scoreless and giving 
up only one first down in the first half, Middle linebackers Erin Cheney and Catie Cullen set 
the agressive tone early for the ladies of BHS. In a defensive battle, Salem edged out Beverly 

It took three buses to carry Beverly High's Powderpuff players 
and cheerleaders to Bertram Field in Salem on Novemeber 17. 



Undefeated two years running 20-0 

Back:Jen Lanza, Kelly O'Connor, Millie Chapman, Hattie O'Connor, Katie Moriarty, 
Christina Norris, Brenna Bailey, Coach Dave Jellerson Middle: Amanda Close, Rebekka 
Blomqvist, Amy Couture, Katie Tibbets, Hannah Forman, Katie VonZweck Front: Katie 
Crowley, Katie Page, Michelle Lubas, Meagan Lyons, Jessica Settles, Kasey Kluge, Heather 

Kelly O'Connor 09 

finished first in the 
Coach's Invitational and 
placed 17th in the state 
meet, capping off another.; 
terrific season in the 
Panther uniform. 

Senior Captain Jess Settles and Head Coach 
Dave Jellerson. Settles was a four-year standout 
for Beverly and a terrific captain in her final 
year at Beverly High. Jellerson is a renown 
track coach on the North Shore and 
longstanding Beverly track participant. 

Kasey Kluge '08 was the Panthers most dominant runner yet 
again in 2006. Kluge managed first place finishes in nearly all 
her regular season meets and finished 13th in the State Meet. 


t i 


This year the Lady 
Panthers ran harder, 
longer and faster than 
ever before. On their way 
to yet another 10-0 
season, they shattered 
course records at almost 
every meet. 

The 2006 Girls Cross Country Team dress as Teenage 
Mutant Ninja Turtles to get pysched for their meet. They 
ran amazing times throughout the season, showing great 
sportsmanship and team spirit. The girls received strong 
support and cooperation from the Boys Cross Country 
Team as both groups put together terrific seasons. 

Us Them 










Dan vers 






Lynn Classical 













Meagan Lyons '07 



Bovs Cross Countr 

And They're Off ... 

The Beverly Boys Cross Country team had yet another tremendous season, finishing 
the year with an impressive 7-3 record. In a conference stacked with talented young 
runners, Beverly emerged as a powerhouse with consistent performances in every 
race. Leading the way was senior Jason Kruczynski, a four year standout for the 
Panthers. Other key runners included juniors Zak Levine, Brad Olsen, Brian Skerry, 
Brendan Norris, and senior Steve Capidilupo. 

Head Boys and 
Girls Track Coach 
Dave Jellerson 
had a terrific 
season in 2006. 
Combined, his 
cross country 
teams finished 
with an 

astonishing 17-3 

Senior Captain Jason 
Kruczynski and Head Coach 
Dave Jellerson 

Brad Olsen (Right) anchored a strong junior class for the 
Boys Cross Country team in 2006. Olsen is expected to 
have another successful season next year serving as a 
96 senior. 

Ben Chapman, 
Brendan Norris, and 

Brad Olsen all 
emerged as strong 
runners in the 2006 

season. Jason 
Kruczynski, Beverly's 
senior captain (shown 
left), has been a vital 

instrument to the 
team's success since 
his freshman year. 

Back: Mike Carnevale, Erich O'Ncil, Tom Lang, Kipp Standley, Connor Walsh, Ben 
Chapman, Michael Ricci, John O'Grady, Coach Dave Jellerson. Middle: Windy Henry, 
Brendan Norris, Brian Skerry, Zak Levine, Paul Couture, Tyler Campbell. Front : Joey 
Reinhold, Dave Karr, Jason Kruc/.ynski, Dylan Kintish, Sieve Capidulupo, Brad Olsen. 

Michael Ricci '09 

Steven Capidulupo '07 


Erich O'Neil'10 

Us Them 













What A Year ! ! ! 

Beverly Field Hockey goes 11-4-3 
Their best record of the new millenium! 

No Guts 
No Glory 
No Field Hockey 


Beverly will graduate 
thirteen of their seventeen 
players in the spring of '07. 
Juniors Rachel Konaxis, 
Kate Williams, and Beth 
Cullen and sophmore Ryan 
Karp are left to pick up the 

A Season to 

For the second consecutive year, the 
Beverly High School Field Hockey Team 
qualified for the Division I North 
Tournament. Posting an impressive 11-3- 
3 seasonal record, the field hockey team 
went into the tournament as the thirteenth 
seed. After drawing powerhouse Lincoln- 
Sudbury in the opening round, the 
Panthers came up short and ended their 
season at 1 1-4-3. 

The Panthers were led by: Emily 
Traicoff, Kayla Lefavour, Sunnie King, 
Noele Kleemola, Alex Scialdone, Alicia 
Holman, Liz Cronin, Jeff Baker, Beth 
Cullen, Rachel Konaxis, and Kate 

Front: Alicia Holman, Alex Scialdone, Sunnie King, Kayla Lefavour, Emily Trai 
Noele Kleemola, Amanda Richards, Allison Chaisson, Jess Richardson. 
Back: Jen McKenna, Beth Cullen, Kate Williams, Carly Schultz, Ryan Karp, Rac 
Konaxis, Caroline Trainor, Liz Cronin, Jeff Baker, Coach Julie Flachs. 


1 1 -4-3 

Us Them 


"This was another great 
building block year. Our 
11-4-3 record set a new 
standard for Beverly Field 
Hockey as well as making 
the State Tournament." 
-Coach Julie Flachs 


Second in N.E 

The Beverly Panther Golf Team had an awesome 2006 
season, going 9- land finishing 2nd in the NEC. The 
Panthers also qualified for the state tournament and 
finished 14th in the Divison 2 North Sectional. 
Although the Panthers will lose seven seniors to 
graduation, the team looks forward to the 2007 season. 

Above Seniors Brian Ware, Derek VonZweck, Nick Jacobs, 
Kevin Hayes and Cody Poor 
Right: Kevin Hayes lines up a putt while preparing for a match. 

Back: Coach Ferman, 
Brian Ware, Derek 
VonZweck, Nick Jacobs, 
Kevin Hayes, Cody Poor, 
Coach Smith Bottom: 
Jordan Luangrath, Jack 
Leathersich, Ryan 
Hannable, Derek Paglia 
and Ryan Lally 
Missing: Tyler LaPointe 
and Corey Williams 


2006 Results (9-1) 


Beverly finished 14th out of 19 teams at 
the Division 2 North State Sectionals. 

y 30 



y 51 






y 49 



y 43 



y 52 



y 40 



y 50 



y 37 

Marble head 


y 39 






Team MVP Kevin Hayes 
was one of two Panthers 
who were recognized as a 
Boston Globe 2006 All- 
Scholastic golfer. 

Derek Von Zweck capped 
off a successful career at 
BHS with a great senior 
year. He represented 
Beverly at the state 
tournament, recording the 
Panthers' lowest score. 

Nick Jacobs had an 
outstanding senior season, 
going undefeated for the 
year and always competing 
for low round of the day. 

Tyler LaPointe finished his 
three years on the team in 
style, having a solid senior 
season for the Panthers. 

Brian Ware constantly came through in the 
clutch for the Panthers. In the Marblehead 
match, he two putted from 60 ft away to 
perserve Beverly's one point victory. 





Record: 9-10-1 






















Lynn Classical 




Lynn English 




St. John's Prep 



Bishop Fenwick 



St. Mary's Lynn 












9 9 

13 T 9 * 6^ - 10 8 14 822 f\ „ 8 2 


2 « 7 

Front Row (L-R): Edwin Mbugua, Jonathan Crean. Keith Miller, Gentian Bako. Freddy Gonzalez, 
Matt Dube, Erick Melanson, Alex Boches, Wesley Harrison, Stefano Basso, Mike Cassolaj 
Back Row (L-R): Brett Battestelli, Mike Boches, Taylor Martin, Eric Collins, Yuri Lazarek, Ben 
Kemmer, Mike Collins, Gustavo Cordova. Dylan Zirk , Coach Leahy. Not Pictured: Doug Tibbetsi 

Above, Junior Taylor Marton controls 
the middle of the field. 

Middle, Senior captain Erick 
Melanson sends the ball up field. 

Right, Senior captain Matt Dube .gets 
a head on the ball and pushes past 

Far Right, Junior Eric Collins gives a 
strong throw-in. 

Junior goalie Bretl 
Battestelli was 
successful all 
season blocking 
shots; he split time 
with Senior Mike 

Gustavo Cordova 
'08, proved to be a 
valuable transfer 
getting alot of 
playing time. 

Junior forward 
Mike Boches 
showed off his 
speed and agility 
on the field. 

Senior Stefano 
Basso came up 
big in key 
moments during 
many games 
throughout the 

Gentian Bako '07 
was a key 
component to the 
Panther's defense. 

Junior Taylor 
Martin has been 
contributing to 
the team 
throughout his 
career as a 

Senior Edwin 
Mbugua, transfer 
from Kenya, 
racked up the 
goals and assists 
this fall season. 

I l<: Senior captains Freddy Gonzalez, Alex B 
Melanson with Head Coach Kevin Leahy. 

iches, Malt Dune, and Brick 

This year, the boys soccer team had yet another successful 
season, making it to the state tournament. Having lost key 
players such as all-star goalie Greg Halle, and All-American 
Chris Ethier, many believed this would be a rebuilding year for 
the Panthers. However, they won many big games, and fought 
hard to the end of every match, which ultimately led them to a 
tourney berth. Senior captains Matt Dube, Alex Boches, Erick 
Melanson and Freddy Gonzalez led the team with dedication 
and hard work. Wesley Harrison, Edwin Mbugua, Mike Boches, 
and Taylor Martin were also key contributors to the Panthers 
successful season.Their season ended in the tournament in heart 
breaking fashion, losing in a shoot out to an excellent 

Maiden team. 



Back: Haley Lorge, Katie Ethier, Erin Bushey, Mary Accomando, Tricia Banks, Meghan 
Chattelier, Janie Cooper, Kellie Shea, Jess Shaw, Daryl Powell, Bridgette Leahy, Katie 
Carlotto, Coach Kristen Macdonald. Front: Marianna Dimaggio, Jayna Shea, Erin Cheney, 
Alyssa Accomando, Lauren Bolger, Katie Hurley, Jackie Willwerth, Nicki Lemelin, 

Kara Murphy. 

most teams 
would have 
thrown in 
the towel, 
my girls 
came back 
and fought 

-Coach Kristen 


Head Soccer Coach Kristen Macdonald and 
Co-captains Alyssa Accomando and Lauren Bolger 

Meghan Chattelier '09 carries the ball downfield in an 
attempt to find the back of the net. Beverly benefited from 
the youth of Chattelier and others who will look to carry 
the Panthers for years to come. 

The Girls Soccer Team had a shaky start this season, losing 
6 out of the first 8 games, but they fought hard to turn their 
luck around and finished 3rd in the conference. 

The Lady Panthers will graduate only four seniors and have 
high hopes of recapturing the Northeastern Title. 

The Panthers will miss the presence of seniors Erin Cheney 
and Katie Hurley on defense, Lauren Bolger in the midfield and 
Jackie Willwerth up top, but the under classmen, including three 
freshmen, have proved themselves to be valuable players. 
Freshman Haley Lorge excelled in the net while Mary 
Accomando and Bridgette Leahy were both scoring threats for 
the Panthers. The team will also be helped by a strong group of 
JV players moving up next fall. 


Co-captain Alyssa Accomando '08 and her sister Mary 
Accomando '10 were a strong force on the BHS Girls 
Soccer Team this year. Coach expects the siblings to be 
even more effective next year. 

Us Them 







L. Classical 



L. Classical 


L. English 

C. Catholic 



Daryl Powell '09 

Daryl was a strong 
presence on and off the 
field in 2006. Powell ami 
Captains Alyssa 
Accomando and Lauren 
Bolger all were selected to 
the annual All-Star Team. 


Girls Tennis 

The Girls in 
Action on the 


A Smashing Year 

Captains Jamie Sebastian '07, 
Meghan Corcoran '08 and Amanda 
Krugman '08 led the Girls Tennis Team 
to an exciting 9-5 record this season. 

The team placed fourth out of ten in 
the North East Conference. Although 
they were unable to defeat their rivals 
Marblehead, the team still finished with 
a winning record. First singles, Sabrina 
Salmela '09, went undefeated for the 
second year in a row. 

The team of 41 girls was coached by 
Karen Corcoran. Nine team members 
will graduate in 2007 and will be greatly 
missed next year. 

Thank you to Beverly Golf and 
Tennis who offered their courts for the 
girls' practices and home matches. 





















The 2006 Girl's Tennis Team 


Back : Kristine Kapoll, Allison Murray. Sara Hopps, Megan Bolger, Carolyn Couture. Liz Zarkades, I 
Johnson, Erica Miranda. Capt. Meghan Corcoran, Sabrina Salmela, Capt. Jamie Sebastian, Capt. Amai 
Krugman, Gina Pinciaro, Caitlin Amatucci, Kristen Andrada, Emily Bissell, Coach Karen Corcoran. 
Middle : Molly McGovern, Robyn Spirdigliozzi, Katie Modugno, Molly Mears, Kelsey Davison, Meg 
Murphy, Vanessa Hill, Kelly O'Hara, Sarah August, Kaja Hopps, Emily Kerrigan. Front : Bri Mari, B 
Simmons, Alison Tobin, Alana Gauthier, Kiersten Lawler, Anjel Awad, Meghan Kartstein, Gabby Ke< 
Alexa Rodolico. 

The Seven Player Varsity Team 

. First Singles - Sabrina Salmela '09 
Second Singles - Captain Jamie Sebastian '07 
Third Singles - Captain Meghan Corcoran '08 

First Doubles - Captain Amanda Krugman '08 and Gina Pinciaro'09 
Second Doubles - Erica Miranda '08 and Kate Johnson'09 


NEC All Stars 

Sabrina Salmela 
Jamie Sebastian 
Meghan Corcoran 
Amanda Krugma: 
Gina Pinciaro 


Sabrina Salmela 

Team MVP 

Sabrina Salmela 

Coaches Award! 

Jamie Sebastian 

Meghan Corcoran 

Kate Johnson 

Most Improved 

Kate Johnson Jamie Sebastian 

Junior Captains Meghan 
Corcoran and Amanda 
Krugman with Coach Karen 
Corcoran and Senior Captain 
Jamie Sebastian 

Fall JV Teams 

JV Boys Soccer JV Girls Soccer 

60 TEA 


Andrew Bourque, Gustavo 
Cunha, Rudolfo Cunha, Pete 
Davekos, David Huxley- 
Cohen, Jackson Ivey, Juan 
Moran, Tom Mahoney, 
Andrew Minigan, Nathaniel 
Morris, Jordan Smith, Jake 
Petronzio, Ethan Trowt, and 
Rodrigo Valdez 

Heidi Bezemes-Turner, Sam 
Borders, Amanda Boucher, 
Jocelyn Cassola, Courtney 
Chalifour, Alicia Couture, 
Kayla Deady, Mary Faria, 
Nicole Fortunato, Grace 
Kelley, Victoria Knowlton- 
Binns, Janelle Louis, 
Brittany Middleton, Leeanm 
Moreau, Kim Ottinger, 
Leeann Smith, Amy Verne}' 
Olivia Wilson 

JV Field Hockey 

Makala Crowley, Megan Flynn, Katina Brings, 
Christy Nichols, Corey Konaxis, Courtney Robinson, 
Allison Bougas, Megan Finn, Molly Kelleher, Haley 
Sciola, Hayley Gavoni, Allyssa DiPaoulo, Emmy 
Nelson, Bree Paul, Kelly Driscoll 

Freshman Boys Soccer 

Dan Dailey, Brett Davekos, Thomas Curran, Chris 
Giacalone, John Greco, Samuel Baldwin, Thomas 
Benton, Connor Hilfinger, Glenn Bertucci, John 
Ingemi, Matt Latter, Jeffrey Perkins 


Freshman Teams 

Freshman Girls Soccer 

fennifer Gallione, Andrea Gougian, Abigail Kelly, Amanda 
•Cugel, Elaina Lazarides, Kathryn Lindsay, Katherine 
Vlahoney, Jenna McPherson, Taylor Rapalyea, Samantha 

Freshman Field Hockey 

Allie Donnelly, Colleen Coz, Ally Cecchini,Makayla 
Malloy, Tiffany Grasso, Kerry Richardson, Mary 
Beth Brennan, Courtney Brennan, Kiki McKenna, 
Lea Raphael, Annie Sinclaire, Mary Freni, Mallory 
Hall, Kelsey Flynn, Sandra Murphy, Kim Ballou, 
Jen Geary, Marina Babcock, Abby Flemming, 
Erica Pisa 

Freshman Football 

Back: Coach Thomas, D. Hegarty, J. Marrs, D. Martin, A. Savino, S. Morris, C. Alexander, C. Manuel, D. 
Marshall, R. Gilligan, S, Williams, N. Kozlowski, M. Clayton, A. Konata, S. Dubois, R. Flannery, J. Cote, R. 
Kagacha, B. Lope/., N. Skinecky, C. Mooney, T, Roc, P. Benevides, M. Pappas, Coach Wilbur, Coach 
Anderson. Front: D. Terry, D. Calabro, D, Cook, A. Joseph, R. Byors, M. Hannable, B. Larson, Dan Brown, 
L. Benjamin, T. Thoumann, K. Brady, J. Dooling, S. Norton, J. Hutchinson 



SETTLE!* 1626 

Wwstiin&Utri& Actual ffizsae 

1775 - 1776 «. 

Mayor William F. Scanlon Jr 


The Black Carpet 
Halloween Dance 2006 

The Man Who 

Came to Dinner 

The 2006 Fall Play was a great sucess! 

This year's fall play, The Man Who Came to Dinner, was an amazing 
success. Director Ms. Betty Taylor decided to produce this show. It 
was a difficult show for the director and actors because many students 
auditioned for the show, and it would involve more parts. 

Audiences loved the performances all three nights. Mike Dettorre '08 
played the lead, Sheridan Whiteside, a famous radio personality who is 
confined to the Stanley household for recuperation. Darcy Milburn '07 
was outstanding as his secretary Maggie. Dan Kilham '07 played 
reporter Burt Jefferson, and Anna Roy '09 portrayed the drama queen, 
Lorraine Sheldon. 

The rest of the cast included: Matt Boccuzzi, Steve Moffett, Rob 
Macy, Emily Walk, Sam Eckmann, Vanessa Kelley, Stephanie Harris, 
Zac Currier, Ali Kluge, Alex Crawford, Dan Amore, Blythe Froggat, 
Abby Wells, Rachel Brown, Aaron Swiniuch, and Jennifer Goss. 
Michelle Shaw was student director. 

Stage Crew 

Sarah Wiley, Kat Woodbury 
(Stage Manager), Robbie Dyer, 
Mallory Rapalyea (Stage 
Manager), Kendra Swanson 
(Costume Manager), Julia 
Seeker- Walker, Bethany Goss, 
Mia Greenburg, Tom Benton, 
Alyse Mounsey, Will Sutherton, 
Brendan Byrne, Leanne Moreau, 
Kelsey Purdy, Haley Houseman, 
and Jessica Taylor. 


The Man Who Came to Dinner 
featured an unusually large cast of 
characters for a non-musical 
production. Audiences were 
entertained by the vibrant cast of 
characters that traveled onto the 
stage, each one bringing a fresh 
new energy. 

Matt Boccuzzi wowed audiences 
with his self-centered British actor, 
Beverly Carlton. Steve Moffett 
portrayed the hilarious Banjo with 
terrific physicality. Sam Eckmann 
played the overeager Dr. Bradley 
with great enthusiasm. Vanessa 
Kelley stood out as the overworked 
nurse. Miss Preen. 




Congratulations, Class of '07! 



Custom Embroidery & Silk Screening 
Team Uniforms & Jackets 
Baseball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer and More 

Todd & Lorna Lampert 

393 Cabot Street 

Beverly, MA 01 91 5 



fax 978-927-4538 

I 14 

Good Luck, Seniors! 

Unhappy with the people presently 
working on your car? Stop By or Call 


Auto Repair Service, Inc. 

D.B.A Beverly Farms Auto Service 



Service. Inc. 


Open Monday - Friday yam-spm 


29 Rear West St. • Beverly Farms, MA 01915 

Owned & Operated by Todd Michaud 


I 15 

******* ***Wintti 










Basketball Cheering 
Girls Indoor Track 
Boys Indoor Track 
Girls Hockey 
Freshman /JV Teams 

Nicole Spiridiggliozzi 

Kelsey Davison ('10), Christina 
Dube('09), Emily Kerigan ('09) 

Tb© 200(b - 2007 "Bt|5 S<odiiu(TGaM 

Tyler Bissel ('08), Mary Concannon 
('08), Alison Anderson ('08) 





Senior Captains Molly Curran, Christian Hurst, and Nicole 


Hannah Loubris ('10), 
Christian Hurst ('07), Katy 
118 Loubris ('07) 






Lynn Classical 



Lynn English 















Kodie Mezzles ('07) 

W Another $j»92to£ S^sodI # ir 

Above are Beverly's three divers. Abby Siemasko ('07), Megan 
Bolger ('10), Olivia Wilson ('10). 

2006 - 2007 Season Wrap-up 

The Beverly High Swimming and Diving team had 
yet another successful season in 2007. Posting an 
amazing record of 6-1 , with their only loss coming to 
powerhouse Marblehead, the Panthers had a 
remarkable year. Veteran leadership anchored the 
team; however, strong underclassmen will ensure 
Beverly's success in the coming years. 

Beverly also welcomed two additional divers to the 
2007 team. Joining sernior Abby Siemasko were 
freshman Megan Bolger and Olivia Wilson. 

The swim team, led by senior captains Molly 
Curran, Christian Hurst, and Nicole Acciavatti 
combined for yet another terrific season with the 
Panthers. Other instrumental swimmers included 
seniors Vanessa Athanas and Katy Loubris. The swim 
team will miss all of the graduating seniors, but remain 
optimistic about future success in the pool. 

lust a few of the stand 

Vanessa Athanas '07 

Nicole Acciavati '07 

Christian Hurst '07 

Molly Curran '07 

I I9 



"If you're gonna eat mat, you eat mat hard. 

-Stick It- 

The Girls Gymnastics Team finished their final season in the 
Upper Gym with a record of 2-7. Despite many injuries, the 

team was able to finish 13th in the North Section, just 
missing the sectional tournament. Junior Steph Negrotti led 
the Panthers, placing third in the all around and second on 
the beam at the individual state championships. 

LEGOS: Always remeber to stick togethfi 

Pasta Parties! 

Senior Captains 
Julianne Perron and Kim Reinold 

Nicks Roast Beef <3 

gym n&st \cs ] 
*Tt'5 better to be absoWTety 

-flnan absotuteV/ r 




N. Andover 




















Back: Gina Liana, Laura Crowell, Nicole Urbanski, Lindsey McLaughlin, Shannon 
Rogers, Erica Johnston, Kelsey Flynn. Middle(L-R): Hayley Oman,Jackie Serino, Katina 
^appas, Cara Birner, Zuely Gonzalez, Thyra Rollins, Jamie Heckman,Amand Gallagher, 
Jenna Panunzio, Liana Eramo, Steph Negrotti, Giola Veliaj, Coach Vivien Mattei . 
Front: Kim Reinold, Julie Sciamanna, Leanne Smith, Julianne Perron, Dani Phelan. 

Boys Hockey 

Another Tournament Year! 

After a rough and tough opening to the 
2006-2007 season, the Panther's ice 
hockey team exceeded expectations en 
route to an 11-4-5 season. 

Beverly was led offensively by seniors 
Jake Konaxis and Alex Boches, as well 
as juniors Jack Leatherstich and Chris 

The Panthers' strong defense was 
anchored by junior captain Alex Baker 
and Andrew Eriksen. Team defense 
highlighted the successful run for the 
Panthers, allowing few shots on goal for 
freshman keeper C.J Cacciatore. 
Beverly ended the regular season on a 
10 game unbeaten streak. 

In the Division 2 North State 
tournament, the Panthers earned the 8 
seed and played Newburyport. 
Newburyport's physical play was too 
much for the Panthers, and the Clippers 
prevailed 3-1 . The Panthers aim to get 
back to the state tournament next year. 

Back: Coach Lampert, Coach O'Neil, Mike Cassola, Chris Freni, Nick Kozlowski, Ryan 
Gilligan, Chris Bushey, Andrew Eriksen, Jake Konaxis, Alex Baker, Alex Boches, Nick 
Jacobs, Jack Leathersich, Conor Walsh, Jack Liacos, Eben Crawford, Coach Gilligan, 
CJ Caccitore and Coach Shairs. Front: Phil Carter, Derek Vonzweck, Bryan Spencer, Ty 
Albano, Ryan Lally, Derek Kavasch (Team Mgr), Kyle Irving, Mike Boches, Tom Berube. 


10 Game Unbeaten Streak 

2006-2007 Scores 




























































1 i 

Top Picture: Derek Von zweck 
skates up the ice during a game. 
Middle Picture: Andrew Erikson 
waits to recieve a pass. Bottom 
Picture: Seniors (Standing) 
Andrew Erikson, Jake Konaxis, 
Alex Boches, Nick Jacobs. 
(Kneeling) Mike Cassola and 
Derek Vonzweck. (Laying) Team 
Manager Derek Kavasch 

1 23 

Hockey Cheering 

Third Place in the Northeastern Conference! 

Front- Captains Sarah 
Powers and Jess 
Richardson. Middle Row 
(L-R)- Kate Johnson, 
Jayne Doucette, Liz 
Gillen, Alana Manzi, 
Migena Mustafa, Hayley 
Chizinski, Amelia Bodek 
and Alyssa Cuttler. Back- 
Haley Govoni, Jess 
Forcier, Kayla Lafavour, 
Madolena Robo, Mary 
Freni, Nicole Parker and 
Ariana Lurvey. Missing- 
Erin McQuaid and Rachel 


Hockey Captains: Jake Konaxis, Alex 
Boches and Alex Baker with Cheering 
Captains: Sarah Powers and Jess 




Final Record 


Best in 8 years 

Top to bottom: Catie Cullen 
drives on a defender; 
Brittany Batchelder pulls up 
for the jump shot; Alex 
Vavladellis looks for an 
open teammate; and Shaina 
Manuel takes it to the hole. 


The Lady Panthers rolled to an impressive 16-6 record in i 
the 2006-2007 season. In losing two emotional and close 
games to undefeated Winthrop, the girls proved they can 
compete at any level of play. 
Leading the team on and off the court were senior 
captains Brittany Batchelder and Nicki Nardella. Shaina 
Manuel stepped up as one of the top scorers in the area, andc 
Catie Cullen's defensive tenacity was something every team 

would love to have. 
Juniors Breezy Dwyer and Alex Vavladellis consistently, 
contributed to the teams' success by defensively shutting 
down opposing offensive threats. Kellie Shea '09 proved 
herself as a versatile player who shows a lot of promise fori 

the years to come. 
At the end of the season, seniors Brittany Batchelder, 
Shaina Manuel and Nicki Nardella nabbed NEC All-Star 
honors and Coach Smith was deservingly named Coach Ofl 

the Year. 

Every girl on the team played a huge role on the road to 
success for the Lady Panthers during the 2006-2007 seasonn 

aptain Brittany Batchelder, Coach Matt Smith 
and Captain Nicki Nardella 

^"1,2, 3 Family"^ 

Us Them 




Lynn bnglish 






Winthrop ((_) 1 ) 





















Lynn Classical 






Lynn English 
























State Tourney 







ck: Coach Scott Shairs, Jess Shaw, Kellie Shea, Breezy Dwyer, Alex Vavladellis, Becca 
:zello, Sami O'Neal, Coach Matt Smith. Front: Shaina Manuel, Charlotte Kelley, Catie 
lien, Brittany Batchelder, Nicki Nardella, Liz Cronin, and Jackie Willwerth. 

Coach Matt 
Smith was 
named Coach of 
the Year for the 




Second in 

The Panthers proved to be a powerhouse in the NEC, yet again. With key wins 
against Lynn Classical and Winthrop, the boys proved to be a tough match. With two 
disappointing losses to Marblehead, the boys came up just short of a repeat for the 
NEC South Title. 

The boys entered the State Tournament with a 12-8 record. Masco and Chelsea 
proved to be no challenge for the Panthers in the first two rounds of the Division 2 
State Tournment. The Panthers lost in the semi-finals to Belmont, but had their 
strongest tournament run in over 46 years. 

Seth Stantial '07, Matt Tobin '08, and Nate Knudson '09 were all named NEC All- 



I fc 


fi 1 


Lynn English 






S 1 

Winthrop (OT) 












Lynn Classical 











/ Z 







AO ' 







IxC VCi C 












St John's Prep 













Seth Stantial served as the lone captain on the 2006-2007 Boys Basketball 
roster. A two year captain and four year varsity contributor, Stantial has led 
by example on and off the court for the Panthers. 

Seth is the final son in a long list of outstanding Stantial athletes. Brothers 
Dave, Jim, and Sam have all played Beverly High Basketball and had 
tremendous success. 

Team Leaders 

Coach Lewis, Coach Gambale, Michael Clayton, Matt McQuaid, Justin Reese, 
le Knudson, Coach Mahan 

onti Brian Skerry, Fric Melanson, Furcy Ferreras, Selh Stantial, Stephen Hawkins, 

urtis Manuel, 
d, Brendan 


Matt Tobin-15.6 
Furcy Ferreras- 12.1 
Seth Stantial- 10.2 
Matt Tobin-10.3 
Brian Skerry-4.9 
Furcy Ferreras-4.6 

Furcy Ferreras-6.6 
Nate Knudson-2.5 



Basketball Cheering 

1st Place NEC: 3rd Year in a Row 

Back Row Katie Marks, Allison Geary, Kate Gillen, Kanika To, Jenni Miller, Jess Knight, 

Cayla Miceli, Katelyn Arzu, Ana Bloise . 
Middle Row Casey Coletti, Makala Crowley, Katie Davekos, Amanda Johnson, Sabrina 
Marcheli,Jess Tanzella, Anna Mourer, Nicole Putur. 
Kneeling Steph Quartorone, Jhenna Louis, Sarah Rodolico, Amy Gelineau, Meghan 

O'Brien and Leah Boucher. 

The team performs a stunt at halftime 


Senior Captains: Amy Gelineau, Sarah 
Rodolico, Jhenna Louis, Meghan O'Brien 

Super Pans 

The Panthers 
are home to one 
of the most loyal 
fan sections in 
all of the North 
Shore. The 
Henry Cabot 

Fieldhouse is 
always filled to 
capacity when 
the Panthers 
host their home 


Girls Indoor Track 

MP 1 

Beverly High's Winter Girls Track Team came out on r 
top again this year with a record of 10-0. With runnersr 
like Kasey Kluge, undefeated in the 1 ,000-meters, the 

mile and the 2-mile, and Sunnie King, Beverly's 
undefeated shot putter. Other impressive times came 
from Nikki Lemelin, the fastest in the league in the 5( 
yard high hurdles. Sophomore Katie VonZweck had 
the second highest jump in the Conference . 
Mariannia DiMaggio placed second in the 300. 
Sprinter Helen Amore with the best time in the 50-yaro 
dash and Jenifer Pino two places behind her, helped 

the team as well. 

" Rapid development of the younger kids filled 
holes we had because of eight graduating seniors 

last year." 

-Coach Jellerson 


Girls Indoor Track 


Boys Winter Track 

Top to Bottom: Tom 
Mahoney competes in the 
high jump: the start of the 
50 meters race; the shot-put 
crew warms up; sprinter 
Greg Pierce 


Another Successful Season 

In 2007, the Beverly High 
School Boys Winter Track Team 
capped off another great year, 
finishing with an 8-2 record and 
third place in the conference. The 
Panthers were led by tri -captains 
Jason Kruczynski, Dylan Kintish, 
Doug Tibbets and coaches Nelson 
DiSilvestre and Jeff Hutton. 

Key runners for Beverly 
included: Jason Kruczynski in the 
2-mile, Brendan Norris in the 
mile, Brad Olson in the 1000 

Dylan Kintish in the 600 meters 
Sean Deady in the 300meters, aia 
Greg Pierce in the 50 meters. 
Juan Moran and Bobby 
McPherson also performed welll 
in the shot-put. 

At the Northeastern 
Conference Meet at Reggie Lew 
Center in Roxbury, Jason 
Kruczynski was Beverly's only 
first place finisher in the 2 mile. 

Captains & Coach 

The captains led the way during the meets and provided strong leadership for th« 
younger runners. Coach Nelson DiSilvestre was named Coach of the Year in the 
NEC. From left to right: Captain Jason Kruczynski, Coach Nelson DiSilvestre, 
Captain Dylan Kintish, Captain Doug Tibbets. 

The Panthers had an 
outstanding season in 2007, 
finishing 8-2. The future looks 
bright for the track team, as 
they have many returning key 

Dylan Kintish kicks it down the 
straightaway during the 600. 

lan Moran performed well in the 

irendan Norris starred for Beverly 
in the mile, 1000, 600, and the 
4x400 relay. 

Windy Henry scored points in both 
the mile and the 1000. 

Scan Deady was a star in the 300. 


Them Us 





Brad Olson rounds the turn during 
the 1000. 


Hittin' the Mats 


























Worcester Voke 






Shepherd Hill 









Tri County 



Lynnfield/N. Reading 



Keefe Tech 















In just their first year with 

a wrestling program, 
Beverly's John Depaula 
and Kevin Thomason 
both placed in the 
Division II North Sectional 
Tournament. Beverly also 

qualified for the Team 
Sectional Tournament but 
fell to powerhouse Triton. 

For the the first time in over twenty years, Beverly High School founded 
its very own varsity wrestling team. Headed by Coach Mark Thomas and 
assistant coaches Sean Gallagher and Garrett Parsons, the team had a 
wealth of knowledge to go with the enthusiasm and dedication of a 

talented young team. 
Senior captains Adam Jalbert, Kevin Thomason, and Sean Lloyd led the 
way in their first, and only, high school wrestling experience and offered 

a tremendous amount of dedication in their senior year. Other large 
contributors included Brian Kureta, John DePaula, Jake Petronzio, and 

Raz Davidyan. 

Senior captains Adam Jalbert, Kevin 
Thomason and Sean Lloyd 

Back: Assistant Coach Parsons, Brian Kureta, Kevin Thomason, Tom Cacciola, 
Tom Moorhead, Jason Vance, Steve Norton, Sean Lloyd, Kurt Stallsmith, Coach 
Mark Thomas, Coach Sean Gallagher. Middle: Collin Curtis, Adam Jalbert, Justin 
Sciola, David Huxley-Cohen, Sam Rinaldo, Raz Davidyan, Byron Lopez, John 
Grecco, Evan Johnson, Mitch McKinnon Front: Rodger Dion, Justin Leihman, 
Jake Petronzio, John Depaula, Dom Calabro.Mike Tarr, Glen Cramm 


Girls Ice Hockey 

The Girls Co-op Hockey Team finished the 
season with a record of 7-1 1 . After a slow 1-7 
start, they finished the season strong, winning 5 

of their last 8 games. 
Big wins for the team included a 6-1 win over 
Peabody, 7-2 against Medford, and their 8-1 

final victory over Cambridge. 
Rachel Konaxis '08 led the team with 19 goals 
and 14 assists . Senior defenseman Lauren 
Bolger finished the year with 3 goals and 4 
assists, while freshman defenseman Corey 
Konaxis finished the year with 3 goals and 7 

The team remains optimistic and has plans to 
qualify for the state tournament next year. 






















































Sitting: Corey Konaxis, Brie Mari, Maddy Wrable, Gabby Haley, Brianna Jackson, Melaney 
Gautreau, Briana Russo, Lauren Donati, Shantel Huuskonen 
Standing: Coach Jay Konaxis, Coach Mick Bolger, Caitlin Sweeney, Rebecca Powers, 
Maddie Seyfried, Kelsey Sturgis, Kelsie Mcdonald, Rachel Konaxis, Katelyn DeSimone, 
Kaileigh Higgins, Lauren Bolger, Taylor Orlando, Mary-Kate Doyle, Elyse Citroni, Head 

Coach Fiona Rice 


Winter Sports 

Freshman and Junior Varsity 


Back: Michael Haibon, 
Mike Zullo, Chris 
Mooney, David Cheney, 
Jake Reese, Pat 
Charlton, Ryan Nolan, 
Kipp Standley Front: 
Brett Connaughton, Matt 
Shaw, Dan Levesque, 
Rashad Sima, Peter 
Kalllas, Justin Marrs 


Back: CJ Cacciatore, 
Phil Carter, Eben 
Crawford, Ryan Gilligan, 
Nick Koslowski, Tyler 
Lange Front: Ryan 
Lally, Tyler Albano, Dan 
Crowley, Ryan Karp, 
Brendan Crowley, 
Andrew Fanning 


Back: Alissa Michaud, 
Patricia Field, Shelly Shea, 
Stephanie Lawler, Brittany 
Morgan, Caitlin Donahue 
Front: Sarah Turcotte, Erika 
Pisa, Elizabeth Walsh, 
Kandice Thorpe, Amanda 
Dacey, Heidi Figueroa 


Winter Sports 

Freshman and Junior Varsity 


Jordan Smith 

Mark Hannable 

Connor Hilfinger 

Ethan Trowt i 

Ryan Flannery 

Dan Cook 

Steven Dubois 

Derek Marshall 

Bryan Rivera 

Dan Hegarty 

Corey Alexander 

Felix Zamot 


t m in I J " 

Back: Megan Chatellier, 
Molly Kelleher, Amy 
Couture, Allison Murray, 
Alicia Couture, Annie 
Sinclair, Meredith 
Malionek, Ms. Howard 
Front: Danielle 
Desmond, Michelle 
Lubas, Courtney 
Chalifour, Bridget Leahy, 
Courtney Robinson. 


Back: Ms. Sudak, Kirsten 
Goyette, Amanda Kugel, 
Marina Babcock, Jenny 
Geary, Kiki McKenna, 
Molly McGovem, Carolyn 
Couture Front: Heidi 
Bezemes, Katie Moriarty, 
Makaylla Irving, Colleen 
Coz, Courtney Brennan, 
Jenn Gallione, Kayla 
Deady, Allie Donnelly, 
Elaina Lazarides 

* AIDA $M 

essa Kelle\ 

Another Success! 

This year BHS students lit up the 
stage yet again with their 
performance of the Broadway musial 

"Aida". Music by Elton John and 

lyrics by Tim Rice, this love tale 
surrounds the forbidden relationship 
between Radames (Rob Macy), the 
Egyptian prince and Aida (Vanessa 
Kelley), a captured Nubian princess. 
Other key performers included Izzy 
Pulido and Jami DeVito double cast 
as Amneris, Sam Eckmann (Zoser), 

Aaron Swiniuch (Mereb), Bethani 
Boccia (Nehebka), Nick Doig 

(Pharoah), and Paul Fickenwirth 
(Amonasro). Under the direction of 
Ms. Carolyn Pilanen, the emsemble 

brought down the house with the 
fabulous music of "Aida". 

4 L 


II JL^.- riwr. 



kiext~Bill Gates - Ku>lc $ -Julia 

Most Gullible - Alex & Trisha 

Wexi Shakespeare-Steve 8r Oarci 

Most UKelu) to Succeed 
kiicole ^ Cbris 

Most Panther Pride - Chris & Allison 

Social Butterfly - Jay-OOtte & Amy 

Most Likely to be on a Reality TV ^ ^ " Jeff & taUren 

Show -James & Rachel 

Best Musician - Chris & Caroline 

Mast Likely to be Famous 
Ben & Jhenna 

"Best "Dancer - Steue ^ "Ellen 


"Best Car - Hatt ^Tori 

Most Changed ~ Trevor ft Heather 

CWost Lively to be President 
Aansfr 8r Clfleagfoan 

Most Friendly - ClOatt & K»m 

Class Flirt - Mike & Becca 

The Class of 2007's 
second annual Black and 
White Affair was another 
successful night, 
with over 300 tickets 
being sold to all grades. 

It is safe to say that 
everyone had a great time! 



The Harlem Rockets fundraiser was one of great 
excitement and interest to the Beverly community, with 
the Class of 2007 selling over 1 ,000 tickets and packing 
the field house! 
A group of dedicated and determined Beverly Public 
School faculty members combined to create the Faculty 

Dream Team. 
In spite of a lopsided loss, the Dream Team held their 
heads high, knowing that their performance helped to 

generate funds for the Senior Class, as well as 
for the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism, not to 
mention the fun everyone had. Special thanks go to the 
parents of Tori Kelleher, Allison Chaisson, and Nicki 
Nardella for all of their hard work. 

faculty Dream 

Kurt Anderson 
Colleen McBride 
Jenne Flewelling 
Joel Belmonte 
Matt Poska 
Kevin Leahy 
Ray Novack 
Matt Smith 
Jody Johnson 
Stacie Dunleavy 
Christina Burrill 

Sue Tarr 
Sue Charochak 
Steve Sutherland 
Kellee Vienneau 
Kristen Heil 
Matt Smith 
Dan Beane 
Devin Carr 
Lorinda Visnic 
Coach: Anne 


u ; <5sr 



# / V 

Mrs.Waherty, Kim Reinold, Tori Kelleher, Allison Chaisson, 
Amancfa Richards, Erin Cheney, Nicki Nardella, and Meaghan \. 
.Lyons (pictured above with the Rockets) played major roles inn 
bringing this event to BHS. 

, 1 ■H H 

■1 ■' 

Good luck, Graduates! 


Member FDIC 
(978) 922-2100 


1 47 


Nicole Acciavatti 
Vanessa Athanas 
Sarah August 
Patrick Bailey 
Emily Bissel 
Bethani Boccia 
Alexander Boches 
Lauren Bolger 
Christopher Bougas 
Allison Chaisson 
Erin Cheney 
Peter Constantine 
Ellen Cooper 
Jonathan Creon 
Elizabeth Cronin 
Alison Deffer 
Ashley DiPaolo 
Meredith Driscoll 
Matthew Dube 
Samuel Eckmann 
Laura Fickenwirth 
Molly Forman 
Angela Gendall 
Caroline Gilligan 
Debra Greenberg 
Tyler Hall 
Wesley Harrison 
Vanessa Hill 
Alicia Holman 
Christian Hurst 
Rachel Huxley- 
Charlotte Kelley 
Daniel Kilham 
Dylan Kintish 
John Konaxis 
Jason Kruczynski 
Suzanne LaChance 

Heather LaCombe 
Matthew Levesque 
Julia Levin-Rector 
Jhenna Louis 
Meaghan Lyons 
Laura Mann 
Aphrodite Marmarinos 
Jacob Martz 
Darcy Milburn 
Danielle Milo 
Stephen Morley 
Katherine Morse 
Stephen Moffet 
J. Michael Nardella 
Nicole Nardella 
Alanna O'Grady 
Christine Oh 
Kelly O'Hara 
Julianne Perron 
Molly Regan 
Kimberly Reinold 
Amanda Richards 
Sarah Rodolico 
Matthew Rollins 
Julie Sciamanna 
Jamie Sebastian 
Jessica Settles 
Aarish Sheikh 
Abby Seimasko 
Beth Simmons 
Nicole Spiridigliozzi 
Jessica Taylor 
Nicholas Traicoff 
Emily Traicoff 
Caroline Trainor 
Emily Walk 
Charissa Ways 
Jacqueline Willwerth 

The National Honor Society is an organization dedicated to recognizing and rewarding students with high 
academic achievement. 75 seniors were inducted in a combination of two induction ceremonies. One took place 
in June and the other November 2006. The officers elected for the Class of 2007 are President Christian Hurst, 
Vice President Nicole Acciavatti, Secretary Nicole Nardella, and Treasurer Meaghan Lyons. 
Members have volunteered their time to tutor BHS students in an array of subjects. They contribute to the 
community by organizing a holiday canned food drive and a blood drive. 



The Beverly High School DECA chapter has had a record number of 
members during the '06-07 school year. The two marketing teachers, Ms. 
Megan Sudak and Mrs. Kristen Marescalchi, have rigorously trained 
students during the first semester of classes, preparing them for the 
competitions to come. Working all of first semester to hone their skills 
and prepare for the district competition, 29 students' efforts paid off with 
an opportunity to advance from regionals to states, with five qualifying 
for nationals. 

DECA Members 
Competing at 
the National 

-Sarah August 
-Elizabeth Curran 
-Brittany Johnson 
-Marissa Johnson 
-Thomas Pierce 

Model United Nations 

The BHS Model United Nations Club had both a fun and productive year. 
Delegates in Model UN attend conference and learn a lot about international relations and 

conflict resolution. 

This year, with their advisors Mrs. Ronan and Ms. Brotherton, the Model UN Club attended 
conferences at St. John's Prep, Concord Academy, and Brown University in Rhode Island. 

Delegates worked hard on writing resolutions for some of the most important issues in the 
world today, taking on the views of the country they were representing. They also enjoyed 
working with students not only from Beverly High, 
but also with delegates from as far away as California. 


BHS Teen Club 

Making Strides against Breast Cancer 

The Making Strides against Breast Cancer Walk, which is held every 
October, began about ten years ago. This year's walk had one of the more 
successful turn-outs for BHS with many student participants. They raised 
over $5,000 for the cause. 

Wayside Trailers, a company owned by Junior Vanessa Kelley's father, 
provided the t-shirts for the participants to wear during the walk. While Mrs. 
Kersker and Mr. Whitwicki organized the walk, Junior Michelle Shaw took 
the initiative to spread the word to the students of BHS, persuading them to 
become involved. Shaw raised an outstanding amount of money, as well. 

After the walk this fall, Shaw started BHS Teen Club to focus on 
preparation for next year's walk. They've already begun fund-raising for next 
year's event. 

BHS Teen Club has set a goal to raise $10,000 for next year's breast cancer 

Pinwheels for Peace 

Pinwheels for Peace is an art installation project started in 2005 by two art teachers, Ann Ayers and Ellen 
McMilan, who teach at Monarch High School in Coconut Creek, Florida. It was started as a way for 
students to express their feelings about what's going on in the world, as well as in their lives. 

The main goal of the project is for students to make a visual statement of their feelings on such topics as 
war, peace, and tolerance. Pinwheels for Peace is not political because it is not just a mere outcry against 
war. The project hopefully makes the public open their eyes and let them know just what the next 
generation is thinking. 

The pinwheel was chosen as the symbol because it represents a joy and peace, a time during childhood 
when life was simple and enjoyable. They can be made from any type of material, including copy paper, 
thin plastic, and lightweight metal. On one side of the pinwheel students write their thoughts about issues 
such as peace, war, and tolerance in the form of a poem or essay. On the other side students do things such 

as draw, collage, or paint to express their 

On September 21 , also known as 
International Day of Peace, students place their 
pinwheels wherever they wish. Mrs. Paula 
Borsetti is in charge of organizing the annual 
project, receiving help from Mrs. Jane Cohen 
and the Key Club. Over 1 million pinwheels 
were spinning in more than 2,400 locations 
around the world on September 21 , 2006. 

1 5 1 

Visting the beaches of Beverly 

Posing with the well-known Bewitched statue 

Jean d'Arc and BHS students spending 
night out bowling 

Sarah Lane 

Students visited from Albertville, France in October 

For two weeks, BHS students hosted 
French students from Albertville, France, 
eight of whom had previously visited two 
years ago. 

While here, the students visited Maine, 
Boston, Providence, Newport, and Salem. 
After their stay in Beverly, the students 
spent four days in New York City. 

Many people believe that the French 
have a negative stereotype of Americans; 
however, the French exchange students 
said they like Americans. Some even said 
that Americans are nicer than the French. 

The French students watch American 
shows on television, but feel that 
everything in America is bigger in real 
life. In comparison to their homeland, the 
cars, roads, and buildings seemed much 
larger. In France, most people walk 
everywhere, since the towns are smaller. 

French schools are different from 
American schools. At JDA, the students 
are always in class with the same people. 

They do not change classrooms 
throughout the day or choose the classes 
they wish to take. Also, the school day in 
France is much longer than here. The 
students get out at 5:30 every day, but 
they get an hour and a half break for 
lunch. Also, they do not have any after 
school activities, like sports, band, or play Touring Salem 

All teenagers like to do the same 
activities with their friends. They like to 
go to the mall, go out to restaurants, and 
go to the movies. 

Some people think that just because a 
person lives in a foreign country or speaks 
a different language, he/she will not be 
like them at all. The exchange program 
allows students to realize that no matter 
where they go in the world, everyone has 
something in common. 

The BHS hosts learned a lot about 
France and its culture. 

Everyone at the 

Appreciating the Museum of Fine Arts 

Trick-Or-Treating for the first time 

Exploring China Town 

During the Summer of 2006, five AP German students - Hannah 
Howard, Marissa Lischinsky, Tom Mahoney, Alyssa Soares and 
Brendan Decourcy - spent four weeks in Germany and were only 
permitted to speak only German throughout their stay. Another 
group of students traveled to Germany for two weeks in 

A trip into the heart of Germany 


In February nine students and chaperones, J. 
Douglas Guy and Diana Buccella, took a two-week 
excursion to Germany. 

During the first week, the students lived with 
students at our partner school in Nuremberg, the 
Sigmund-Schuckert-Gymnasium. They were 
welcomed with a potluck dinner and taken on field 
trips to St. Lorenz Church, the castle, and tours of the 
city and the German National Museum. 

After their stay in Nuremburg, the Beverly group 
spent a week in Berlin. Activities included visits to the 
Pergamon Museum, the Museum at Checkpoint 
Charlie and the new German Historical Museum; a 
double-decker bus tour of historic sites, visits to 
restaurants, and a trip to Potsdam to visit Sans Souci 
Palace, that once housed Fredrick the Great. 

By the end of their stay in Berlin, the students 
had climbed to the top of the Reichstag's glass cupola, 
visited the Brandenburg Gate by night, seen the new 
Chancellory, the new American Embassy, the 
Holocaust Memorial and other impressive sites. 

Jule Stieghorst was Germany's 
representative from the Rotary Club to 
America. She enjoyed her stay here 
and she was glad that she had an 
opportunity to improve her English 
speaking skills. Jule hopes to spend 
another year in a foreign country. 

Rebekka Blomqvist visited Beverly 
High this year from Denmark. She 
especially enjoyed the sports and 
everything they incorporate, such as 
team dinners and dress up days. 

Christine McKeon, '07, is going to 
Belgium next year as the United States 
representative in the Rotary Exchange. 
She is looking forward to being part of 
a completely different culture and she 
is excited to travel. 


The Nation Art Honors 
Sociey is a group of 21 
students at Beverly High 
School that have an 
interest in art and 
community sevice. 

The officers elected this 
year were Vice President 
Nicole Acciavatti, 
Secretary Alanna O'Grady, 
and Treasuer Karen Koo. 

■ I 



Nicole Acciavatti 

Karen Koo 

Dan Amore 

Margery Luangrath 

Amanda Beard 

Darcy Milburn 

Alexandra Crawford 

Alanna 0' Grday 

Erica Decker 

Christine Oh 

Dan Ebersole 

Hali Parsons 

Laura Fickenwirth 

Josh Richardson 

Tom Geras 

Alex Skerry 

Elizabeth Gillen 

Laura Tanguay 

Kassandra Kluge 

Jennifer Turner 


Photo Club 

Students in the Photo Club 
meet every month in Mrs. 
Graczyk's photo lab. The 
club is open to anyone who 
loves photography. At 
meetings they take pictures 
into the dark room to be 
developed or to experiment 
with developing methods. 
The club also takes day trips 
into Boston to take photos 
around the city. 

Vocal Ensemble 

The Vocal Ensemble is an audition only singing group practicing every 
other day opposite Concertquire. Vocal competed in several competitions 

this year such as the MICCA (Massachusetts Istrumental and Choral 
Conductors Association) Festival and on the yearly music trip. This year 
Vocal also competed at the state finals of the National Championship of 
High School Acapella, a new experience for the group. The group also 
performed at various community functions as well as the school concerts. 
The members perform challenging music with ease and are always a joy 
to listen to. 



The Concertquire is an all girls vocal group under the direction of Ms. 
Pilanen practicing every other day opposite Vocal Ensemble. The group 
is open to all female students with a love of music and a desire to work 
on more difficult songs. This year the Concertquire participated in the 
school concerts as well as competed at the MICCA Festival and on the 
music trip to Washington DC and Virginia Beach. 

% Chorale % 

The 2006 - 2007 BHS Chorale 
hit another high note this year 
with a strong set of challenging 
selections. Over the last few 
•years this mixed choir has 
grown to well over 1 60 
students and has been divided 
; into two separate class blocks 
that join together to perform at 
three concerts each year, as 
well as to compete on the 
►yearly music trip. Under the 
talented direction of Ms. 
Carolyn Pilanen, this group is 
open to any student who loves 
to sing and is ready for a 

BHS Vocal Director - Ms Pilanen 

As the director of all three vocal 
groups and the director of the school 
musical, Ms P., as she is fondly 
called by her students, works 
tirelessly to prepare her vocalists for 



The Beverly High School String Ensemble 
continues to grow each year under the 
direction of Mr. Novack. The ensemble 
consists of viola, violin, cello, and base 
instrumentalists. The group performs at the 
winter and spring concerts, and competed at 
the annual music trip this year to Washington 


The jazz band is a unique audition-only group. 
Meeting every other day, the Jazz Band works on 
many challenging jazz selections. They perform 
at the winter and spring concerts, and compete at 
various competitions throughout the year. 


Following the 
conclusion of the 
Marching Band season, 
the BHS band begins to 
prepare for the Concert 
Band season. The 
Concert Band, under the 
talented direction of Mr 
Raymond Novack, 
performs at the srping 
and winter concerts, as 
well as competes on the 
music trip, this year to 
Washington DC and 
Virginia Beach. 

Mr. Raymond Novack 

Mr.Novack has 
devoted over 30 years 
of service to the BHS 
music department. In 
addition to directing 
the concert band, jazz 
band, and string 
ensemble, he assists 
with the spring 
musical. It's safe to 
say that without Mr. 
Novack's talented 
direction the BHS 
instrumentalists would 
be lost. 


Student Publications 

BCVGrlGgft Co-Editors: J. Michael Nardella & Tori Kelieher 

The 2007 Beverlega was created completely online for the 
first ever. A strong supportive staff met Thursday mornings 

and afternoons. The journalism classes were also large 
contributors to the project. In addition, Beverly High students 
were invited to upload their own photos directly to the 
yearbook website. With the help of the Senior Class, the 
yearbook staff was able to buy a new Apple computer to aid in 
the process. Months of hard work and preparation went into 
the completition of the 2007 yearbook. 



Faculty Advisor: Ms. McCafferty 
News Editor: Vanessa Hill 
Sports Editor: Jamie Sebastian 
Monthly Features: Chris Ricci 

Managing Editor: J. Michael Nardella 
Viewpoint Editor: Hannah Howard 
Arts and Features Editor: Allison Madore 
Political Cartoonist: Peter Constantine 



MAD LIB***** 

Directions: The morning announcements 
are dropping-out mid-sentence! Help the 
students by filling in the blanks. 

Attention I Are you interested 

noun (pi.) 

in the scholarship? To qualify, 

you must 

This year was one of the Ledger's most successful in 

recent years. Under managing editor J. Michael 
Nardella's and Mrs. McCafferty's steadfast leadership, 
the Ledger Staff managed to meet every deadline and 
chase every lead. Graduating political cartoonist Peter 

Constantine and his hilarious comics will be sorely 
missed. Congratulations and many thanks to the entire 
Ledger staff for a great year! 


"Veritas et IntegrHas." 


Co-Editors-in-Chief: Darcy Milburn & Kristine Kapoll 
Art Editor: Anna Roy Poetry Editor: Haley Bowen 
Prose Editor: Steff Harris Production Editor: Izzy Pulido 


Chrissy McKeon "0 

Computer whiz Kyle 
Sweeney '07 to work 
in Caribbean paradise 

Aegis is the student published journal of Beverly 
High School. It was first published in 1901 and is 
currently the longest running high school magazine in 
the country. Aegis is filled with poetry, prose, 
artwork, and photography submitted by students of 
BHS. The staff of Aegis, including Co-Editors-in- 
Chief Darcy Milburn and Kristine Kapoll, were also 
active in planning the Arts Festival and the Evening 
of Spoken Word. 


Best Buddies 

, S 

Best Buddies is a national organization with local chapters. 
Through Best Buddies, students from the Special Needs 
Department are paired with interested BHS students. Some of 

their activities have been an outing to Salem Willows, 
trips to Papa Gino's and Big Bully's, a day at the theatre, and 
a trip to Boston to see a Celtics game. 
Everyone involved had a great time. 

Key Club 

Co-Presidents: Melanie 
Andruszkiewicz & Erin Harrington 
Vice President: Elisabeth Dwyer 
Co-secrataries: Amanda Close & 
Marissa Lischinsky 
Treasuer: Ashley Lischinsky. 

Key Club is an organization that strives to 
influence students to help serve their 
community. It is the student branch of 
Kiwanis International, a nationwide 
organization dedicated to serving the youth. 
Some of the many service projects they 
have accomplished this year have been a 

collection of books for children in 
hospitals, knitting hats ands scarves for 
orphans in Eastern Europe, and a Dr. Seuss 

Festival of the Arts 

The year looked bleak for the annual 
Arts Festival at Beverly High; 
however, seniors Dan Amore and 
Darcy Milburn united the Aegis staff 
and NAHS to continue the Beverly 
They scheduledi the Visual Arts 
Night, with student art work exhibited 
in Gallery 100; Night of the Spoken 
Word with a writing workshop 
featuring published author Dana 
Cameron and an open-mic showcase 
of talented student poets; Performing 

Arts Night with a special encore 
scene from Aida and performances by 
the BHS Vocal Ensemble, the String 
Ensemble, the Jazz Band, and the 
Hip-Hop Club. 

Published author and 
literary enthusiast Dana 
Cameron served as 
Guest of Honor for 
Beverly High's Night of 
the Spoken Word. She 
offered words of 
wisdom and 
encouragement to all 
who attended. 

Aegis co-editors Darcy Milburn and 
Kristine Kapoll helped set up for the 
Visual Arts Night and hosted the Night 
of the Spoken Word. 


World Of Difference 

World of Difference is a program i 
run by the Anti-Defamation League 
in Boston. The students who 
participate in this program were i 
reccomended by teachers and 
were required to fill out applications 
forms to become a member. They.^ i 

participated in a three-day 
workshop that teaches awareness; 
of discrimination and techniques < 
for breaking down stereotypes 
within the school. Members then 
present activities to freshman 
classes, discussing the importance 

of acceptance and tolerance 
throughout everyday life. This yeai, 
the World of Difference program 
became a class taught by Mr. 
Thomas & Mrs. Gorman. 


Beverly High School created it's first peer 
leadership class in the 2006-2007 school year. The 
peerleaders have organized activities such as the 
Fall Pep Rally, Bridging the Gap and the Danvers 
Explosion Raffle. The students, compiled largely of 
juniors and seniors, were directed by Mrs. Anne 
Flaherty and had a great year. They also hope all 
the underclassmen follow the tradition of exciting 
volunteer extracurriculars! 


Mrs. Fecteau's LiT Helpers 

Library aides are a group of 
students that range from grades 
9 to 12 that spend their open 
periods in the library stocking 
books, orginizing papers, and 

making life easier for the 
students. They also help the 
school librarian, Ms. Fecteau, 
think up new ideas and books to 
bring into the library. The library 
aides are also extremely active in 
the Beverly High community as 

Computer Maintenance 

Nine years ago Beverly High 
received a grant from the SaTL 
(Students as Technology 
Leaders) Program to start a class 
in computer maintenance and 

Students who have a strong 
interest can continue as 
computer maintenance interns, 
providing support for the school's 
computers and network. These 
students work on hundreds of 
BHS computers over the course 
of the school year, gaining class 
credit, technical knowledge and 
solidifying their strong computer 

Mrs. Pam Gougian supervises 
the class, answering any 
questions students may have. 

1 65 

Table Tennis Club 

The BHS Table Tennis Club was founded by Pat Bailey and Matt Marquart in 2004 and is 
now in it's third vivacious year. The club has grown since it's first year, gaining two 
additional tables and even fielding a JV team. The club is also interested in scheduling 
matches with St. Johns Prep and Hamilton Wenham. Though Bailey and Marquart have 
established themselves as the elite members of the team, they are excited to witness the 
potential of underclassmen en route of becoming Table Tennis Greats. 

Ultimate Frisbee 

Discus Maximus 

The Ultimate Frisbee 
Team began as a club 
under two BHS seniors 
four years ago. Since 
then, the team has 
evolved from a club to a 
team that competes all 
over Massachusetts 
against such teams as 
Newton South, Attleboro 
and St. John's Prep. Left 
in charge by Class of '06 
Captains, Pete Pilanen 
and Tucker Allen, the 
seniors of '07 look to 
make this spring and 
summer the best season 
BHS Frisbee has ever 

The team 
practices daily 
on the side field 
of the school or 
Cross Lane 
Field. The BHS 
Frisbee Team is 
an open group 
and newcomers 
are welcome to 

Tournament Talk 

Tri-Captains Gear Up 

Ultimate Frisbee took it to the fields all over 
Massachusetts this year in an attempt to make the 

state tourney. Leading the way were 
tri-captains Jon Crean, Josh Richardson and Nate 

Media ^Produc1ior)5 

The Beverly High School Media Productions 
Department is one of the most active and 
successful organizations at Beverly High School. 
Generating a partnership between BevCam and 
Beverly High in 2002, Beverly High School students 
have access to a full functioning television studio 

free of charge. 
If a student wishes to take the media production 
course, their project may be seen on BevCam 
community access television, Channel 22. In 
addition to the student projects, BevCam also runs 

the production of two Beverly High television 
shows; Beverly Sports Weekly and News Notes. 

Department Head and Teacher Mr. Bob Dunn 
oversees the student involvement in BevCam and 
has been impressed with the quality of work his 
students are putting forth. As years pass and 
technology becomes more and more essential to 
daily life, Mr. Dunn is excited to see just how far his 
students can go. 

Beverly High Seniors (Left-Right) Trevor Levine, Chris McDonough, and Rachel Huxley- 
Cohen all played instrumental roles in the success of BevCam. As seniors, the three 
individuals each hosted a full-functioning, weekly television program. In the interest of 
Beverly High Sports, Trevor Levine and Chris McDonough ran Beverly Sports Weekly, an 
athletic update program with scores and write-ups from the previous week. In the news and 

features deprtment, Rachel Huxley-Cohen orignated News Notes, a show informing 
students and parents alike of the upcoming events in the Beverly High School calendar. As 
seniors, they will be greatly missed next year in the Media Productions Department and 

their work has set a foundation for years to follow. L67 

Anime Club 

At Beverly High School 
there are many clubs, from 
Model UN to Key Club, but 
behind this array of seemingly 
normal groups lurks a little- 
known, bizarre, and slightly 
insane society known only as 

Anime Club. This club is 

simply a group of fun and 
affectionate people gathering 

in the computer room to 

discuss, debate about, and 
watch anime. Though 

different from the average 
school oganization, Anime 
Club can be quite enjoyable, 

whether you are an anime 
freak, or just a fan of a few 
Japanese movies. This club 
welcomes all kind of people. 

Messengers Of Bohemia 

M.O.B., or the Messengers of Bohemia, was formed in fall 

2006 by seniors Amanda Lozada and Dianne Upton. 
Created in a spurt of inspiration, the club was intended to 
bring together all those creative-types out there in a 
unionized force of artistic production. Although Lozada and 
Upton have not met all of their goals this year, they are 

confident in the group they have established and the 
objectives they have accomplished together. The M.O.B. 

met every Monday to plan and organize a series of 
admissions-free movie nights, as well as a Battle of the 
Bands (BOB), which they hope will become permanent 
institutions at BHS. 

Freedom of Expression isn't just a right - It's a responsibility. 


One outstanding Stage 
Right member was 
Steph Harris. Steph 
competed in the English 
Speaking Union's 
Shakespeare Recitation 
Contest. She competed 
against other Beverly 
High students and won 
the Beverly competition. 
She then moved on to 
the regional competition 
at The National Heritage 
Museum in Lexington. 
Steph performed one of 
Lady Anne's 
monologues from 
Richard III. Although 
she did not move on to 
the next level we are 
very proud of Steph's 
accomplishments and 
wish her luck in all future 

Stage Right 

Emily Walk 
Student Director 

The BHS drama club, Stage Right, had another successful year. 
The club's first production was the challenging 1930's comedy 
"The Man Who Came To Dinner" by Kaufmann and Hart. In 
addition, the club presented the musical Aida by Elton John and 
Tim Rice. 

Members of the club include both the cast and the crew of all 
productions. The cast works hard memorizing lines, learning 
movement, and learning dialects. The crew constructs the set, 
controls sound and lighting, and makes sure the show runs 
smoothly. Mr. Robert Taylor and Mr. Lee Nadeau advised the 
crews on the construction of the remarkable sets. 

The club is a great way for students interested in theatre to have 
fun, make new friends, and produce shows the public will love. 


Gay Straight Alliance 

The Gay Straight Alliance Club at Beverly High 
School is a friendly and welcoming place for 
lesbians, bisexuals, gays, straights, and people with 
homosexual parents. The club consists of about ten 
people and is run by Ms. Michelle Burke. The 
purpose of the GSA club is to try to make the 
school a better place for all. Each April the Gay 
Straight Alliance participates in the National Day of 
Silence. On this day people vow to be silent in 
support of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transexual 
people. The members of GSA Club also attend a 
leadership conference in March which is sponsored 
by the Department of Education and marches in a 
parade in Boston with the rest of the Gay Straight 

Alliances in the state. Members of the club 
contribute to the school education by giving class 
presentations and speaking in health and life issues 


With a whirlwind of events the ROTC Program welcomed 
another year full of activities and benefits. Despite the 
dramatic transition the program had to undergo in the 
beginning of the year, they bounced back with their new 
teacher and leader Colonel Louis Datillo. Leading 48 cadets 4 
(31 males and 17 females), Colonel Louis Datillo set up 
various projects and kept the cadets busy throughout the year. 

Below is an excerpt from the timeline of the ROTC's 
numerous activities for two months: 

1 1/09/06 Marine Corps Anniversary Ball 
11/1 1/06 Veterans Day Ceremony 
1 1/1 6/06 Beverly High School OPEN HOUSE 
1 1/20/06- Bridging the Gap 
1 1/22/06 Beverly High School Pre Thanksgiving 
Football game prep 

1 1/23/06 Annual Classic Thanksgiving Day football 


1 1/26/06- City of Beverlys Annual Holiday SANTA 


12/12/06 Veterans Hospital Bedford 
12/20/06 Through out the month, the cadets 
collected toys for the Toys for Tots 

12/21/06 The Beverly Rotary Club honored local 


""Panther's ~D©r) 

Once a week, an abundance of desserts, 
soups, and salad contents are cut, baked, and 
molded into succulent goodness. The students 
in Ms. Pitman's Food Services classes are 
preparing for the Panthers Den, a restaurant 

open to BHS staff only. 
While having fun and learning, the students 
have a weekly hands-on experience in the 
restaurant business. They perform such jobs: 
as back-of-the-house, front-of-the-house, 

cashier, weigher, and refiller. 
The Food Service ovens are never off, and 
their crock-pots are never empty. 


Great stories from 
F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

Great poems from 
Sir Walter Scott. 

Great service 
from Scott Oil. 

Fuel oil delivery, heating system 
installation, plus a devotion to 
customer service, make Scott Oil 
a great heating choice 

Class of 2007! 

26W> (9781 281-1707 (978> 922 0080 




"Teaching is not a lost art r but the regard for it is a lost tradition" 


Hair Studio 

(978) 356-3646 
36 Market St 
Ipswich, MA 01938 




Joseph R. Lumino 



) Cummings Center, Suite 408-S 
Beverly, MA 01915 
Cell: 508-846-9906 
. Direct: 978-922-4110 
Office: 978-922-4110 
Fax: 978-922-4140 


"Fine Food Since 1941' 

John J. Keohane 

588 Cabol Street 
Beverly, MA 01915 

(978) 922-3885 
FAX (978) 922-7438 


Certified Public Accountant 

8 Central Street, Suite 101 
Topsfield, Massachusetts 01983-1837 

The CPA. Nevgr Underestimate the Vahje" 

Telephone: (978) 887-9225 
Mobile: (978)314-1892 
Facsimile: (978) 887-2197 



Kate's tetf 

279 Cabot Street 
Bevery, Ma 01915 




/' <|»922-4007 

Class of 2007 

-Beverly Teacher's Association- 

The Future of Beverly High 

For the first time in decades, Beverly High 
School renovation plans are set to become a 

Construction on the new academic wing will 

begin in the upcoming summer. 
Highlights of the newly planned renovations 

include WiFi classrooms, a Cyber Cafe, 
resurfaced fieldhouse, and new lockerrooms. 
Synthetic playing fields and a new football 
stadium are also popular items under discussion. 

The plans were generated by Beverly High 
teachers and faculty, students, panrets, school 
commitee, superintedent Dr. James Hayes, and 
the Beverly community. 
The new building will likely consist of a new 
academic wing placed over the current parking 

lots. The current fieldhouse, auditorium, and 
cafeteria will all be renovated and incorporated 
into the design. All other parts of the current 
school will be torn down and rebuilt. If all goes 
according to schedule, Beverly will be looking at 
a newly renovated high school by fall 2009. 

Dr. James Hayes 


Dr. Marie Galinski 

Asst. Superintendent 

School Committee 

Mayor Bill Scanlon 

David Manzi 
Paul A. Manzo 
James F. Latter 

Nancy Brusil 
Annemarie Cesa 
Maria T. Decker 

Christopher Bougas 


New outdoor track facility 1 

New tennis courts 2 

New storage - athletics & grounds 3 

New football stadium 4 

New soccer field 5 

New baseball diamond 6 

New softball diamond 7 

New storage - athletics & arounds 8 






Mrs. Jan Kersker 

Mrs. Kelly Orso 


Mr. Sean Gallagher Ms. Sally Story 


Mr. Dan Bauer Mrs. Laurie Megrath 


Mrs. Erin Brown Mrs. Christie Morris 

Principal Dr. Carla Scuzzarella 


-Block Scheduling 
-13 AP Courses 
-30 Honors Level Courses 
-74% AP Scores of 3 or Higher 
-45 Perfect AP Scores 
-22 AP Scholars 
-2 National Merit Scholarship 
Commended Students 
-93 John and Abigail Adams Scholars 

-Independent Learning Projects 
-Dual Enrollment With Public Colleges 
-Virtual High School 
-Award-Winning Music Program 
-Nationally Recognizd Art Students 
-5 World Languages 
-World Language Exchange Programs 
-School-to-Career Internships 
-Tech Prep Program In Business, 
Culinary Arts, And Nursing 
-DEC A Program 
-Marine JROTC 
-Community Service 
-Peer Mediation 
-"A World of Difference" 
-Many Co-Curricular and Extra 
Curricular Activities 
-Highly Successful Athletic Programs 
-Award-Winning Student Publications 


The mission of Beverly High School is 
to provice a safe, respectful enviornment 
in which all students are challenged to 
reach their academic and social 


Mr. Skip Tobin 

Mr. Skip Tobin is retiring from 
BHS at the end of the 2006-2007 
school year after 35 years in the 

He began his career student 
teaching at Memorial Middle 

"BHS has grown on me," said 
Tobin. "I will miss the students, 
teachers and parents, it has been 
a good ride. I will be foreever 
grateful to the city of Beverly for 
what they have given me." 

As for his retirement plans, Mr. 
Tobin will be keeping busy. He 
has a few jobs lined up, and 
some plans to do some handy 
work around the house. He will 
be traveling to Ireland in search 
of more music, as well as staying 
busy with camping, fishing, 
canoeing, and climbing. 


Ms. Julie 

Ms. Helen 

Ms. Melinda 



Mr. Mark 

Ms. Charlotte Searles 

Campus Security 

Mr. Joe 

Mrs. Judy 


Herr Guy, the Program 
Director of the Foreign Language 
Department, is one of the two 
German teachers at Beverly High. 

Last year Guy introduced the 
German Immersion Program to 
prepare his AP students for the 
class. They spent six weeks in 
Germany, becoming accustomed 
to speaking the language fluently. 
This year Herr Guy took a group 
of CP students to Germany for two 
weeks as a part of the German 
Exchange Program. They stayed 
with families from Bargtehide, a 
suburb of Hamburg, during 
February vacation. 

To help defray the cost of the 
exchange, Guy organizes ongoing 
fundraisers including selling Lindt 
Chocolate and hosting a traditional 
German dinner prepared by 
students on Parent's Night. 

Herr Guy is a true asset to BHS. 


Media Productions I & II, 
AP English Literature & Composition, 
Journalism, Independent Studies 

Ms. Claire Marie Hart 

This past fall, Ms. Claire 
Marie Hart was recognized at 
the annual St. John's Evangelist 
Parish gala for her community 

Here at BHS, Ms. Hart is 
known as a helpful and 
generous English teacher, 
donating her time to make life a 
little easier for her students and 
fellow faculty members. 

This prestigious award was 
undoubtedly well-deserved, as it 
is given to someone who 
demonstrates a gracious 
character and lively spirit within 
her community; that is exactly 
the kind of positive attitude Ms. 
Hart embodies. Congratulations 
and thank you, Ms. Hart! 


Ms. Amanda 

Mr. Michael 

Ms. Elizabeth 

Ms. Jean 

Mr. Matthew 

Mrs. Susan 

Mrs. Harmony 

Mrs. Elizabeth 

Mrs. Barbara 

Classical Studies, Sociology, Facing 
History, AP US History, AP World 
History, A.F.R., Psychology 

Social Studies 

Mr. Daniel Kellher 

Mrs. Julia 

Ms. Elizabeth 

Mr. Kevin 

Mr. John 

Mrs. Nancy 

Mrs. Ellen 

Mrs. Bethany 

Mrs. Christine 

Mr. Anthony Witwicki 

Popular psychology and 
history teacher Mr. Anthony 
Witwicki has opted to retire 
following the 2006-2007 school 

A teacher at BHS for nearly 
half a century, Mr. Witwicki has 
served as an instrumental 
mentor and educator to 
thousands. He co-taught the 
Senior Seminar with Ms. Hart, 
organized the Baccalaureate, 
as well as facilitated several 

A kind, generous, and 
inspirational man to his 
students, Mr. Witwicki will be 
well missed and is wished the 
best of luck in whatever the 
future may hold. 



AP Statistics, AP Calculus, Math SAT Prep, MCAS 
Strategies, Projects in Statistics and Physics, Statistics 
and Probability, Statistics in Sports, Trigomometry 

Mr. Benjamin 

Ms. Cheryl 

Mr. Allan 

I I 

Mr. Blake 


Ms. Eleanor Howard is an active 

member of the Beverly High 
School community. In addition to 
teaching several math courses, 
Ms. Howard is also the head 
girls junior varsity basketball 
coach and head girls junior 
varsity lacrosse coach. She has 
been instrumental in the success 
of her students both in and out of 
the classroom. 


Mrs. Guiliana 

Mrs. Patricia 

Ms. Eleanor 

Mrs. Jennifer 

-l3? jmZj 

Ms. Helen 

Mr. Ronald 

Mr. John 

Ms. Karen 

Mr. Joseph Clemen 
Division Leader 

Ms. Jan 

Ms. Kelly 

AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, Basic 
Electronics, Construction Technology, Enviromental Science, 
Intro, to Forensic Science, Technical Repairs and Maintenance, 
Technical Studies, Projects in Statistics and Physics 


iMr. Joseph Clement 
Head Of Department 

Mr. John 

Mrs. Patricia 

Mr. Albert 

Mrs. Randee 

Mrs. Bridget 

Ms. Susan 

Mr. Gary 

Ms. Erin 

Mrs. Nancy 

Mr. Bruce 

At the end of the first 
semester, Mr. Bruce Corson 
retired from Beverly High School 
after teaching biological 
sciences for 36 years. 

Corson wanted to be a 
teacher since he was in high 
school, when there was a great 
shortage of teachers. He is 
noted for his disciplined patience 
and excellent teaching method. 

Mr. Corson's fondest 
memory of BHS goes back to 
Parent's Night three years ago. 
BHS Hockey coach Bob Gilligan, 
a former student, approached 
Mr. Corson asking him if he 
could turn in old homework still 
in the trunk of his car. 

After retiring, Corson plans 
to spend time with his family, 
while building a camp in Maine. 


Special & educational Support 

Mr. Ted 

I - V- / 
Ms. Jessica 



Ms. Diane 

Ms. Jean 

Ms. Michelle 

Ms. Dori 

Mr. Thomas 


Ms. Susan 

Ms. Pamela 

Ms. Siri 

Ms. Sheri 

Ms. Kathleen 
Kay lor 

Ms. Ali 

Ms. Nadine 

Ms. Kristin 

Ms. Susan 

Ms. Rosemary 
O'Malley ' 

Ms. Sharon 

Mr. Garret 

Mrs. Amy 


Mr. Andrew 

Mr. Matthew 

Ms. Henry 

Ms. Cheryl 

Ms. Christine 

Intro to CAD, Digital Layout and Design, Computer 

Maintenance, Computer Programming, Basic 
Electronics, Technical Repairs and Maintenance, 
Construction Technology 


Mr. James 

Mr. Paul 

Mrs. Pam 

Ms. Donna 

Mr. and Mrs. Redmond & Cami 

School Sen/ices 

Custodial Staff 

Mrs. Linda Bourque 
Ms. Linda Greenwood 
Mr. Garrett Parsons 
Mr. Bill Anderson 
Mr. Bill Bourque 
Mr. Bill George 
Mr. Dan Carratu 
Mr. Robert Holland 

Cafeteria Personnel 

Brenda Spiridigllozzi 
Joan Castrucci 
Tersa Cerro 
Michelle Domoracki 
Charlene Donahue 
Sarah Killam 
Carol Raynes 
Lois Firicano 
Linda Lockhart 
Melissa Pereira 

Ms. Kristin 

Ms. Megan 

Mr. Robert Bamberger 
This international man of mystery 
has graced the halls of Beverly High 
School for a total of 14 years. Mr. 
Robert Bamberger first taught at BHS 
from 1971-1980. Turning down a 
four-year contract with the FBI, he 
returned 21 years later for an encore 
performance teaching math and 
computer maintenance. 

Between stints at BHS, Mr. 
Bamberger served in the CIA as a 
tech agent, traveling all over the 
world to complete assignments. One 
of his favorites was building a safe 
house in the ruins of Angkor Wat. 

Once he retires, Mr. Bamberger 
plans to take a second world tour, 
living in Europe in the summers and 
riding the rivers of America as the 
captain of the sailboat he is building. 
In his free time, he plans to finish his 

I S3 

Art Foundations, A.P. 
Studio Art, Clay/Sculpture, 

Fine Arts 

Band, Jazz Band. String Ensemble, 
Chorus, Vocal Ensemble, 
Concertquire, History of Rock 


Mrs. Sheila 

Mrs. Paula 

Mrs. Debra 

Mr. Raymond 

Ms. Carolyn 

Life Issues, Co-op Adventure, Child 
Psychology, Culinary Arts, Sports 
Management, Peer Leadership, 
Child Development 


Mrs. Annie 

Mrs. Donna Hart Retires 

Since 1984 Mrs. Donna Hart has 
been educating the young minds in the 
city of Beverly, with her charismatic 
and fun-loving personality. 

Some of the many subjects she has 
taught include: Child Development, 
Peer Education, Life Issues, and 
Wellness. Mrs. Hart also helped 
coordinate activities such as World of 

This year, however, Mrs. Hart is 
retiring. She hopes to be remembered 
"for teaching valuable life lessons", but 
is certain that her mark of being an 
easy-going teacher won't be forgotten. 

Mrs. Hart is confident that the 
whirlwind of events she has 
experienced won't stop with her 
retirement. She plans to continue her 
involvement in Beverly education and 
pursue a career in Reiki Therapy. 

Ms. Julie 

Mr. Jeff 

Mr. Bill 


Mrs. Donna 

Ms. Jane 

Ms. Sue 

Patent Messages^ 

Alison Oeffer 

Congratulations, Ali! 

You have a beauitiful future ahead 
of you. Always remember to believe 
in yourself and keep smiling. 

It has been an absolute joy and 
privilege to watch you grow into the 
wonderful young woman you are 
today. We are so proud of you! 

You are truly a gift sent from 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, Andrew and Eric 

Go confidently in the direction 

of your dreams. 
Live the life you've imagined. 

Christian Hurst 

Your academic, artistic and athletic 
performances in elementary and 
middle schools confirmed what we 
always suspected-- that we had 
a Superstar! 

Continuing your drive, determin- 
ation and dedication to excellence in 
high school, the pool and everything 
else you do has made us a very 
proud family. 

As in "Oliver," may you always ask 
for more, find love everywhere, and 
remember that we'd do anything for 
you 'cause you mean everything to 
us! Go, Chin! 

Mom, Dad, Jonathan and Alex 

Beth Simmons 

Congratulations, Beth. 
We're so proud! 

Mom, Dad and Kelly 

Our Bean! 

You have become such a 
fabulous person, daughter, 
friend. You have already 
started on your next 
journey, and it's going to 
be amazingly sweet! We 
are so proud! 
Love you forever! 
Mom, Dad and Kaley 

Sofia Garcia 


I give thanks to God 
for the blessing that he 
has given me to have 
such a great daughter 
like you. Keep up the 
good work and 
acheive all of your 

With love, 
Mom, Rosa, Madeline 

Go confidently in the 
direction of your dreams! 
Live the life that you've 


Mom, Dad, Tiffany 
Lindsey, Kipani & Paulie 

Katherine Morse 

Congratulations, Katherine! 

Brcanoa Cornell 

The baby of our 
family. We are so 
happy for you. In 
everything you do, 
may you prosper 
and succeed. We 
wish you a beautiful 

Love, Mom & Noah 

You have developed a style all your 
own, and we are very proud of all 
your accomplishements. 
Keep smiling and good luck 
making all of your dreams come true. 

Mom, Dad, & John 

Keith A, Bettencourt 

Since the April day you 
were born, you brought a 

lasting ray of sunshine 
into our hearts. Watching 
and helping you grow was 
so rewarding to us both. 
You are a fine young 
Mom & Dad 

Cftcole Spr«digli022i 

Congratulations Nicole. 
You have grown into a 
lovely young lady with the 
potential to succeed in 
whatever field you 
choose. We are very 
proud of you and love you 
very much. 

Mom. Dad and Robyn 


The life of our house- you keep us 

May God bless and keep you always. 
May your wishes come true. 
May you always do for others, 
And let others do for you. 
May you build a ladder to the stars 
And climb on every rung, 
May you stay forever young. 

We love you 
Mom, Dad, Ali, Becca &Fred 

-7*. Michael Kiardclla 

J. Michael and Nicole Nardella 

You light up our lives! 
Mom and Dad 

We have enjoyed seeing you grow up 
together as cousins, friends, and 
classmates. We are so proud of both of you 
and wish you continued happiness and 
success in life beyond BHS. 
All Our Love, 
Nannie and Nono 

Erick Melanson 

» M 

Erick Melanson son #3, 
Erick Melanson we are so proud of thee! 
We've watched you grow up and become a man. 
Kris, Josh and I were always your #1 fans. 
From athletic events to family times, 
You would always shine. 
So Erick Melanson continue to be you. 
Have fun, live life and learn lots too. 
Remember also we love you. 
Kris, Josh and Mom Melanson 

Sam Lanqone 

When you were young, 

Did you question all the answers? 

Did you envy all who did who had the nerve? 

Look around you now- you must go for what 

you wanted . 

Look at all those who did and got what they 

Sam- everything is waiting for you. 

Love, Mum, Dad, Brooke & Niten, Matt & Nick. 

J 1 

Julie Sci#P39DD9 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Kelly O'Hara 

We are so proud of the beautiful, kind and 
independent person you have become. 
(Cookie Monster may have knocked you 

down, but you got right back up!) 
We know you'll succeed in whatever you 
choose to do. 

We love you! 
Dad, Mom, Scott and Ryan 

iflttcfceW Label 

Andrew (Bud), 

It's hard to believer 
our baby is going 
to be going off to 
college, too. 
It is going to be 
awfully quiet 
around the house 
You are a 
wonderful son 

we love you very 

Mom and Dad 

tg (9 

"The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest 
upon, but only to support your weight long 
enough so you can reach for something higher. " 


Jamie Sebastian 

Focus on the journey, 
not the destination. 

Susan, Bella, Q, 
We have enjoyed every moment of your 
journey from infant to young adult. Your wit, 
wisdom and beliefs will carry you as far as 
you dream to go... 
We love you... 
XOXO Mum and Dad 

Enjoy the ride! 
Love, Mom and Dad 


Connor- You are a special person in 
this world, and to us! 
Pursue your happiness. 
We love you. 

Mom, Dad and Brendan 

-Julia L©viir)"*^©ctor 

Love You Forever! 
Mom, Dad, and Alison 

Asfrlee CDastrangeto 

Ash- As you start on the next chapter of your 

life, we offer you these few words of wisdom: 

There's no I in team. 

Six of one, half a dozen of the other... 

Never eat out of a bowl of mixed nuts at the bar. 

It's not always Nancy. 

Avoid FIRE whenever possible. 

It's a slippery slope, my friend. 

And above all, ask for help in finding your EYE. 

We love you and are too proud of you. We know 
in our hearts you will change the world, and we 
will be better people for having the honor of 
having you in our lives. You are too fabulous. 

Love Mom, Dad, Oscar, Sam, Sassy, Trumpet 


Trevor Leviue 

Congratulations, Trev! 
We are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Brian & Spunky 

Nick Tanzella 





You've had so many numbers throughout 
your school years, but you'll always be our 

We love you. 
Mom, Eddie, Brittany & Mia 

Oarcy QUilCxrn 

We love you, Darcy. 
Grandma Pero & 
Grandma and Grandpa Miburn 

You are a STAR! 
Love, Mom & Dad 


Kristin© Kcrpoll 

Congratulations! We are so very proud of you. 
Remember there are shortcuts to happiness and 
dancing is one of them. 
Keep dancing and smiling and our hearts and 
love will be right there with you. 
Always believe in yourself, Honey. 
We love you! 
Mom, Richard, Kevin, Ryan, Ashley and Nana 

Love, Mom and Dad 


Erin Cheney 

Always our little pumpkin 
Follow your dreams. 
Believe in yourself. 
Live life to the fullest, 
laugh a lot, have fun. 
Be kind to yourself and 

others. Be safe. 
We will always love you. 
Mom, Dad, Cassie, David, 
Molly & Carley 

We are so proud of you! 
Always believe in yourself 
and follow your dreams. 

Mom, Dad and Alex 

"&4ilu) and kMcbolas Traicoff 

Emily and Nick, 
We have been so blessed 
to watch you both grow and 
learn together as not only 
brother and sister, but as 
best friends. We are so 
proud of you both and we 
love you with all our hearts 
Mom, Dad 
Alex and Sam 

Heather LaCombe 

Reflecting back on the past 18 years, our hearts are 
filled with enormous pride for the person that you have become. 
As your journey continues, remember we love you very much. 

All the best, 
Mom, Dad, Evan, and Lacey too! 


Jeffrey Baker 

Go Phishing! 
Don't let the big ones get away. 
Wherever you go, and whatever 
you do, go with all of your heart. 
Your biggest fans. 
Mom and Dad 


My brother who wore the field 
hockey kilt, without the slightest 

sense of guilt! 
Way to go. Dare to be different, 
and make a difference. Remember, 
I'm here for you. 


I have always wanted to be 
more like you . Thanks for 
always putting a smile on my 
face! Make me proud. 
Your favorite cousin, 



You made it! I am so 
unbelievably proud of 
you. It is wonderful to 
see you grow and 
evolve as a person. 
You will forever be my 
favorite little brother. 

Your big sister, 


You were always wise and mature beyond your years, so when at 10 you told 
me you wanted a college scholarship I believed in you. Your determination and 
athletic ability is unmatched, so I knew if you were serious and worked hard 

enough you would accomplish your goal. 
We have traveled far and wide together you and I, to New Zealand, Australia, 
New Mexico, California and all along the East Coast. You dragged me to the 
YMCA and the playgrounds in every city we visited and sometimes I dragged you, 

but through it all you worked and worked. 
8 years later all your work, sweat and blisters have paid off. You got that 
scholarship offer you told me about many years ago. As you go through life and 
you hit a bump in the road, I want you to look back to those 8 years and remember 
what it took, what you did to get you where you are today. Apply that same work 
ethic and determination and there is nothing you cannot do. I may not be with you 
then, but remember back to the times when it seemed most difficult, that was 
when you were at your best. You never gave in, you never quit, you used your 
mind and body to overcome and persevere. Use those qualities at all times and 

only the best is in store for you. 
Whatever happens to you in the future, remember this: My love and admiration 
for you is unconditional. If I had your work ethic and determination I would own the 

PS: Have fun too... 


Love Dad 

Zak Fleming 


May you grow up to be righteous, 
May you grow up to be true, 
May you always see the truth 
And see the lights surrounding 

May you always be courageous, 
Stand upright and be strong, 
May you stay forever young. 

We Love You! 

Mom, Dad & Carly 


Many years from now it won't matter what 
clothes you were wearing or what hairstyle 
you had. What will matter is what you have 

learned and how you have used it! 
There is no limit on succes. You can make it 
happen with just your hard work and 
May all your dreams and wishes come true! 
We love you MOM and DAD 


Vanessa, MBWU* 

We are so proud of you 
and all you have 
acomplished. Keep up 
the great work! 

We love you so much, 
Dad, Mom, Aaron & 

Matthew Dubc 

You are a terrific son, brother, and 
grandson. We are very proud of you. 
Whatever you do and wherever you go 
our love and prayers will be with you. 

Love, 201 
Mom, Dad, Christina and Nana 


Jessica Settles 

Amazing, Motivated, 
Fun, Determined, Silly, 
Loving, Warm, Beautiful, 
Wonderful, Spectacular, 
Thoughtful, Ambitious, Caring, 
Strong, Intelligent, Remarkable, 
Reliable, Affectionate, Major, 

Thoughtful, Ambitious, Caring, Strong, Intelligent, Remarkable,, 
Reliable, Affectionate, Major, Extraordinary, Brilliant, Stunning, 
Astonishing, Impressive, Indomitable, Fantastic, Magnificent, 
Fabulous, Considerate, Dependable, Sympathetic, 
Astounding, Pretty, Incredible, Marvelous, Clever, Hearty, 
Grand, Lovely, Gentle, Compassionate, Tough, Awesome, 
Bright, Gifted, Significant, Exceptional, Terrific, Dazzling, 
Excellent, Stupendous, Great, Amusing, Exciting, Pleasant, 
Friendly, Surprising, Confident, Unpredictable, Able, Radiant, 
Powerful, Superb, Outstanding, Classy, Intellectual, Bold, 
Appealing, Splendid, Resolute, Charming, Tender, Witty, 
Understanding, Intense, Spirited, Talented, Exceptional, 
Capable, Important, Competent, Special, Super, Admirable, 
Enjoyable, Sociable, Positive, Gracious, Happy, Self-Assured, 
Influential, Lovable, Genuine, Unique, Entertaining, Delightful, 
Promising and Absolutely Inspirational! 


Love Always, 
Dad, Jill, Jarad and Kelsey 

Tori Beth Kelleher 

You were our first princess and we were so 
happy when you came along! We always 
thought that this day was so far away; and now 
that it is here, it seems like it was only a blink of 
an eye. Where have all the years gone? What 
will we do when you leave our nest? We want 
you to go out and enjoy your life, have fun at 
college, and believe that you can be the person 
that you want to be. 
Love you always, 
Mama and Dad 

Teddy Mori 

"Whenever you are asked if you can do a 
job, tell 'em 'Certainly I Can!' Then get busy 
and find out how to do it." 
Teddy Roosevelt 

Follow your dreams! We love and 
support you in whatever you choose. 


Mom, Dad, Hannah & Vicki 

"Brittany M^oro© 

Don't just aim for sucess, do what you 

love and believe in it. 

Your future is in good hands, yours!!! 


Mom, Dad, Leighanne, 
Babci & Dziadek 

Peter "Cactus Hands" Constanthe 

Time to Unleash You Creativity on the 

We love you, Peter- 
Mom, Dad, Kara, Adam and Tally 

tfohn Konaxis 


Your smile makes us smile. Your laugh 
makes us laugh. Your adventures keep us 
wondering. You make us proud, always and 

forever. We love you. Congratulations! 
The world awaits you, enjoy every minute. 


Dad, Mom, Rachel, Corey and Livy 

Tyler Eriesian 


We are so proud of you pal! 

Mom, Randy, Devin & Grammy Too! 

Congratulations Lauren! 
We are so proud of you and all you have 
acomplished. Keep smiling, be yourself, 
work hard and you can achieve anything. 

We'll always be there for you. 


Mom, Dad and Meg 

Meagkw Lyons 

My dearest Meaghan! 

You have grown into a beautiful young woman, on 
so many levels! I am confident you will continue to 
impact and change in a positive way all with whom 
you come into contact. You will be loved for the 
honesty in your soul, your loyalty, your generous 
nature, your sparkling smile, and your 
compassionate heart. I have no doubt you'll 
continue to achieve greatness and lead others 
toward a better humanity. "Wisdom is knowing what 
to do; virtue is doing!" My love for you only grows 
deeper as you continue this journey of life. "The 
future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of 
their dreams;" so continue to dream big! 
Love, MOM 

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road 
Time grabs you by the wrist, 
directs you where to go 
so make the best of this test and don't ask why 
It's not a question but a lesson learned in time 
It's something unpredictable 
but in the end it's right 
We hope you had the time of your life 

Love, Mom, Dad & Corey 

Kaitlu)0 Karp 


We are so proud of you. Your sensitivity, 
creativity and sense of humor will help 
you achieve great things. 
We love you so much. 

Love, 205 
Mom, Dad, Josh, Steph, Asheigh, & Ryan 

Molly, our first daughter, you are a guiding 
light for us and all who know you. You are 
the beautiful, old soul that keeps us 
grounded. We are all so proud of ou.. "Be 
the change you wish to see in the world. "- 
Mahatma Ghandi 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, Pat, Cam, Aidan and Aibhlinn 

Kyle Saa?<^d<^ 

Kyle, we started as a family teaching you 
lessons in life. As you've grown, you've taken 
that knowledge and in many ways become the 
teacher. Your path was chosen the day you 
realized the mechanics of your surroungdings. 
Proud doesn't begin to explain how we feel 
about you and your bright future! 

Mom, Dad & Deven 

Nathan E. Verry 



Congratulations Nate 

T-Bone left, Juke right 
Straight up the middles 
works everytime 

Give life all you got! 

20 W Mom, Dad, Cait and Jon 

Congratulation Jill 
We are so proud of 

Dream big, the sky is 
the limit. 

Love Mom, Dad & 

Sam Gcfcmann 

"There is not enough darkness in all the 
world to put out the light of even one 
small candle." 

-- Robert Alden 

Go light up the world: Lumiere, and 
hold on to those dreams that move you. 
Love, Mom, Dad & Kara 

Ben Lawler 


Our only son, a very special one 
Your magical smile has blessed our life 
You've made us proud, facing every challenge 

With confidence and success 
Now go on to fulfill your dream to create and 
build great attractions far and near 
Best of luck to our imagineer 
Love You 
Dad and Mom 

We are all very proud 
of you! 

With Love, 
Mom, Dad, Kyle & Jaz 

Alana Stickney 

Dearest Alana, 

Oh the places you will go, 
the things you will do 
the magic you will live 
We love you and wish you 
all you deserve in life. 


Our shining Star with a smile that lights 
up the world! You are truly a blessing and 

our gift from God. We are so very proud 
of all your accomplishments! Our love and 
support will always be there for you. Good 
luck in college, we will all miss you. 


Dad, Mom, Dan, Laura, Michelle, Jojo 
and Coby 


Sarah Rodolico 

You are our pride and joy. 
Always believe in yourself 
We always will. 
Love Mom, Dad, Melissa and Jeff 

I am so proud of you! You 
have been successful in so 
many ways and are always 
on top! Keep that spirit and 

drive and you will surely 
achieve all that you wish fo 

Love always, 
Mom and Steph 

Congratulations for coming so far 
and achieving so much. 
We are so proud of you. 
Please continute to aim this high— 

as you always do. 
And remember, that you always 

"Amy Sweetheart" 

Mom and Dad 


From kindergarten to graduation, 
I've loved being your pup. 
Thanks for all the milk bones 
when Mom wasn't looking! 
You are my favorite boy. 
Hugs and wet kisses, Scoop 

Dawd Qthck 

David, your smile is the best! 
Create happieness in all that you 
do. You make us proud to be your 

Love, the Klemis & Mock Family 


We are so proud of you, 
and look forward to watching you follow your 
We Love You! 
Mom, Dad & Nick 

Thanks for being m 

a great kid from 
the first day of 
school. ..till the 

Mom, Dad, 
Nicole and 

Ben Galanto, 

A son brings a special joy which comes from deep inside 
And as he grows to adulthood, he fills your heart with pride 
May you always find your treasure, in the blessings that life sends 
In the beauty of each season, in the company of friends. 
May each path you choose bring promise of the things you're dreaming 


May your world be filled with peace and joy 
Your heart be filled with Love, 

We are so proud of you! Congratulations! 
Daddy, Dadda, Peon, Zachary, Amanda and Mary Grace 


Too Funny! 
Congratulations Kerril, 
We are proud of you 


Mom, Dad and Derick 

Matthew McAoiff 


We are so proud of youn 

accomplishments and 

the person you have 



Always believe. 

(And write it down!!) 

Love You 

Mom & Dad 

... . Ml 

Laura Mann 

O Wonderful, wonderful, 

and most wonderful 
wonderful, and yet again 
wonderful, and after that 
out of all whooping! 
- William Shakespeare 
As You Like It 

Mom, Dad and Nick 

Chris 6ougas 

Christopher James, 
We are so very proud of you. 
You continually impress us with 
your compassion, loyalty, love 
and intelligencve. You are an 
amazing son and brother, and 
your smile lights up every room 
you enter. Congratulations on 
your success so far- we know this 
is only the beginning! 

We Love You, 
Mom, Dad, Ali and Rob 

Continue to reach for the stars, it may not 
always be easy, but it will be rewarding 

Love Dad, Mom & Shannon 

Amanda Sullivan 

There are no words to express 
how very proud we are of you. 
Your many accomplishments will 

lead you to the future of your 
dreams. Keep up the good work 
honey and all of your dreams will 
come true. 
Be happy and keep smiliin! 

Love always, 
Mom, Dad, Derek & Zoey 

Carlu) Scbul+z 

Words can't express the pride 
and joy that fills our hearts 

when we see what a 
wonderful young lady you've 
become. You can be whatever 
you want to be. 

Love, Mom, Dad and Emily 


Baby Man, 

Happy Dreams 
I Love You 
See You Tomorrow 
Have A Nice 
Sleepy Sleepy 
And always, 

Allison Chaisson 

You are funny, 
crazy, silly and 

loud- we love 
that about you. 
You are caring, 

emotional and 

you cry very, 
very easily- we 
love that about 

you. You are 
talented, unique 

and a special 
young women. 

We love you. 
Mom, Dad, 
Aimee, and Gia 

David Boeqqeman 


You are our hero. 

Mum, Dad, Kate & Chuck 

-Splits©*? ^et<£@v& 


We are so very proud of 

Keep up the great 
work for your future. 

All our love 
Mom, Dad, Ashley, 
Smokey & Lily 

TXj)lar) Kioti5b 


You have surpassed 

any expectations we ever had. 

What you have accomplished 

in the past four years 

leaves us in awe. 

So remember Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a wood, 

and You- 

You took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

Trust youself 
We love you 
Mom and Dad 

Scott Varneij 

We are so proud of you Scott! Your 
journey has not been the smoothest, but 

you have shown great courage and 
strength! The best is yet to come! All of 
our love and support, 
Mom, Jeff and Amy 

Rachel Huxley Cohen 

You are a constant source of 

pride and joy for us. We 
believe in you and know that 
you will succeed with your 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad and Daivd 

A5bte<J) Albaoo 

The years with you have passed much too 
quickly, but they have brought with them an 
abundance of pride in all of your achievements 
and in the lovely young women you've become! 
Congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime 
of happiness and success! 
We love you, 
Mom, Dad, and Tyler 

From the very first 

Your smile led the 

Gentle, loyal friend 
you make the path 
And brighten every 

We don't make the 
wind, but we can 
adjust the sails. 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Lisa, Mat, Rieley, 
Mhn and Pip 

Aliaa Hoknan 

You were 
always ready 
to move on. 
We are so 
proud of you! 


Mom, Kaylene, 
Grammy and 

Taijla Shairs 

As always we are 

proud of you. 
Keep smiling that 
beautiful smile 
and be happy. 

Believe in 
yourself, be true 
to your heart and 
your dreams will 
come true. 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Justin, 
Derek & Ryan 

KpisteD Hem 

Kris, We're proud of all your 
accomplishments and look 
forward to your bright future. 
We love You! 

Mom, Dad & Ry 


Congratulations Chris! 215 

"To freely bloom that is my definition of success" -Gerry spence 


Keep on blooming... we love you always! 
Dad, Mom & Janie xxoo 

Kicki Nardella 

Proud of you! 
Congratulations frad! 
Our love always, 
Dad, Mom & Carly 

Alaooa O'Grack^ 

"I think I can, I think I can..." 
You thought you could and you did! 
Your amazing courage, determination and 
those Smiling Irish eyes will take you 
anywhere you want to go. 
Enjoy the journey. 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Johnny & Taz 

Christine Parisella 
& Alanna O'Grady 

Good friends. ..ballet, 
SMS, pool fun, lemonade 
stands, camping, Long 

Beach, D.C., 
BHS.. .wishing you both 
more great times ahead! 

Chns Austin 

You've always given me 
so much to be proud of 
and lots to smile about. I 
especially enjoy your 
great sense of humor. 
Amazing Fottball season! 
Good Luck with college. 
Hope all your dreams 
come truefe 1 7 
Love, Mom 

We're excited you've 
reached this plateau in 
your life. You've come a 
long way and have much 
further to go. Remember 
success will come to you 
if you're persistent in your 
desires and have 
conviction in your 
beliefs. deserve it, 
you can do it, so go get it. 
Good Luck!! 
Uncle Dex & Auntie 

Para Nuestra hija Sita, 
Queremos que sepas que 
estamos muy orgullosos 
de te y te amamos con 
todos nuestros 
corazones. Que todos tus 
suenos se te hagan 
Dios te Bendiga, 
Papa y Mama 

Look Out World! 
I'm Here!! 

How time has passed us by. It doesn't 
seem that long ago that you were just a 
little girl playing with dolls. But look at you 

now, you have grown into a beautiful 
young woman. As you leave High School, 

may your future be as bright as your 
smile. May the future offer you everlasting 
opportunities as you strive to reach your 
goals in life. 
2 ]o Love Always, 
Your God-Mother Brenda & Uncle Wesley 

Youngest Diva, 
We are very proud to see all your 
hard-work has paid off. As you move c 
to the next level, continue to work 
hard and be the BEST at whatever 
you set out to accomplish. Shoot for 
the moon. Even if you miss, you'll 

land among the stars!! 
Remember to always work HARD 
and play HARDER! We love you and 
are always here for you. 

Your Sisters and Brother 


■ — - ■ 

You have brought such joy and love into our 
family. We are proud of all you have 
accomplished and wish you continued 
success and happiness as you embark on this 
new journey. 

Mom, Wayne, Krystal, Nate & Jillian 

May you always be happy and successful in all 
your endeavors. 
Gram and Brian would be proud. 
Love and Hugs, 
Mom, Dad & Grade too! 

Brian Dettorre 

Stepper) Ccrpodilu-po 
$ Scan HcKcooo 

You've grown up so fast, 
And now you're a man 
Your future is waiting, 
Be all that you can! 

Dad, Andrea & Allison 

Two cute cousins and two great graduates! 
Reach for the stars! You will go far! 

Your Families 


Good luck to the 2007 graduating 
Journalism seniors, who helped 
create Beverlega 2007 online for the 

very first time! 

► With the rapid melting of 
polar ice caps, a season of 
alarming tropical storms 
and record-breaking heat 
waves, global warming 
becomes a present-day 
global emergency. 


In his 2007 State of the Union address, 
President George W. Bush reiterates his 
commitment to the war in Iraq and proposes 
sending additional troops overseas. 

► Thanks to the efforts 
of groups like Rock the 
Vote, young American 
voters turn out in 
record numbers for 
the 2006 elections. 


EMPICS /Undov 

The Internet search giant Google pays 
$1 .65 billion for the wildly popular YouTube 
video-sharing service. 

( anniversary) 

AF P!«;lo;P.,ii! Mf s.! P" 

i On the fifth anniversary 
of 9/1 1 , civic leaders 
and mourners gather to 
commemorate the occasion 
with solemn ceremonies 
and moments of silence. 

► British authorities foil a 
terrorist plot to blow up 
planes headed to the U.S. 
from the U.K., resulting 
in airline restrictions on 
liquids, aerosols and gels. 

% ► Nancy Pelosi is 
named the speaker 
of the House for the 
110th Congress, 
becoming the 
female in the 
history of the 
federal government. 


The U.S. Census Bureau: 
Chronicling tht» Growth ot the Nation 

More than 95,000 fires during the 2006 wildfire season 
claim more than 9.5 million acres in the United States. 

< On October 17, the U.S. 
population passes the 300 
million mark according to 
the Census Bureau's official 
Population Clock. 

< In an effort to curb illegal 
immigration, the Senate 
passes legislation authorizing 
the construction of 700 miles 
of double-layered fencing on 
the U.S. -Mexico border. 

► Bobby Shriver and U2's 
Bono launch the stylish 
(PRODUCT) RED initiative 
to raise money for The 
Global Fund to Fight AIDS 
Tuberculosis and Malaria 
in Africa. 

Spinach tainted with E. coli 
bacteria kills one consumer 
and sickens almost 100 
more in 19 states, leading 
to calls for improved food 
safety practices. . 

Gerald R. Ford, 38th president 
of the United States, dies at 
age 93. Ford was appointed 
vice president by Richard 
Nixon in 1973 and succeeded 
to the presidency after 
Nixon's resignation. 







L ""-M.., '""CHAIRS 

4 The Iraq Study Group, a 
|i bipartisan panel appointed 
by Congress, releases a 
sharply critical report that 
calls for a new approach 
in Iraq. galvanizes celebrities and 
I organizes more than 20 Rock for Darfur 
i concerts to raise funds for what the U.N. calls 

"the world's greatest humanitarian crisis." 

Citotfw Cope 

Nil ■-■■-..^■■■.■H- ■ 

" • \ 

Jmsai^ Clown 

Ali^e in Ctaiite 

I W - . • — \: 

\\ m 


► Controversial conservative 
Felipe Calderrjn begins 
his six-year term as 
president of Mexico after 
winning by a narrow margin 
of only 0.56 percent. 


► Oprah Winfrey opens 
her $40 million Leadership 
Academy for Girls in 
the deprived small 
town of Henley-on-Klip, 
south of Johannesburg, 
South Africa. 

► Hezbollah, the 
Lebanon-based Islamic 
militia, attacks Israeli 
military positions and 
border villages, beginning 
a conflict that claims 
more than 1 ,400 lives, 
mostly civilians. U.N. 
peacekeepers are called in 
to broker a cease-fire. 

< In October 2006, North 
Korean leader Kim Jong II 
orders the country's 
first nuclear weapon test. 
During the Six-Party 
Talks in February 2007, 
North Korea agrees to a 
nuclear disarmament. 

► Saddam Hussein is 
sentenced to death and 
executed by the Iraq 
Special Tribunal for the 
1982 murder of 148 Shiite 
inhabitants of Dujail. 

i Former KGB agent 
Alexander Litvinenko, 
an outspoken critic of 
Russian President 
Vladimir Putin, dies in 
London after being 
poisoned by radioactive 

) Kelly-Moonoy Pliologi apliy/C0i 

After years of heated debate, astronomers decide 
to change the definition of a planet; Pluto no longer 
qualifies. Instead, it's reclassified as a dwarf planet. 

i Wireless campuses, and 
entire cities, are popping 
up across the country. 
Villanova University in 
Philadelphia, Pa., tops 
PC Magazine's list of the 
Top 20 Wired Colleges. 

i The FDA licenses the 
first vaccine developed to 
prevent cervical cancer and 
other diseases in girls and 
women caused by HPV, the 
human papilloma virus. 

► The World Wide Web 
reaches a milestone 
when an Internet research 
survey reports that there 
are more than 100 million 
websites online. 


i A team of French doctors 
surgically removes a benign 
tumor on a patient in a specially 
adapted aircraft that mimics zero 
gravity conditions. 


A handheld, portable electronic zit zapper 
called Zeno gets FDA approval. In a clinical 
trial, 90 percent of treated blemishes disappear 
or fade in 24 hours. 

3. cUkavi^ow 

h, y<x6$u\ 

j^.M-^MOul^- iti-grg .com 
6. Wfy m ___ 

t Jd\A$.com 


6o\Kfcc: www.lov't'lckiiC'W.tom 

A School systems in several 
states install fingerprint-reading 
technology that gives students a 
cash-free way to pay for lunch. 


► Colorful comfortable crocs — made from 
a buoyant, lightweight, odor-resistant 
material that molds to the wearer's foot- 
are the shoe of the year. 

Couture designers like Dolce & 
Gabbana and luxury brands like 
Swarovski, the Swiss crystal maker, 
transform boring cell phones into the 
year's must-have bling. 

*> Mid-calf and ankle-length leggings, last 
seen in the trendy 1980s, return to the 
spotlight. Fashion-conscious girls wear 
them under minis, dresses and tunics. 

► Rapper fashion comes to the suburbs as 
snap-on grills add a flash of diamonds and 
gold or platinum to your pearly whites. 

Tiny plaid mini skirts look private-school 
cool. Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs is sending 
plaid tops down the runway and fashion 
icons sport Burberry plaids. 

Nearly 31 percent of 
teens, or 7.6 million, 
are consuming energy 
drinks that contain 
up to four times the 
amount of caffeine 
than is in a can of Coke 

The year's to-die-for, 
price jeans are dark, 
slim, distressed 
denims from Diesel, 
the Italian label that 
inspires a cult-like 
devotion among 
its customers. 

i Teens are raiding their 
parents' closets, as well 
as retailers like Urban 
Outfitters and American 
Eagle, for vintage rock 
and pop culture T's. 

► Red is the color of 
the heart; 50 percent 
of Gap's PRODUCT 
(RED) profits go 
to the Global Fund 
to help fight AIDS 
in Africa. 

pi Chuck Taylor All Stars, the basketball 
sneakers first manufactured by 
Converse in 1917, are more popular 
than ever among male and female 
fashion mavens. 

declare ttatsuye 
iea ns are back m style- 

Write yourself a letter about your life today that you 
can read in 10 years to see what has changed. 

► The rise 
among young people is 
linked to an increase in 
adolescent cases of 
type 2 "adult onset" 
diabetes and associated 
health problems. 

The Go Green Initiative reaches out to school 
campuses in all 50 states, as well as in Europe 
and Africa, to foster student commitment to 
environmental responsibility. 

Photo Illustration by Jett J Mitchell/Getty Images 

► Disney checks out business 
in the supermarket, licensing 
its brand name to a variety 
of health-conscious baked 
goods, produce, beverages, 
snacks and more. 

IIt^Piiw. ^^^1 

% |youtube| 

*| Search 

fo-To-Pqge ▼ 

" 1 © 


©2007 Jostensjnc 

i Sony releases its seventh 
generation PlayStation, 
known as "PS3." The basic 
console has a 20 GB hard 
drive; the premium version 
comes with 60 GB. 

i Nintendo releases 
Wii, its newest video 
game console, which 
features a wireless 
remote that can detect 
motion and rotation 
in three dimensions. 

i Madden NFL 07 and a barrage 
of end-of-the-year action 
games capture the attention 

i of gamers, capitalizing on 

a major emphasis on 
online gaming. 

V wow! 

.. u r„;. n ries Online for FREE 
Watch Full Ep.soaes w 

!»0 "Wf^. il *^BJ(PBB y \ * The differences between your 

^U^mB&K^^ lst;f|^^PK continue to blur now that network 
1 jvifiswik ScftflS^MBBilfc^ >*f- TV programs are available online 

Launch Now 

We've made the most recently-aired episodes 
of the shows listed above available tor you online. 

' Perky Food Network star and best-selling cookbook 
author Rachael Ray gets her own syndicated talk show, 
produced by Oprah Winfrey's production company, i 

i The unfortunate adventures of the Baudelaire 
orphans come to an end with the publication 
of The End by Lemony Snicket. 

^ The classic board game, Monopoly, gets a 21st 
century makeover. The "Here & Now" edition 
features updated tokens, current market prices 
and 22 new properties. 

-I ( Ji\£)^\P/£) r ► A family of squabbling 

I ' I misfits drives a wheezing 

^ ~ \I\N van to a heantv 

©Fox Searchlight/Everett Collection 

► There's a new Bond 
in town and the critics 
swoon along with the | 
fans. Blonde, brooding 
Daniel Craig debuts 
as James Bond in 
Casino Royale. 

► Many movie lovers opt for DVD 
convenience, instead of lines at the 
local theaters, for hits like Mission: 
Impossible III, Superman Returns, 
and The Devil Wears Prada. 

Ykte m^{Hltj 
^o^izsow 1)1)1)! v 

4 SML alumnus Will Ferrell 
stars as a goofy, "win-at- 
all-costs" NASCAR racing 
star in Talladega Nights: 
the Ballad of Ricky Bobby. 

► Johnny Depp's Captain 
Jack Sparrow returns 
to the helm of the 
Flying Dutchman in 
the swashbuckling, 
supernatural sequel, 
Pirates of the Caribbean: 
Dead Man's Chest. 

< NBC's game show Deal or 
No Deal is a worldwide 
phenomenon, with more 

DJ/producer Dang 
Mouse and rapper/singer 
Cee-Lo Green call their 
collaboration Gnarls 
Barkley. Their first album, 
St. Elsewhere, features the 
hit song "Crazy." 

After 12 successful years in 
the music business, Mary J. 
Blige is stronger than ever in 
2006. Her latest album, 
The Breakthrough, earns 
her three Grammy awards 

With his studio album 
Modern Times, folk rock 
poet Bob Dylan, age 65, 
is the oldest living artist to 
top the U.S. album charts. 

► In the victory lane 
of Homestead-Miami 
Speedway, NASCAR driver 
Jimmie Johnson celebrates 
his 2006 Nextel Cup title 
and a $6.2 million paycheck. 

Kimmie Meissner, 17, wins the U.S. Figure Skating 
Championship in January 2007. She is the first 
female since 1991 to win a world championship 
before earning the title in her own country. 

► MVP Peyton Manning 
leads the Indianapolis Colts 
through a steady rain and 
past the Chicago Bears for 
a 29-17 victory in Super 
Bowl XLI. 

AP-PfioUVJiilte Jacobson 


Roger Federer retains his No. 1 ranking 
for the third year in a row. Tennis star 
Maria Sharapova is the world's highest-paid 
female athlete. Both take home a U.S. Open 
Championship trophy in 2006. 

^{S|3orf tracking} 

► When Andre Agassi retires 
from professional tennis 
at age 37, he receives a 
heartfelt, eight-minute 
standing ovation from the 
crowd at the 2006 U.S. Open. 

4 Nearly 1 ,100 competitors 
compete in the WSSA 
World Sport Stacking 
Championships in Denver. 
Forty-two new world 
records are set at the 
2006 event. 

► The Miami Heat defeat the 
Dallas Mavericks in six 
games to win the 2006 
NBA Finals. Dwyane Wade, 
the Miami Heat guard, 
is named MVP. 


< Shaun White makes his second 
unsuccessful attempt at the 1080 
at the 2006 Summer X Games. 
He is the only skateboarder to 
attempt the move In competition. 

i The National League champion 
St. Louis Cardinals win the 
2006 World Series by defeating 
the American League champion 
Detroit Tigers in five games. 

► The Florida Gators become 
the first school in history 
to win both the NCAA 
basketball and football 
titles in the same year after 
defeating heavily favored 
Ohio State 41-14 in the 2006 
BCS National Championship 

< In 2006, the Carolina Hurricanes 
defeat the Edmonton Oilers 
four games to three to win 
their first Stanley Cup in the 
first post-lockout championship. 


nal soccer superstar David Beckham signs a $250 
million contract to leave Real Madrid to play Major League 
Soccer in the U.S. for the Los Angeles Galaxy. 

Tiger Woods and Mexican sensation Lorena 
Ochoa are named the male and female AP 
Athletes of the Year. 

■'23 1 

In the 2006 World Cup 
Finals, the most widely 
viewed sporting event in 
the world, Italy beats 
France for the title. 

Odes: 878 

HP™ Quim 

f*>, Hdre bane 
Odes: Hi 

Katie Couric is the anchor 
of the CBS Evening News, 
becoming the nation's first 
female solo anchor of a 
lajor television network's 
'eekday evening newscast. 

Fans mourn Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, who 
is killed by a stingray while snorkeling at Australia's 
Great Barrier Reef. 

Shortly after the birth of 
their second son makes 
headlines around the world, 
Britney Spears and Kevin 
Federline announce the 
end of their marriage. 




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I from this library